The 100 – “Eden” Review and Analysis

Are you ready for another low-key, stress-free season of The 100? I know I am. Man, I love the chill vibes of this show. Swords clashing and gun fire are my bedtime relaxation ASMR.

New season, lots of new people excited about the show, so if you’re new to my little corner of the web, welcome! I express myself in words and GIFs, and may you find something of worth within. If you have a spare 5 minutes, I’ve written approximately 150,000 words on seasons 3 and 4, so check out my past reviews. If you’re a returning reader, WHY DEAR GOD WHY WOULD YOU COME BACK?! Soul searching was obviously not done by you during the hiatus.

Without further ado…SEASON 5 OF THE 100 IS FINALLY HERE AND WE NEED TO CELEBRATE PROPERLY (trigger warning: the lactose intolerant should avert their eyes)

kurt angle milk

It’s only fitting I get my one wrestling GIF per review requirement out of the way early. It’s my brand.

The hiatus has been long and full of dangers, so let’s get right into it.

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The 100 – Season 5 Trailer Impressions

By now, unless you’re living under a rock or incommunicado up on a space Ark, you’ve seen the season 5 trailer for The 100. And you can bet I have some impressions. So strap in, space cowboy.

Cowboy Bebop

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The 100 – Echo Defense Squad, ASSEMBLE!

No current The 100 character seems to draw as much of a marked reaction as Echo, former royal guard of the Ice Nation. People seem to either love or hate her. And to be fair, she’s pulled some shenanigans on our beloved main characters: betrayed Skaikru to blow up Mount Weather, stabbed Octavia when attempting to capture her (oopsie!), cheating in the final Conclave, and general aggressiveness towards anyone not in her clan.

Echo has a challenging track record. She’s kind of a jerk.

cat knocking stuff over

And as such, there are fans that simply don’t like Echo.

mean girls you can't sit with us

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The 100 – Season 5 Predictions

While we wait for an announcement of a premiere date and a season 5 trailer, I’ve been trying to do a little thinking about what season 5 has in store. To be honest, predicting season 5 is harder than previous seasons because we’ve gotten a soft reboot of the series, with a 6-year time jump. I mean, anything could happen in season 5 and not really having a good idea of where the show is headed is pretty dang exciting.

We have 1200 people trapped underground. Seven people trapped up in space. And Clarke with a child in tow on a scorched earth. Oh, and a prison ship that’s been lost in space returning to find a destroyed planet. No biggie. I’m sure everyone on that ship will be very friendly and willing to be besties with earth survivors and nothing untoward will happen.

Come on, sure, oh yeah

So given a rather green field before us, how do we even begin to predict what could happen in season 5? Especially without a trailer to provide us with clues? Use the SWAG method: Sophisticated Wild Ass Guess. Continue reading

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The 100 – Season 4 in Review

Well, this season review has taken me long enough, hasn’t it? Confession: I’m lazy. But you probably knew that already.

I’ve also been a bit distracted lately. You see, I brought this little monster into my life and it takes a lot of attention to ensure he doesn’t chew on everything and pee on everything else. Say bon jour to Emmitt Jr., my French bulldog puppers.


Oh, he’s so cute right? Don’t fall too deep in love. He eats his own poop.  Continue reading

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The 100 – “Praimfaya” Review and Analysis

Did you enjoy the finale? Because I LOVED THAT FINALE SO MUCH. The clock ticking down! The danger! The feels! The time jump! The cliffhanger! Holy shit, this finale gave me everything I wanted and more.

absolutely fantastic

“Praimfaya” was written by series creator and showrunner, Jason Rothenberg, and was directed by Dean White. The season has really picked up speed, emotion, and urgency since “Die All, Die Merrily,” with the last couple of episodes demonstrating the show at its absolute best, like a peacock in full strut. LOOKIT ME! But make no mistake, the groundwork laid in the early and middle bits of the season all came to a head and found purpose as the season concluded. Continue reading

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The 100 – “The Chosen” Review and Analysis

The Adventure Squad is going to space. FULL STOP.

the miz wwe


Knocking it out early, kids. Don’t worry, I give you a little Nakamura wink in my “Parting Thoughts” section. You are indeed hashtagblessed.

In other episode news, Kane and Jaha are in the bunker, picking between horrible and terrible choices in order to save a portion of their people. Because if they don’t, Octavia and Wonkru will choose for them, aka kill them all. SHUDDER. Continue reading

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