The 100 – “God Complex” Review and Analysis

Phew, I’m so glad The 100 took a break from its heavy moral quandaries. BWAH HA HA HA. I LIE. Like this show is going to take its foot off the gas pedal! Whoo boy, this one was a doozy over on The Road To Hell Is Paved With More Hell Island. We also found the wacky cult bunker under Polis. And we had some fun with Jasper’s nuts.

Wait. Phrasing.

Jasper’s wacky nuts.


Mamrie Hart nailed it

This episode was written by Lauren Muir. It was a relatively quiet episode from an action standpoint, with most of the real work taking place where I like it most: character work! It featured a couple truly powerful interactions that I really dug the darn heck out of…pardon my strong language. I’m trying to tone down the swearing to appeal to a wider audience and get more retweets so I can…oh, fuck it. I FUCKING LOVED THIS EPISODE YOU FUCKERS!

Let’s get into it!

Whose Nuts? Deez Nuts!

Did you expect that Jasper, of all people, would cut through Bellamy’s guilt and despair and get him to lighten up a WEEEE bit? But really, who else could it have been? Kane’s advice thus far as been on the serious side. Like, y’all…you know I love Beardy Sexy Kane, but dude has as much chill as Clarke, which is ZERO. And right now Bellamy has no chill. Actually, MOST people on this show are all like this right now:

Zero percent chance of chill today

Jasper, as annoying as people find him – he’s inconvienent because he’s “broken”, which is how many people view mentally ill people – plays a vital role in season 4 by being the guy that understands that the way Kane, Clarke, Bellamy, et al. want others to survive isn’t what some people call “living.” Rather than fight to survive, Jasper and friends are going to party. And there ain’t no party like an S Club party.

S Club Party

Let’s pretend the “S” stands for suicide, because that’s where we’re headed with Jasper & Co.

An aside: How far into the wayback machine did I have to go for S Club 7? I’m not going to say that I don’t dig this song, but I’m not NOT going to say that I don’t dig this song. That’s so many negatives that I honestly don’t know if I said I dig “S Club Party” or not. Figure it out for yourselves, mathletes.

Math nerds

Jasper, for some reason, takes it upon himself to try to talk some “sense” into Bellamy. Whether you agree with Jasper or not, he does have good points. Bellamy has spent a ton of time beating himself up over doing horrible things for reasons that no one at the end of the world will give two shits about. So why bother? Why waste what’s left of your life living in guilt and self-imposed helplessness/hopelessness? Jasper tells Bellamy that there’s no point in punishing himself because it won’t bring anyone back. Truth bomb.

The way Jasper sees it, they can spend their last days wallowing in sorrow and self-pity or they can do “whatever the hell we want,” to echo Bellamy’s season 1 persona. It’s taken us a long time to get here with Jasper, but this doesn’t feel all too far away from who he is at his core…while he’s fought to survive, he always felt the pull to live life fully; at his core he’s a fun dude. He’s never been super serious, but life on earth forced him to live HARD. But the Jasper that watched Maya die and sulked through season 3 (not to downplay his depression/PTSD…merely using the word “sulk” to describe his demeanor) came out the other end as a bit of a “pure” Jasper, his cares about the world stripped away leaving just the “I want to live as long as I live but only if I get to live the way I want” Jasper.

drugs pills baby pnr

I think people will take away Bellamy’s development from these interactions as the most important plot point, but we must not forget that Jasper is a key cog in the wheel of telling the story of the human experience. How people react to the end of the world is just as important that the world is ending.

The “whatever the hell we want” Bellamy was perhaps the person Bellamy thought he could be once he landed on earth, after shedding his responsibilities from the Ark. Up there, he was the protector of his mother and sister, and became a guard to protect others. That was his role, and the crushing weight of that responsibility was lifted once he hit the ground. But as much as Clarke was born to be a leader, Bellamy was born to be a protector, and both those roles drag those two down as much as they uplift them.

What Bellamy needs to learn, and maybe he does when he unclenches his butthole at the end of the episode to get high and have a little of THE SEX with season 1 threesome girl, is that he can be the balance of both personas – the one he was born for and the one he wants to be at times.

There was a great line in the fantastic TV show Hannibal:

Bedelia: What have you done, Hannibal?
Hannibal: I’ve taken off my person suit.
Bedelia: You let them see you.
Hannibal: I let them see enough.

Okay, so throw away the fact that Hannibal is a high-functioning psychopathic cannibal and think about the concept of a “person suit.” How many times do you feel like YOU have to put on your “person suit” to get through a day when you’re not feeling particularly frosty. Sometimes you have to pretend to be human for a day, to be “normal.”

Veep act normal

It’s not always easy, and Bellamy I feel is putting on that person suit every day and trying to act as normal as possible, but it hasn’t been working because he feels like a fraud. His actions in season 3 make him feel that way. Jasper may be the one person who can bring some measure of normalcy back to Bellamy by letting him know it’s okay to just LET GO every once in awhile. Let go of yourself, your guilt, your responsibilities. Let’s face it, Bellamy is surrounded by high-strung people who are ALWAYS ON ALL THE TIME THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS DAMMIT NO FUN ALLOWED.

Colbert ballons

I hope Bellamy got his swerve on and got naked wasted. He needs to find balance in the poles between Kane and Jasper.

How Many More Triple-Doubles Does Monty Need To Hit To Be Voted League MVP?

Look, I’m going to be honest with you. James Harden is the front-runner for league MVP right now (shut it Westbrook fans and Harden haters). The Beard is having a fantastic year. And he’s got dance moves to boot.

James Harden

But if you’re paying close attention to Monty, you’ll find he’s making a run for that MVP title. Dude has great offense, actually plays defense (side eyeing The Beard right now), and is the one guy his team can always depend on.

Seriously, how key is Monty to everything this season? Note how they drag him along to Polis because the “need an engineer.” Bullshit. Jaha’s an engineer, remember? They want their go-to-guy with them, seeing as Kane’s been riding the bench due to ultra low production of late and you never know when Jaha is going to go insane and toss bricks from half court while declaring himself the Queen of France.


(pssssssssssssssssssst…as great as Jaha has been this season, my gut says not to trust him, and if you’re sleeping on him saying he’d do the same exact thing that Cadogan did and build a decoy bunker to essentially divert people away from the real bunker, and therefore condemn them to death, then it’s on you when he does something completely in-character and horrible because dude is shady mcshaderson, hear me now and believe me later)

Well, Since I Brought Crazy Jaha Up. Let’s Talk About Crazy Jaha And The Bunker

So, do we FINALLY have a solution to surviving the end of the world? I mean, how many false hopes can this show present before we’re just like COME THE FUCK ON ALREADY!?

Come on

So, “Crazy Ass” Jaha, “Why Am I Here” Kane, and “Ballin’ Like Jordan” Monty head on up to Polis to search for Second Dawn’s REAL bunker and meet up with Indra. Jaha has put some puzzle pieces together and has realized that a lot of the Second Dawn cray cray has translated into the spirituality of the Grounders, most notably in the lore of the Flamekeepers. Which leads us to believe that the Second Dawn or perhaps Cadogan himself were the first Flamekeepers. Once again, drawing Becca and the cultists close…whether they were in cahoots prior to the world going ‘splody is up for grabs. BUT Becca coming to earth right in Polis is the oddest coincidence in the world if she didn’t know about the Second Dawn bunker and Cadogan.

Let me take a break in cult talk here to share with you a discovery of mine this week:

I find Jaha SUPER HOT, y’all.

surprised telenovela

I was all like staring at the TV and I’m all like “how you doin'” and then I was all like “WHAT AM I SAYING?!” but then I was all like “bald head and white goatee work for Isaiah Washington like nobody’s business and that man is smokin’.”

Truth, y’all. Isaiah should never grow his hair back. Bald is beautiful on him. And that white goatee thingie…it’s all adding up to a strange melange of Jen catnip. Sorry Kane, but Jaha is, dare I say it…valid competition in the life-size body pillow arena (which, if I’m being honest, is a fairly crowed space as I want pillows of Kane, Roan, Clarke, and Emerson…yes, even Emerson).

This show is going to do me in. I wanted Jaha to die last season because I felt (AND STILL DO DAMMIT) that he was fairly complicit in what ALIE was doing. It wasn’t all ALIE! But now, this season I’m like “I will follow that crazy mofo into a hole into the ground, yes I will!”

cute jeremy renner


Kane, Jaha, and Monty meet up with Indra and her daughter Gaia (nice to see these two back on screen!) and have to fight their way into the temple. Seems Trikru and Azgeda are having a little spontaneous production of West Side Story, except with a lot less singing and a whole lot more blood and no star-crossed Trikru/Azgeda lovers. So, really not like a spontaneous production of West Side Story at all.

Shut it.

While everyone is trying to figure out how to get into the bunker, as the coin Jaha has isn’t the key (until Monty does a Monty and saves the day by figuring it out), we learn that Indra has a bit of a gun fetish. SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING BATMAN’S CREDO, INDRA. Dang it.

Indra: “Gimme your guns. ALL OF THEM.” 
Kane: “Durrr…okay.”

guns trigger happy

Wait, what?

Indra has fallen into old Grounder patterns of clan versus can warfare and it will appear as if Skaikru broke their alliance with Ice Nation by being with Indra as she kinda lost it and took out the Ice Nation warriors at the temple. There’s always some shit afoot at the Circle K, but I don’t know if this is going to make major waves between Clarke and Roan, as I think Roan realizes that it’s “same bullshit, different day” with the Grounders who just haven’t gotten the message that THE WORLD IS ENDING IN 10 DAYS HOLY SHIT WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOUR TERRITORIAL NONSENSE. At least I hope so…we’ve come a long way with Clarke and Roan and they are on the cusp of maybe changing the way things work? MAYBE?

So Jaha is right…there is a second REAL bunker below Polis. After a lot of grunting and sweating, a porno does not spontaneously break out. Instead, Monty uses his brain power to help them open the bunker. And what do they find inside?

Cheez its David Blaine


(but seriously, a bunker filled with Cheez-Its would be my jam)

We don’t really know what’s in the bunker yet because it hasn’t been explored on-screen, but now I’m wondering if we’re going to see any hypersleep pods or a re-animated Cadogan. Could this just be a straight-up bunker? With 5 episodes or so to go, I don’t think this is just a straight-up bunker. Some tomfoolery has to be afoot. Also, if the bunker is really the solution, what sort of new clan warfare will ensue in an attempt to control the bunker or lock others out? I predict massive fuckery.

And did y’all notice Indra’s weird reaction to seeing the inside of the bunker? I guess she’s second-guessing her doubting of the Grounder religion? So Gaia was justified in leaving to pursue her faith, meaning Indra kinda disowned her for nothing? Or is it something else?

We’re All Going To Stand Around And Look A Bit Put Out By This Morally Compromising Situation As You Handle Shit The Way You Normally Do, Clarke

So, my favorite part of the episode were all the scenes in Becca’s lab on Moral Sinkhole Island. As the episode wore on, I felt the lab’s walls closing in on me a bit, as I was feeling an emotional claustrophobia in these scenes. Their test on Fake Baylis is going well…until it’s not.

Exploding microwave

Abby and Jackson did something wrong – WAVE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR AND WAVE ‘EM LIKE YOU JUST DON’T OBSERVE THE LAWS OF NATURE AND SCIENCE AND STUFF LA LA LA – and Baylis dies a horrible death. But Abby and Jackson think they’ve got the bugs worked out this time, so it’s now on to lab rat number two…aka Emori. And we’re all certain it’s going to work this time, right?

Horrified big brother

Let’s talk a bit about the moral compromise everyone makes in this episode. It’s obvious that everyone know that this is the only way to move forward towards their most promising solution, but it necessitates throwing one’s humanity out the window to test the solution on another human being. Murphy and Emori were okay with it when it was Fake Baylis, an unsuspecting home invader that was just looking for food for his family. Emori lied and signed this dude’s death warrant, but because he was a stranger, that’s alright.

But as soon as Emori becomes the obvious next test subject, their tenor changes. It becomes PERSONAL to Murphy. While I won’t say this is an obvious lack of empathy on his part (empathy is a luxury at this point in the game with the stakes being survival or extinction), there’s a hypocrisy here that kinda everyone exhibits throughout the lab scenes.

You’ll notice that no on in the lab looks happy with the situation; in fact, you can see the dejection on their faces. And some folks, like Raven, voice their displeasure. Dropping a Mount Weather mention brought the story full circle, as Abby forcibly extracts Luna’s bone marrow. Despite what they have to do, an action they’re all complicit in, none of them DO anything to stop it. They leave the burden to Clarke and Abby…and eventually just to Clarke to follow through. So despite their moral objections, they all sit around waiting, passive/aggressively letting someone else do the dirty work.

Community troy and abed

In many ways, we the audience were a part of that scene as well as the silent observer outside of the forth wall. I felt a moral objection to what they were about to do, but unable to do anything…and likely not to do anything were I in the same situation. Look, don’t front like you’d be a badass leader who would have found another way. When the shit its the fan, we put our trust in the people who get shit done, and Clarke is that person. So while it’s nice to ride the pine and holler from the cheap seats, the burden falls upon one or two people to not only make the hard decisions, but to follow through on those decisions. Clarke’s resolve is one of her best qualities, but it’s also the one that means she’ll do some seemingly horrible things as a means to her ends.

We can argue the morality of using human test subjects for the nightblood solution, but the corner everyone in the lab was painted into was clear. The only one who wasn’t buying into the whole thing was Luna, the only nightblood they know of, and Luna wants to peace out.

lisa rinna

Luna ran from her Conclave because she thought it was a bullshit process to kill your friends and family to be Commander. She’s learned that peace doesn’t work, no matter how much you want it to, because trouble eventually finds you. She’s now at a point where it seems she’s lost all faith in humanity because of what she’s gone through with Skaikru so far. Clarke and her people continually strip her of her free will and that’s just not cool, yo.

I really like Luna, I do. That she’s suffered so much physically and emotionally in the short while she’s known Clarke et al. hurts my heart. Like, NOT A GOOD FIRST/SECOND/THIRD IMPRESSION Clarke! I hope she gets to see the good side of Skaikru, and maybe that good side has to be explored through Raven. And I’m HERE for it. Sea Mechanic baby!

We get a little confrontation between Roan and Luna and of course it’s awesome. Roan applying a rear naked choke is sexy as hell.

wayne brady choke a bitch

Nightbloods, am I right Roan? More trouble than they’re worth.

Ice Princess Is Real, Y’all

You know how I spent most of last season lamenting Clarke’s position in the narrative as being the one who everyone dumps on? And how no one understands the burdens of leadership that she’s been under for so long (save for Lexa, and we all know how that turned out)?

Well, Roan is here to save the day and acknowledge that: Clarke is one hell of a leader and leadership is hard, yo! Finally. FINALLY.

finally applause

Roan echoes some of the things Lexa has said to Clarke in the past, and some people are taking issue with the verbal acknowledgement of Clarke as a leader since she’s always been a leader and doesn’t need anyone to tell her that she is, thankyouverymuch.

Look, I think the point here, lest we forget Sexy Jaha’s mentorship of Clarke, leadership isn’t something that is cast in stone and it’s just there and doesn’t have room for improvement. Yes, Clarke is a born leader. But no one is born an expert in their field. Skills are constantly honed through experience, and sometimes that means heeding the experience of others who have been there, done that. That’s the point of Clarke’s journey. And that means aspects of leadership are up for debate – which is what constituted much of Clarke and Lexa’s relationship in season 2.

And that means listening to Jaha and taking away the non-crazy bits. And that means conferring with Roan and allowing him to back up your decisions, no matter how hard they are. Just as it meant the back-and-forth between Lexa and Clarke regarding how to lead, and her honoring of their vision for a united people.

The respect that Roan shows towards Roan is uplifting and re-affirming. A male king acknowledging a younger female leader (who, btw, doesn’t have a title or the appointment of leadership by her people, but just naturally falls into the role and is followed pretty much implicitly) should not be lost on a modern audience in our current political environment where a certain male “leader” cannot even SIT DOWN FOR A MEAL WITH A WOMAN without feeling weird about it. Men and women can be friends without rubbing naughty bits, you dumb fuck Mike Pence.

crazy pills

Sorry…I just…I…sigh. This is our world now. And we wonder why women are shut out of power…it’s because some old white men are scared of us and their behavior is dictated by their fears.

Sorry. It’s hard not to get political when things are so fucking askew in the US right now. ANYWAY.

Roan and Clarke as equals is a powerful message and it gives her the acknowledgement that has been long coming. That it comes from other leaders and not from those who are lead is a pretty telling message. Clarke is often at the butt-end of derision or snark when people don’t agree with her decisions, but this comes from the same folks that aren’t in a position to bear her burdens: make the hard decisions for us but we will crucify you as you save us.

Let’s not gloss over the fact that Clarke and Roan have great on-screen chemistry together. Making Zach McGowan a series regular was a fantastic decision and I love these two characters together.

thor i ship it

I wouldn’t mind Clarke taking some time away from Niylah lovin’ to get some Ice King nookie. Oh, don’t give me the age difference as an objection…need I remind you of Linctavia?

What is it with Clarke having great chemistry with Grounder leaders? Must be her thing.

Clarke And Murphy – Two Steps Forward, One Thousand Steps Back

Oh my god you guys. The Clarke and Murphy scene was AMAZEBALLS. I live for interactions between these two because of their touchy history with one another. I have to say, Murphy has done far more lately for Clarke than she for him. The whole pumping Ontari’s heart to get nightblood into Clarke to so she could take the Flame and dive into the City of Light last season? Awesome.

Just when you think these two are somewhat on the same page, Clarke pushes forward with the plan to use Emori as lab rat #2 after lab rat #1 bubbles and melts and leaks all over the radiation tube.

Channing Tatum eww

I’ll never get over how gross that was. And how it reminded me of what happens when I try to microwave soup with carrots in it. Y’all, them carrots explode.

Murphy calls Clarke out on all the things others have called her out on before, so he’s not really plumbing new depths here, but it’s interesting seeing the show’s cockroach fights so hard against Clarke against his own survival. He can’t love Emori if he’s dead. But none of that “we die in 10 days if we don’t do this” really resonates with him because he finally cares about someone more than himself (while on the ground anyway…who knows how he regarded his family).

Murphy begs Clarke to spare Emori. But sensing her resolve, he then lashes out at her, saying it’s too bad she wasn’t a nightblood because she could be Commander and just think of all the people she could have killed then.

Whoa, dude, slow your roll. What Murphy gets wrong about Clarke is that she enjoys any of this or wants to be the Commander of Death. It just kinda comes along with the job. The pain of what they have to do is written all over Clarke’s face, and it’s only in this exchange with Murphy that she shows the most doubt in her decision. Knowing he can’t change her mind, he does the only thing he can: vow to kill Clarke if Emori dies.


I can’t say I blame him for his reaction. Murphy has shown so much growth as a character, but at the end of the day, much of what he does is driven by his own selfishness.

Make no mistake…while everyone is debating if they should go through with this nightblood test, Clarke is the only one continuing to push forward, reminding them all that they have no other choice IF they want a chance at survival. If Clarke weren’t around, these guys would be debating whether or not to continue the test until they melted from the radiation death wave.

Abby: “What do you wanna do?”
Raven: “I dunno, what you you wanna do?”
Miller: “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”
Jasper: “I dunno, what do you wanna do?”

chris traeger pnr i don't know

These guys would LITERALLY take almost as much time to decide what to do as we take at the office to decide what to order for lunch…and it takes us a long time to decide. Like you have to start pre-gaming the lunch discussion at like 9:30am if you wanna hang with my marketing team.

Nightblood 2 Has Entered The Game

After all the build up, as all the tension that gradually grew over the episode, and as my heart dropping deeper into the pit of my stomach, Clarke made the decision that I was hoping for, begging for, yelling at my TV for: she injected herself with the nightblood serum.

Daniel Bryan yes

Wrestling gif quota reached! Pressure off. As an aside, enjoy Wrestlemania 33 today guys, you fans of the carny art. The Undertaker started his entrance immediately after last year’s Wrestlemania. DONG…Dead Man Walkin’.

Clarke has always made the tough decisions that have affected others, but rarely has made a decision as personal as this one. She’s killed a great many people, but in the end, decided to take this risk herself, perhaps unable to ask (or rather, force) one more person to die by her hand. And man, I needed this.

I was starting to really doubt Clarke. Like I GET IT that they are really forced to go to a dark place here, but I didn’t want it. I know, I know, I said in my last review that Fake Baylis was a bit of a cop out and robbed us of a truly interesting moral dilemma, but now that it was actually present on my screen, I was shook. I’M A BIG FAT BABY. I guess in the end, I didn’t want Clarke to make someone else take a risk she wasn’t willing to take herself. And in true The 100 fashion, she utters Dante’s words in a call back to season 2 “I bear it so they don’t have to” and injects herself instead of Emori.

Lorelai Gilmore hero

Now we’re in that awkward territory of Clarke being a nightblood, the Flame still being out there, and a power vacuum at the top of all the clans.

There are a great many people who don’t want Clarke to become the Commander, being a white savior and all. There are other people who may see this as a natural progression in her leadership journey. I fall somewhere in the middle. Look, let me be frank. If Clarke gained super powers and became Maud’Dib, I’d be fine with it because I’m a myopic Clarke stan and I’m kinda sick of men getting all the power (Wonder Woman can’t come soon enough).

But I think the more effective way to go here is have Clarke be a leader…perhaps THE leader…of everyone, but do away with the Commander position, as merely having nightblood doesn’t really mean you have the resume to be a good leader of people. The whole concept is super dumb…kill off everyone in your Conclave and congrats, you’re the Commander! Perhaps everyone needs to move away from a system of power based on archaic beliefs and dead technology to something that makes more sense in what will be a new world…whatever form that world takes after the radiation destroys most of it.

atomic bomb

There are also those who are firmly against Clarke taking the Flame because its a signal that she’s not moving past her grief, if you believe that Lexa is intact in the Flame in any form. I think we’ve got a contingent of people that would love to erase all evidence that Lexa existed from the show, and we all know what wastes of space those people are. But there’s better reasons to not give Clarke the Flame other than dumbass shipper reasons.

If they did give her the Flame, I think they would be backpedaling on what I think is a journey of leadership, and falling back on old structures of power based on beliefs possibly shaped by a damn cult. I think Clarke will spend some time leading or co-leading with Roan, but in the end, in the REAL end, I think she’ll have found someone else to take her position and she’ll walk off into the sunset, her story come to completion by finding someone else to inspire to follow in her footsteps. But hopefully without the huge death toll. (OLOLOLOLO…who am I kidding? This is Clarke)

Clarke is really the only leader without the artifice of leadership – she’s not a Commander, a King, a Chancellor. No one voted her in, she wasn’t born into royalty, she just does the job. So why put a title on her now? Wouldn’t that be a little overdone?

Moriarity Sherlock crown


So where does that leave the Flame as something that exists and must be dealt with at some point? Well, I think I mentioned this in my predictions post, but I believe the Flame is the only thing that can help someone whose brain is melting due to ALIE’s chip being forcibly removed, and we have two candidates: Abby and Raven.

A word on Abby really quick and we’ll get back to the Flame: Abby destroying the radiation chamber before Clarke could get into it has made a lot of people roll their eyes and hate on Abby more than they already do. I’ve often expressed my opinion on how Abby and characters like her are much maligned because they are in the No Fun Zone for many viewers (Skyler White anyone?). If we are to believe that the hallucinations that Abby and Raven are having uncover subconscious truths/knowledge that their conscious minds can’t process, then Abby KNEW the test wouldn’t work on Clarke. That’s the point of Raven mentioning how she saw the rocket. People really need to objectively assess Abby as a character and stop nursing on their mommy issues to constantly make haterade for Abby.

Back the fuck off

Back to the Flame: one person is dying this season (at least), and it’s either Abby or Raven. Their brains are NOT GOOD AND STUFF (my medical analysis is on point) and I think the Flame is the only thing that can repair a defective noggin. All signs make me believe Abby is going to die. At some point, someone will have to decide who the Flame saves, and I think Abby will sacrifice herself for Raven. But putting more sorrow on Clarke is going to be rough, though…I’m already pre-planning my ugly cry.

Anchorman glass case of emotion crying

Clarke also being a nightblood also makes me wonder if they’ll do some sort of ultimate sacrifice where she seals everyone in the bunker from the outside, and the season ends on a cliffhanger of if she can survive or not since we never got to see them test radiation on her. I mean, it doesn’t make sense that she could live since food and water is still a thing that humans will presumably need to exist, but could you imagine Luna and Clarke hanging out in a nuclear wasteland being all like “now what?”

We’ve pretty much reached the end of season 4 scenes in the pre-season trailer, so guessing what could happen at this point is all we have since there are no more hints to go off of, and this is frankly the most fun for me. Not having stuff spoiled or hinted at makes everything feel fresh and I like not knowing what’s likely to happen.

The Closed Captions Play Of The Game

Kane grunting

This Week In FanDUMB

The 100 fandom: we hate drama!
Also The 100 fandom:

Dear people who claim to hate drama: YOU LOVE DRAMA. You fucking revel in it. Your life thrives on it. Don’t. Be. Frontin’.

All credit goes to the realhousewives subreddit for that image and to Lisa Rinna for being a shit stirrer of epic proportions. EPIC.


  • My ship, Slarke (soap + Clarke) is still CANON. Pobrecito Bellarkers.
  • Slarke is endgame.
  • Becho is endgame.
  • SeaMechanic is endgame.
  • IcePrincess is ENDGAME endgame.
  • IcePrincessMechanic is ULTIMATE ENDGAME!
  • Shipping is ultimately fucking stupid.
  • Jasper is wiry!
    I'm wiry
  • Gaia is almost too beautiful to look at, geez.
  • I mentioned last week that I wanted an emotional, ugly cry out of Murphy…while we didn’t get the full-on weepy weeps, Richard Harmon nailed this episode and then some. Dayum.
  • The pressure to include a rasslin’ gif in each review is TOO DAMN HIGH!
  • Niylah as friendly bartender with recreational drug advice during the End of The World Party is pretty perfect…I kinda want her as my weed dealer (not that I’m into that sort of thing). TEA TIME!
    Colbert and Stewart tea
  • Can people greeting Kane with a punch to the face just become the show’s running joke that they take super seriously?
  • I’ve often said that Clarke has zero chill, but you know who has negative chill? Indra. That woman is the personification of serious. There is a “No Tomfoolery” Zone around her 50 miles wide.
  • With a 3 week hiatus here, what should you be watching to fill your cold, empty, The 100-less little heart? I’m currently obsessed with: Big Little Lies, Legion, The Magicians and The Good Fight.
  • No one will understand this, but Reno Jackson is rotating out of standard this week and have a sad.
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“God Complex”: 8.99999999 out of 10 jobi nuts (score amended OKAY)

There are some The 100 reviewers/recaps/writers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

If you’re a fan of the show, join us on Reddit for deep discussions, wacky shenanigans, Trigedasleng lessons, and clan flair! It’s the least toxic place you can find right now for The 100 fandom. Mods got that shit on lockdown.

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