The 100 Season 4 – Preposterous Predictions and Potential Possibilities

So, we’re 5 episodes into season 4 and on a break this week, so I says to myself, I says: “Why not write up some predictions for the rest of the season? It’s not like you have anything better to do since you’re desperately hopeless as a human being.”


I obviously know how to play to my strengths and fill myself with confidence. So, without further ado, my preposterous predictions and potential possibilities! Who doesn’t love alliteration? Or should I say palliteration……..HAHA……..wait…………………language doesn’t work that way………………………..

FYI: breaking fucking news, The 100 has been renewed for a fifth season!!!


All Of This Shit Is Totally Happening Because I’m The Best At Predictions!*

*save for predictions that involve lanterns…I Zaprudered the fuck out of that scene and all for naught 

  • I’ve said this before and I’ll double-down on it with the reveal of hypersleep as a thing in this universe: that crazy mofo Bill Cadogan is somewhere on earth in hypersleep and he will be discovered. He was likely supposed to be woken up by a chosen lackey, but something went wrong or he was abandoned.
    • Related: Jaha will be the one to awaken Cadogan with a kiss, because you know Jaha has a hard on for crazy cult leaders who could possibly be his soul mate.
  • The Flame is going into someone’s head, and it’s going to be Raven to save her brain from melting into sludge.
    • Related: Abby will also find her brain turning into sludge, and will sacrifice herself for Raven, because Abby is awesome like that.
      • Related: This will not make Clarke happy.
  • Nightblood is not a complete solution – they have to figure something else out because we’ve seen that even Nightbloods can get sick from radiation…I’m betting that enough radiation (like that which will cover the earth) will kill a Nightblood outright.
  • Hey, hypersleep is an option, so why not have pods available for people to ride out the radiation in? I’m going with a time-jump into season 5, with everyone waking up fresh as daisies in a post-post-apocalyptic world.
    • Related: not enough hypersleep pods will lead to the same predicament that faced Clarke at Arkadia.
    • Related: Passengers is a shitty movie that we’re supposed to find romantic, but is really about a man condemning a woman to death with him because he finds her sexy, and that’s creepy and weird and just not right and fuck you Hollywood for thinking creepy male gazey abusive shit is “entertainment”.
  • So, since there’s hypersleep, could we be in a virtual reality? Could everything be a shared fake reality?
  • Clarke and Bellamy will pull a Jaha and Kane and try to sacrifice themselves for the good of everyone else, but only one if them will “win.” And the “winner” is: Clarke. Her fate will be the season cliffhanger we end on, and we will scream “WHAT THE FUCK, I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR TO FIND OUT IF SHE’S STILL ALIVE!!??” and to that I respond with: she’s the series lead, they’re not going to kill her.
    • Related: This is The 100 we’re talking about. They’re totally killing Clarke.
  • Cadogan may be connected to Polaris and Becca, maybe as an investor? Not only that, he may have let ALIE loose in order to bring about his predicted apocalypse.
  • I do NOT think there are more Second Dawn other than Cadogan in hypersleep; I don’t think he’s the type of guy to share, as I believe he fucked over his followers…took the money and ran.
  • Emori will die. This is becoming a habit of the show…killing off romance, one couple at a time.
  • Murphy will have a be a hero versus be a dick moment and will pick be a dick and shock all of us who have fallen in love with him.
  • The season will end on a WTF cliffhanger, much like S1. We haven’t had a WTF cliffhanger in awhile and I want the entire fandom to suffer for a year before S5 because I’m not a nice person.
  • In the holiest of holy shit moments, how cool would it be to reveal that Becca came down to earth, did her nightblood thing with the survivors, and then decided to peace out into a hypersleep pod. I would fall the fuck out, y’all. But mostly, I just want to see Erica Cerra again.
  • Helios, majestic beast that he is, kicks Riley to death and literally no one cares.

Your Romantic Endgame Combos

T-T-T-T-TRIGGER WARNING SHIPPERS! I’m coming for your feelings.


Endgame Terms and Conditions: All endgames are true endgames, except when those endgames are subject to change. Death may or may not negate an endgame (I mean, there’s still people convinced that Clexa is endgame, soooooo……). Endgames may render other endgames null and void and vice versa. Criteria for endgame negation varies and depends upon additional endgame considerations that may or may not be apparent at any given time. Endgames are at times both superior and inferior to other endgames and may or may not exist in the same time and space at any given moment. This is highly technical and complex science and should not be questioned.

  • Becho is endgame – Bellamy and Echo: the endgamest of endgames
  • Broan is endgame – Bellamy and Roan: think about their snarky eyerolls at one another…oh, you need a little “me” time now?…I guess you’ll be in your bunk
  • Niylarke is endgame – Clarke and Niylah: there will be Niylarke smushing this season…it will be a grief smush on Clarke’s side and Niylah will be fine with that because she’s totally a Wanheda groupie
  • Princess Mechanic is endgame – Clarke and Raven: especially if that Flame goes into Raven’s head and Lexa’s all in there like “there’s Clarke, go get you some girl!”
  • Kabby is endgame – Kane and Abby: this is the ENDGAME endgame, until, you know, Abby dies, as I’ve predicted
  • Sea Mechanic is endgame – Luna and Raven: yup, who isn’t into this one?
  • Belluna is endgame – Bellamy and Luna: I could totally be into this, to be honest
  • Ice Mechanic is endgame – Raven and Roan: these two marshmallows need love
  • Ice + anyone will a pulse is endgame – Roan and anyone: Roan is hot…Roan sexing up anyone is hot
  • Kindra is endgame – Kane and Indra: okay, if Abby does die, I would lowkey ship the fuck out of these two
  • Cadoha is endgame – Jaha and Cadogan: you know these two wackadoos will be into each other
  • Cloctavia is endgame – Clarke and Octavia: like, duh, they already kissed in 4×05 and ended the episode holding hands, so lock it in!
  • Butterfly Ripa is endgame – Ilian and Octavia: you know them two is gonna bump uglies…another grief smush, like Niylarke
  • Jabby is endgame – Jackson and Abby: oh come on, a little May/December romance between work husband and wife? You’re into it
  • Siley – shotgun and Riley: need I explain this?
  • Bellarke is endgame – Clarke and Bellamy: because the CW is nothing if not predictable
  • Murphamy is endgame – Bellamy and Murphy: they have that “you hung me, I hung you” chemistry
  • Clexa is endgame – Clarke and Lexa: because a small part of me still has hope and naivety.

You’re probably wondering…where are all the OT3s? Where’s Bravenlarke? These are my ships, y’all, and I’m not into poly. Get your own endgames.

We Must Face Reality

No matter what they do with the rest of the season, there’s one disheartening fact that will never change: Nyko is dead and my world has gone dark and cold. THANKS SHUMWAY.


Just A Humble Word Of Thanks

If you read my reviews, I appreciate your time and your indulgence of my thoughts and “humor.” I know I am not a particularly warm and fuzzy human being, and I can be rather biting and sarcastic. That you spend one scant moment of your day reading my stuff warms the dark cockles of my heart. That The 100 writers and actors sometimes cast their gaze to this corner of the web is extremely humbling. I don’t like to brag on myself, as I find it awkward and distasteful, but I’m fucking proud that people who work on the show I love find time to read my reviews dedicated to their creation.

Cards on the table here. I exert a great amount of energy thinking that my work – both casual and professional – is somehow wanting. That my writing isn’t good enough. To be honest, I don’t have a firm grasp on all the grammar rules (rules are too much like math and shut my brain down) and my sentence structure has been wonky since time began. I think I’d be a great poet if I gave it a go because I could break all the rules and not give a damn.

We all have times when our confidence in our abilities is shaken a bit. I’ve reached a point where I need to differentiate myself professionally, to break out of the writing box that marketing professionals often find themselves trapped in. These reviews help me a little bit in that respect. It’s sometimes hard to get up for writing on my own because I’m tired and full of self-doubt, so thanks if you read these words and give any bit of your attention to my ramblings.

PS. Becho is still endgame.

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6 Responses to The 100 Season 4 – Preposterous Predictions and Potential Possibilities

  1. natalia h says:

    Of all the things you wrote, and I do love and adore most of them, Siley is the one giving me hope right now. I mean, this “Helios, majestic beast that he is, kicks Riley to death and literally no one cares.” PLEASE. One minute from now is not soon enough, I swear.

    Also, I hadn’t considered Belluna but it sounds like Beluga and those whales are fucking adorable so :p

    • Jennifer says:

      You don’t know how badly I want Helios to just kick Riley’s face off and just rear up and ride into the sunset.

      I’m kinda really into Bellamy and Luna… I think they’d be good for one another.

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