Writing is Weird and Writer’s Block Sucks

But don’t take my word for it here! Take my word for it over there: https://www.javodvarka.com/writing-is-weird-and-writers-block-sucks/

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I’m writing. Books. For reals.

Hey y’all. Remember me? I used to write reviews for The 100, until it pooped on my heart? Instead of writing about other people’s stuff, I’m writing my own stuff. An adult fantasy series, set in its own world. No medieval stuff…I’m striking out for something more eclectic.

Go to http://www.javodvarka.com for publication updates, character art, and other news as I embark on my indie author journey.

I’m working on book one with a coach, close to finished with book 2, and already thinking about book 3. The first book – The Unworthy – will release initially for free on Royal Road before heading to ye olde Amazon.

My promise as a writer is this: I won’t make you suffer as a reader. You’ve had your fill of nihilism, misery, and unfulfilled relationships. I want you to enjoy what you read and root for the characters along their journeys. I won’t take a poop on your heart.

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Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1 Review


jon snow wakes

Yooooooooooooooooo! It’s been a while old readers and new. I decided to dust ye olde DeclareShenanigans dot com off to talk a little bit about the first season of a show that I really dig.

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The 100 – Will I Be Covering Season 6?


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The 100 – “Damocles Pt.2” Review and Analysis

So season 5 is done. The finale has entered our eyeballs and our journey is complete. Where do I stand on everything that has transpired?

I’m going to do a quick laundry list of my overall likes/dislikes of the season before I quadruple your recommended daily salt intake.

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The 100 – “Damocles Pt.1” Review and Analysis

I feel like I’ve fed through a woodchipper, heart-first.

Sorry kids. No GIFs or funny bits this time around…I’m a bit exhausted and simply can’t do a normal review.

Do you know how much I love this show? So much that I’ve probably written 150,000 words – that’s a very long novel y’all – sharing my thoughts about this show, spending nights and weekends on work I’m not paid for…something that I pretty much vowed I’d never do again after being a graphic designer waaaay back in another life. I love this show SO MUCH. So the wall I have suddenly slammed into really hurts my heart. And slam I sure have, with all the crunching, slippery gore you’d expect. Continue reading

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The 100 – “The Dark Year” Review and Analysis

Welcome to my The 100 review site and food blog! Hey, if you’re looking for some great BBQ sauce recipes to spruce up your next “eat or I’ll kill you” soiree, you’ve come to the right place!

“The Dark Year,” written by Heidi McAdams and directed by Alex Kalymnios, featured the gears of war starting to finally grind, Clarke’s turnstile loyalty tested yet again, Octavia and friends had a nice stroll through the wasteland, and Kane and Diyoza, perhaps taking a page out of Clarke’s book, turned up on McCreary’s doorstep looking to peddle some Thin Mints, aka treachery. MAYBE. Jury’s out on that one.

Oh, and we learned that Wonkru ate people for a year in order to survive. No big.

surprised jeff goldblum

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The 100 – “The Warriors Will” Review and Analysis

Razing your best, last hope of avoiding bloodshed to the ground makes quite the statement, setting you on an irreversible path to destruction. It’s a strategy I’ve used my entire career, and boy is it fun!

“The Warriors Will,” written by the Sisters Benson, Shawna and Julie, and directed by purveyor of beardy sexy beards, Henry Ian Cusick, was a great episode that I really enjoyed despite having a quibble or two about certain things that just chap my ass. But from a drama/character perspective it hit all the right notes, brought out some hero moments I didn’t expect, and had a shocking en fuego reveal about Becca Pramheda that HAS to be leading somewhere.



My humor IQ is off the charts.

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The 100 – “Sic Semper Tyrannis” Review and Analysis

You get a betrayal! You get a betrayal! Everyone gets a betrayal!

This episode, written by Miranda Kwok and directed by Ian Samoil, was an all-you-can-back-stab betrayal buffet!

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The 100 – “How We Get to Peace” Review and Analysis

Be honest, who hasn’t poisoned a sibling in order to prevent them from killing a friend? Siblings are the WORST, am I right?

This episode, written by Lauren Muir and directed by Antonio Negret, was all about choices. Every single plot line featured characters making decisions that mark a critical pivot point, greatly altering the trajectories of these characters. Several of those choices crashed into one another, creating a mangled mess of tension and drama. This was not an episode that spent a lot of time fooling around, trying to be cute. Oh no. Shit went DOWN.

Octavia sentenced Clarke to death. I was not cool with that.

wwe angry

Then Bellamy poisoned his sister and put her in a coma. I was cool with that.

cm punk wwe sleep

Because this episode hinged on so many interesting and game-changing decisions – whether ill-conceived, ill-advised, smart, painful, or confusing – I’m going to switch things up and structure my review to specifically talk about each decision. Because who doesn’t love inconsistent approaches to the format of TV reviews? If you don’t like it, talk to my employer, which is me.

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