The 100 – “How We Get to Peace” Review and Analysis

Be honest, who hasn’t poisoned a sibling in order to prevent them from killing a friend? Siblings are the WORST, am I right?

This episode, written by Lauren Muir and directed by Antonio Negret, was all about choices. Every single plot line featured characters making decisions that mark a critical pivot point, greatly altering the trajectories of these characters. Several of those choices crashed into one another, creating a mangled mess of tension and drama. This was not an episode that spent a lot of time fooling around, trying to be cute. Oh no. Shit went DOWN.

Octavia sentenced Clarke to death. I was not cool with that.

wwe angry

Then Bellamy poisoned his sister and put her in a coma. I was cool with that.

cm punk wwe sleep

Because this episode hinged on so many interesting and game-changing decisions – whether ill-conceived, ill-advised, smart, painful, or confusing – I’m going to switch things up and structure my review to specifically talk about each decision. Because who doesn’t love inconsistent approaches to the format of TV reviews? If you don’t like it, talk to my employer, which is me.

Let’s get into it!

Diyoza – Smart People Just Can’t Seem to Win

Decision: not to trade Raven for McCreary.

Rating: fan-fucking-tastic. Smart, savvy, and I would have done the same. But BOY does it turn awkward when McCreary ends up back in camp decidedly NOT dead.

McCreary rolls in all like…


…and Diyoza’s all like…


…and McCreary’s all like…


…and Diyoza’s all like…


…and McCreary’s all like…

cool game of thrones

Oh, this will end well.

Make no mistake…Diyoza made a great decision to not trade Raven for McCreary, a decision utterly negated by Murphy’s choice later on. There’s no way in hell you trade Raven Reyes, smart mechanic and engineer and computer wiz, for McCreary, uh…the guy that likes to kill stuff. Even though he has a pretty rad haircut and oozes murderous cool. There’s NO WAY it’s a smart trade to give up Raven for pretty much ANYONE.

It’s like trading J.J. Watt, lord and savior and emperor of Houston, for a kicker. Names don’t even matter here. A KICKER.

Building this new world means leveraging the talents of your skill position players. Raven, Abby, and Shaw are skill position players. McCreary is a dangerous goon who just brings a dangerous sexy vibe to the table. Which…I can’t really argue is a necessarily a bad thing?

loki dangerous sexy

Diyoza banks on Murphy killing McCreary and therefore solving her problem of the faction within Prisonkru that seems ripe for an uprising behind McCreary’s goading. I mean…it’s a win/win for Diyoza. Keep Raven and have someone else do your dirty work for you and get rid of McCreary…except one decision is trumped by another and brings in a whole gaggle of problems.

The respective looks on Diyoza’s and McCreary’s faces say all you need to know about how much of a shit sandwich Diyoza is about to swallow. You know I’m rooting for Diyoza 4000%, but I will enjoy the hell out of watching Sexy Beardy McCreary gunning for Diyoza. Especially if it involves more hair tossing. William Miller knows how to butter that bread. If, like, buttering bread was sexy. Oh shut up, I don’t know what I’m saying, he makes me not write good.

Murphy – Good Idea, But Only In a Vacuum

Decision: to fake being McCreary’s prisoner in order to rescue Raven

Rating: it seemed good at the time, but by the end of the episode, it’s a fuck up, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

oops rhobh

Murphy lost McCreary as leverage the moment Diyoza was like “peace out” to McCreary staying upon this mortal coil. McCreary floats an idea that, while improvisational and maybe kinda dangerous, is one of the few viable options to get Raven back. I mean…Murphy’s dedication to rescuing Raven is commendable. But in hindsight, not removing McCreary from the chess board permanently is likely more dangerous to Murphy, Emori, and Raven in the long run. I trust Diyoza to spare their lives far more than I trust McCreary to not just make them into human chew toys for his friends.

You have to love how Murphy, by keeping McCreary alive and agreeing to look like his prisoner not only immediately puts Diyoza back in danger as McCreary now knows she was going to let him die, but means McCreary gets a hero’s welcome back at camp. His power ranking just went way up. And that hair flip at the end? Lord.

hair flip

Diyoza better have eyes in the back of her head.

Emori – R.I.P. Memori, But It’s About Time

Decision: to stay broken up with Murphy.

Rating: necessary.

over this shit

Here’s a controversial statement: Murphy is a bad boyfriend with poor communication skills and a lack of respect for his partner. When a significant other starts slinging nasty remarks intended to wound, the relationship is over. Arguments can get heated and relationships all hit their rocky patches, but when someone gets personal and intentionally hurtful the way Murphy does towards Emori, it’s time to walk. The anger, hate, and resentment built up in Murphy is simply not worth whatever else he brings to the relationship. That relationship is just poisoned.

I like Memori…I really do. I wished it worked out and tried to convince myself that maybe if he showed some contrition, real contrition, they could maybe get past it and find a better way to move forward and communicate with one another, but I think that ship has sailed. His relentless barbs at her ability to get things right…things she’s worked hard to learn…is so hurtful and unnecessary. He’s toxic right now.

toxic brittney spears

You know what, YOU find me a GIF for “toxic” that ISN’T Britney, bitch.

Emori’s right…Murphy turns poisonous when he’s not in the thick of danger or survival. He can’t do peace very well, if at all, from what we’ve seen. I like Murphy, but I don’t think he’s boyfriend material, not as long as he remains this damaged and it’s not his partner’s responsibility to be his therapist. Women don’t exist to “fix” damaged men, so Emori ending the relationship felt empowering and healthy for her, and I’m happy this came to the resolution that it did.

And for those of you out there that ship Raven and Murphy…right now I simply don’t know what to say. I think Murphy would be toxic in that relationship too. He simply hates himself and lets that hate spew out and cover everything around him. He can’t clean it up fast enough to repair the damage his insults inflict. I like Raven and Murphy’s friendship, but Murphy’s sense of love and hate seem to run up right next to each other and spill out in very unfortunate and hurtful ways. I don’t like any romantic attachment for Murphy moving forward if all we’re going to get is his venom when he gets bored or feels left behind or not an essential part of another person’s growth.

Clarke – Murder Ain’t No Thang But a Chicken Wing

Decision: kill Kara to create a fake outbreak in order to destroy the worms.

Rating: Bad Idea Jeans and then some.

bad idea snl

The hot minute Clarke came up with this idea to destroy the worms, killing Kara in the process as a way to “sell” it, I knew the idea was going to fail. Clarke is right…the worms need to be destroyed. There is absolutely no way these worms don’t fuck up Eden. At this point, with all this build up, it’s an inevitability.

Clarke and Bellamy were successful in destroying the adult worms, but Kara ended up being collateral damage in their little ruse.

Oh no you guys Kara is dead.

fake tears

Y’all know I have no love lost for Kara Cooper…I made a practice out of clowning on her out of fun because no one served better resting cult face than Kara. No one, aside from Octavia, was as dedicated to Wonkru and absolutely fucking annoying about it. But I, dear reader, will miss her.

wait what

Only because now I have no one to clown on. Her death shuts down the whole “Kara Is the WOOOORST” section of my reviews. I’m hamstrung now, without my north star. Maybe I’ll write a ballad for her…one day when I have literally nothing else to do. Literally.

Octavia seemingly not trusting anyone else but Kara works out well here, as everyone fucks up making the assumption that Kara was loading the worms into the Rover. But it’s the worm eggs, already loaded, that they’re taking to Eden. So there’s no reason for Kara to be back in the worm room.

Do you think that’s what they called it, the “Worm Room”?

“I have to go work in the Worm Room.” “If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in the Worm Room.” “Let’s talk about this in the Worm Room.”

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out who wanted to destroy the worms. Could it be the people who keep saying “the worms could destroy Eden, they are a bad idea, perhaps you should dispose of the worms?”

hmm batman

I love how Clarke’s route to peace is through murder, property destruction, and lies. I mean, I get it, but that it comes so easy to Clarke (and to be truthful, Bellamy didn’t exactly put up a huge fight), I think we’ve gotten to the part of the program where the fucks to give are now at zero. Octavia’s got Madi, so Clarke’s not fuckin’ around.

Clarke’s also seemingly tapped out whatever goodwill she may have built with Monty last episode, as Clarke and Bellamy make him a partner to murder. Yet again. “I swear, I’ll help you, but this is the LAST TIME!” – Monty. And it won’t be the last time. Probably.

Can we make the safe assumption that the ONLY reason Clarke just didn’t kill Octavia was because of Bellamy? I mean, I think Clarke is over Octavia at this point and her ability to compartmentalize and just off people without giving it a second thought is chilling at times. But there’s no indication that killing Octavia would have been a better decision given that she would be the number one suspect. She’s in a sucky position regardless. Whatcha gonna do?


Clarke’s plan to kill the worms was the only way should could think of, given very little time, to get Octavia to maybe – MAYBE – listen to reason. Octavia is plunging head-first into war, almost gleefully so, and needs to be discouraged through poor odds and the prospect of heavy loses. The plan, dubious as it is to succeed without some fuckery, is well-intended? I mean…as “well-intended” as anything on this show is, as we’re only talking just one death to save hundreds.

Just one death. What’s just one more? One death is almost laughably trivial at this point.

Abby – Oh Girl, What Is You Doin’?

Decision: to zap Raven to stop her from destroying the jerry-rigged sonic machine

Rating: oh Abby no, why did you do that?

why conan o'brien

Abby’s one true daughter, Raven, works to give the sonic smasher thingie machine that can cure the black lung from the miners under the impression that Diyoza has threatened Abby’s life if she doesn’t help. A lie. (ALIE)

Raven finds Abby’s Eligius-branded pain pills and realizes that Abby’s motivation is getting more pills. Raven feels betrayed. Raven, who is in chronic pain and was once under Abby’s care for that pain, doesn’t want to hear about Abby’s struggles with getting jacked out of ALIE incorrectly and the associated pain. It’s too much for Raven to process at the moment, given how much Abby has meant to Raven in the past (and vice versa), so I get Raven recoiling and acting out of anger. I think Raven is just a dangling raw nerve at this point of the season. Raven, out of anger, tries to smash the device. And then the unspeakable happens.

Abby activates Raven’s shock collar. What. The. Fuck.

I guess I should have expected Abby to go to almost any lengths to keep her pill supply coming (after all, she chose them over Kane), but watching her put Raven through that out of crazed addiction was HARD.

screaming internally rhony

Guys…I get the whole “stop hurting Raven Reyes 2018” thing…it’s getting comical at this point. I still can’t decide if this felt shocking (argh, pun) because it was or because it was contrived to be. Abby going this far feels TOO far, and I don’t know how Abby comes back from this act, especially in the eyes of fans that pretty much hate her already.

I’m so on the fence with Abby this season, as there’s a lot of destructive behavior with very little to generate sympathy for her. We see her struggling, but there’s not a ton of remorse to give us a thread we can hold onto for those of us who want to empathize with her. She’s not being humanized enough to not revolt me at this point, and I’m not necessarily happy that her character is being treated this way. I’ve been part of the Abby Defense Squad for quite awhile now, but the energy I now have to put into rationalizing her is too high and I’m not seeing dividends. This gives me a sad.

Raven: Oh Girl, What Is You Doin’?

Decision: to not kill Shaw to kill Shaw.

Rating: huh?

confused titus

I’m just a bit confused over Raven this episode in relation to Shaw. Echo rightly concludes that killing Shaw ends the Prisonkru ship threat to Wonkru. No pilot means no fly. Again Raven balks at hurting Shaw, perhaps out of a sense of humanity coupled with a sense of pragmatism…he could still maybe be useful? But how useful is a guy labeled as a traitor by Diyoza?

I think Diyoza was a bit shortsighted in treating Shaw like a traitor and his beating at the hands at the other prisoners just puts everything they have at risk. He’s the pilot of the Eligius…they NEED him. Tossing him off into the Wonkru quarters to be treated any ol’ way is very dumb. I don’t get this decision from Diyoza, who I love and would eat cilantro for; she’s smarter than this…she knows her people are dangerous and prone to violence, so why does she expose Shaw to possible death at the hands of some over-enthusiastic prisoners?

confused jeff goldblum

After her very unpleasant visit with Abby, Raven decides to turn against Prisonkru once and for all, and that means the plan to kill Shaw is back on. But then she sits and confides in him and shares a very emotional moment, which would maybe soften her again on letting him live? I don’t know. This back-and-forth with Shaw and how it’s played out at the end is a bit confusing.

The best part of the whole Raven storyline this episode was Echo’s friendship. She didn’t kill Shaw, which…how sweet! Spy Mechanic is underrated and giving me friendship warm fuzzies…it’ll have to do until (if) we get any Princess Mechanic friend times, and which point I’ll gladly take all three women maybe grabbing some of Monty’s awful algae beer and engaging in a conversation that will ace the Bechtel Test.

Monty – No More Fucks To Give for Murderation

Decision: to no longer be complicit in the horrible actions of others, even if it means their friends die.

Rating: admirable, but probably unsustainable.

rooting for you

It looks as though Monty has really had enough. This is it guys. No more aiding and abetting his friends acts of murder and genocide! For reals tho!

I love Monty as the dissenting voice. He may view non-participation in murderation as a powerful expression of his agency from here on out. It’s obvious, from his grasping onto his algae container and his conversation with Kara, that he has hope that he can get the agro farm in the bunker back up and running successfully, and that food availability will give Wonkru options and help them avoid war. It’s all great in theory, but, you know, that’s just not this show. You can dangle that hope out there, but I’m not nibbling on this bait.

nice try suits

When Harper and Monty decide to stay behind, I feel this is a very conscious decision to hint to something that makes that algae and a rebooted agro farm vital to season 6. Putting Monty in the quiet position of saving everyone’s butts yet again is a strong undercurrent that we can’t ignore. He finds alternative solutions because he’s thinking of peace, first and foremost, and which methods of survival will accomplish that peace. It’s just that the people he ends up saving are the ones that usually cause him the most heartburn through their actions.

I would love to see the aftermath and consequences of a situation where Monty refused to help Clarke or Bellamy hurt someone to save “their people.” Is this a stance that Monty can actually take in the future? I don’t know if we’ll see this new “nope, not gonna fuckin’ do it” attitude actively come into play as a crucial pivot point, but I think him taking a step back and staying behind with Harper may reap unintended rewards that justify him putting his foot down.

Octavia – There Can Be No Blodreina v. Wanheda Showdown If You Just Up and Kill Clarke Off the Jump

Decision: to execute Clarke

Rating: laughable…doesn’t she know who the main character is?

chris evans laughing

Octavia, facing a traitor in her midst, does the only thing Octavia knows how to do: commit and act of violence or order one commit upon another person. Octavia is so one-dimensional at this point that it’s like talking to a brick wall. Does anyone truly believe that even if they had managed to destroy any trace of the worms or their eggs that Octavia would have agreed to surrender to Diyoza? I don’t see ANY situation where Octavia concedes, even if it means wiping out 95% of Wonkru. I think in her mind, she views acquiescing to Diyoza as a complete failure and a betrayal of her people’s trust in her. This myopic dedication to a potentially lost cause makes her insanely dangerous.

That Octavia is willing to brand Clarke a traitor to Wonkru (more like an enemy…can you be a traitor to a people who don’t claim you as a member?) and execute her doesn’t come as a surprise. I think it’s easier for Octavia to sentence Clarke to death than it would have been for, say, Bellamy. But Octavia doesn’t even take one goddamn beat. She could easily lock her up or banish her, but death is the only response she seems to consider. I mean, it makes sense given what we’ve seen of the Wonkru ethos, but still…it’s Clarke. A FRIEND. GODAMMIT OCTAVIA.


I wonder what the fallout of Octavia’s decision will be. How exactly will Madi respond to Clarke being sentenced to death? Does she have anyone within Wonkru, like Indra or Gaia, that can protect Clarke? Does Wonkru still go through with her execution with Octavia down for the count?

Bellamy – His Crazy Sister, His Responsibility

Decision: to poison Octavia.

Rating: push came to shove.

bellamy i did what i had to do the 100

Guys, this was a great, great scene. The the dynamic between these two siblings and the lengths that Bellamy has to go to in order to thwart Octavia is mind-blowing.

Octavia knows exactly why Bellamy is asking to see her, and I don’t think the parallel drawn between Echo and Clarke is unintentional. It’s all sorts of loaded…he’s there pleading for the life of another traitor…that he loves. Octavia calling Bellamy out on his feelings for Clarke is the second time this season that another character has remarked on the Bellamy/Clarke dynamic. The show can only dance around the edges of this relationship so much before Bellamy and/or Clarke have to address it personally with one another.

I’ve always been one of those people who reads Bellarke as platonic, but the show has made a very obvious decision to create these scenes to be read intentionally as romantic love and I’d be dumb to stick to my “it’s just platonic” guns. I still love my platonic m/f relationships. I find them rare and valuable in entertainment, and wish there were more of them so we could stop creating unneeded drama and show how ridiculous the notion of the “friendzone” is. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FRIENDZONE. Two friends who don’t fuck are just FRIENDS. FOR FUCK’S SAKE.


But I digress.


Bellamy sits down to proverbially break bread with his sister and rub algae poop over her rations, or whatever the bad algae stuff is, and Bellamy makes a vain attempt to reach his sister. Not Blodreina. Not even the delinquent that hit the ground with him and the rest of the 100. But the sister he and his mother shared rations with.

And Octavia just shuts. him. down. She won’t recite the rhyme that they used to say while eating as a child with her family. Instead, she wants Bellamy to repeat the Wonkru pre-meal prayer of “thanks for Hank, who is delicious, amen.” There have been times throughout this season that we’ve seen Octavia just switch off and Blodreina takes over, but this scene is pure Blodreina. Not being able to pull Octavia back a little with some childhood nostalgia is heartbreaking.

As Octavia struggles to breathe after eating the dosed ration, Bellamy can’t look at her. The personal toll of his decision is all over his face. She stands up and tries to call for a guard, but Bellamy subdues her.

killing eve

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that he prefaced his conversation with an “I love you very much, no matter what happens.” It’s important for him to continue to reach out to his sister and let her know that he does love her, through everything, including this Blodreina persona, who he can’t influence anymore. Before she passes out, he tells her that she will wake up in Shadow Valley and they will have peace. Man, I wish so much that were true.

Speaking of which…

I’m Breaking My Decision-Focused Review Format to Talk About My Favorite Scene

While I can’t take anything away from the Blakes scene as being the best in the episode, it wasn’t my favorite. While it was intense and rewarding to watch, I kinda feel these are the scenes that are The 100’s bread and butter and as such, I’ve seen something like it before. People in conflict…friends/family fighting, it’s de rigueur for this show.

The scene which I feel was fresh and different and a welcome reprieve from all the war talk and “my people” was the one between Kane and Diyoza where they jointly imagine a peaceful future in the valley. I mean, it was AWESOME, and this show RARELY goes to a place where we see a person’s vision of what the future could look like. And Kane’s vision is basically society re-starting around necessary functions and community. An exchange of goods and ideas.

i want to go to there 30 rock

When Diyoza revealed her pregnancy to Kane, for the first time, I felt there COULD be a future like the one Kane and Diyoza envisioned, and that both of them could work together to build that future. This is a far cry from Octavia’s version of the future, I would hazard to guess. Kane is thinking of rebuilding society and the heavy-lifting necessary to get the fundamentals of civilization working again.

What does the future look like to Octavia? Really, what does it look like to anyone trapped in that bunker for 6 years? Certainly there can be a path to peace if Octavia could see her way to negotiating with Diyoza? Or perhaps I’m being naive, but Diyoza is thinking long-term, as is Kane. Her pregnancy requires a future. Going to war with zealots is far more dangerous than extending a hand to those in Wonkru who are tired of violence, fear, and death. Only Octavia won’t allow it. How often do people get in their own way, ignoring their own best interests for a “moral” victory?

The 100 keeps shining a light on a lot of ugly, but this scene, this one scene, stands out like a bright beam of hope, and I’d like to hold onto it for just a little bit. presents: An Ode to Kara Cooper

bye felicia

Future predictions

Since we’re now at the over half-way point of the season with the pivotal 5×08 behind us, I think I can safely make some predictions about the rest of the season that are unlikely to come true, because if you know me, I’m an abject failure when it comes to predicting anything about this show.

disappointment princess bride

  • Those worm eggs are going to destroy Eden. It’s been teased too much to not come true at this point.
  • The hythylodium is going to destroy Eden. It’s been teased too much to not come true at this point.
  • I will I hedge my bets.
  • If the former statement is true, then we might see a split between people staying on earth and going back into the bunker, sustained by Monty’s Green Goop, and another group going into space, probably spending a portion of time in cryosleep. There’s really no other reason for Monty and Harper to stay behind (other than avoid the war), and setting him up as the new bunker agro guy makes the bunker a viable living space again.
  • Shannon Kook’s mysterious episode 13 character will have something to do with that Eligius III mission/ship we never get any info about.
  • Octavia is going to watch, in horror, as her desire for war and winning for Wonkru, destroys the last livable area of land. And we could see her worms take out someone she loves, like Indra. Octavia is in for a very hard fall and Bellamy may be the only one willing to pick her back up again.
  • Vinson, in his cute little readers with a tattoo reminiscent of Blake’s “The Great Red Dragon” (and from Hannibal), looked at Abby a LITTLE too long after she figured out how to cure him. Vinson is killing someone and I think he just mentally measured Abby’s hand and foot size for his collection. He’s killing someone…maybe not Abby, but you don’t just put Chekhov’s serial killer in the show and not have him kill someone.
  • I don’t think aliens are happening this season, friends.

Deathwatch 2018

From week to week, I’m ranking characters by likelihood two die in two buckets: gonna die and long shots. Dead characters of note are in the “May We Meet Again” category.

Not a ton of movement this week other than Kara’s death, which means McCreary and Diyoza moved up by default (I had six spots last week). So with Kara getting her guts exploded by the worms, she’s now on the May We Meet Again list. I’m so sad. Hold me. I am inconsolable. Oh no, here come the tears. Real, real tears. Like water, but from my eyes.

stassi vanderpump fake tears

Sure Bets, One of These Peeps Is Dyin’

  1. Abby
  2. Indra (+1 cuz she keeps toeing the line with Octavia and O’s going to say enough)
  3. Kane
  4. McCreary (+1 cuz Kara died LOL)
  5. Diyoza (+1 cuz Kara died LOL)

Dropped from the list: Kara, because DUH.

Loooooooooooooong Shots, Place Yer Bets!

  1. Monty
  2. Madi
  3. Octavia
  4. Murphy
  5. Kara

Dropped from the list: Kara, because DUH. And yes, I had her on BOTH death lists because I’m a petty bench.

May We Meet Again

  1. Jaha – he was number 1 on my Sure Bet to die board, though I take no pleasure in being right…it was a sorta easy read based on social media. Jaha was an interesting, complex, often infuriating figure in this universe, so RIP.
  2. Kara – I had a lot of fun hating on Kara. I will actually miss her…not her presence on the show, per se, because she was the WOOOOOORST. But she gave me review fodder each time she was on screen. RIP you magical cult princess.

Raven Reyes Nookie Watch 2018

Welcome back to Raven Reyes Nookie Watch 2018! This is a weekly recurring feature of upmost importance. It’s all about the nookie!

So, like, Raven wants to kill Shaw but also is emotionally attached to him? That’s some fucked up fuckery right there and at this point my Nookie-O-Meter is just spinning wildly.

RAVEN REYES NOOKIE ALERT LEVEL: I’m so fuckin’ confused


Reunite Families – Donate and Volunteer

I don’t like to get political up in my reviews, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Families are being ripped apart at our US borders and we need good people to stand up and stop them.

The gals at Metastation have put together a fundraiser at Crowd Rise to raise money for RAICES Texas, which provides legal services to immigrants and refugees in Texas. If they reach their goal, they plan to ask for a match from The 100 cast & crew. I hope they blow past their goal and it just snowballs into a shit storm of giving to help these families out. Please give if you can. Volunteer if you can. VOTE.

Parting Thoughts

  • Slarke is my ride or die ship – that’s Clarke + soap. Is there not like one little mini bottle of conditioner or some surf putty or something in that bunker?
  • I think it’s pretty fucking cool that a bunch of fans who had planned to go to a now-cancelled con got to spend time with cast members at Universal. The cast didn’t have to do that, but they did. They created their own little impromptu con.
  • Octavia telling Monty that he did a good job was somehow scary and menacing. I can’t imagine having a conversation with Octavia without just pissing myself.
  • No Madi this episode, which sad.
  • Bellamy called Clarke a “mama bear,” which no sad!
  • Bellamy swore to Clarke he would protect Madi. DAD MODE ENGAGED.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting kinda tired of the Polis vs. Eden war that never happens. I’m ready for a change of scenery for Wonkru and it doesn’t look like it’s happening soon because stills of 5×10 have them STILL in the goddamn bunker. I’m tired of the fucking bunker…emotionally and visually.
  • I spent my Wednesday night working on this review and not watching the premiere of Big Brother 20, so know that I sacrifice for you. THAT’S MY GARBAGE SHOW OF THE SUMMER!
  • I have typed “How We Get to Peach” one too many times.
  • Clarke’s pants are too tight.
  • Really Miller? Jerk.
  • Someone is going to have to provide me with irrefutable, tangible proof that McCreary is not Murphy’s great grandpappy.
  • The Kabby baby was supposed to be named Hope according to fandom? ANY BABY was going to be named Hope. This is like Trope 101.
  • I would love to see Octavia re-state why Eden is the property of Wonkru…I think we need these little reminders throughout the season just to keep us in the story and to help create “pings” that drive is back to the core of her motivation because her behavior is causing me to lose a focus on her reasons for doing this in the first place. Is it cult mentality or cult mentality layered on top of entitlement or…just give me another breadcrumb or two.
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“How We Get to Peace”: 8.5 out of 10 e coli biscuits

There are some The 100 reviewers/recaps/writers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

Disclosure: this is my own indie site. This is on my time, my dime. Becho is endgame.

You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.

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