I’m writing. Books. For reals.

Hey y’all. Remember me? I used to write reviews for The 100, until it pooped on my heart? Instead of writing about other people’s stuff, I’m writing my own stuff. An adult fantasy series, set in its own world. No medieval stuff…I’m striking out for something more eclectic.

Go to http://www.javodvarka.com for publication updates, character art, and other news as I embark on my indie author journey.

I’m working on book one with a coach, close to finished with book 2, and already thinking about book 3. The first book – The Unworthy – will release initially for free on Royal Road before heading to ye olde Amazon.

My promise as a writer is this: I won’t make you suffer as a reader. You’ve had your fill of nihilism, misery, and unfulfilled relationships. I want you to enjoy what you read and root for the characters along their journeys. I won’t take a poop on your heart.

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