The 100 – “We Will Rise” Review and Analysis

So, here was my plan for this week: Get some work done on Monday, swing by the hospital to get my gallbladder removed on Tuesday, recover on Wednesday, then be back to work and into the swing of things on Thursday like nothing happened. Easy peasy.



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The 100 Season 4 – Preposterous Predictions and Potential Possibilities

So, we’re 5 episodes into season 4 and on a break this week, so I says to myself, I says: “Why not write up some predictions for the rest of the season? It’s not like you have anything better to do since you’re desperately hopeless as a human being.”


I obviously know how to play to my strengths and fill myself with confidence. So, without further ado, my preposterous predictions and potential possibilities! Who doesn’t love alliteration? Or should I say palliteration……..HAHA……..wait…………………language doesn’t work that way……………………….. Continue reading

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The 100 – “The Tinder Box” Review and Analysis

Show downs, spaceships, and ‘splosions, oh my.

“The Tinder Box,” written by series newcomer (but experienced sci fi writer), Morgan Gendel, firmly planted its flag in the ground as the “oh fuck, what now” episode in the season. With Arkadia now mostly in ruins and off the table as a haven to save 100 people from the coming apocalypse, we’re now back to ground zero in terms of a viable solution to save humankind. Continue reading

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The 100 – “A Lie Guarded” Review and Analysis

This is a difficult review to write. I think you know why. Let us please share a moment of silence for our departed fuzzy bear, Nyko.

[…………respectfully insert your silence right here please…………]

This cruel, heartless episode was written by Kim Shumway, renowned hater of puppies, rainbows, lollipops, and big fuzzy lovable men named Nyko.


How does one mend a broken heart? By writing the most scathing review of “A Lie Guarded” that will ever exist and make Kim Shumway cry.


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The 100 – “The Four Horsemen” Review and Analysis

How am I opening two out of my three season 4 reviews so far with a Ric Flair gif? Because it’s happening! When you call an episode “The Four Horsemen,” you’re gonna — WOOOOO! — get some goddamn Four Horsemen, baby!


And tell you what, I’d rather face these four in the ring than what Clarke and Co. have coming in the form of the second apocalypse, as a glimpse towards the future lands squarely on Arkadia’s doorstep in the form of what’s left of Luna’s riggies.

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The 100 – “Heavy Lies The Crown” Review and Analysis

I’m just going to get this out of the way right now: this was, to me, a fantastic and uncompromising episode. It raises a couple tough moral dilemmas for our characters. Moreover, I appreciate that fact that I cannot say the choices made in “Heavy Lies the Crown” were definitively right or wrong, or good or bad, I can really only agree or disagree based on my own opinions and the facts at hand. And I LOVE IT. I’m sure we’ll get deep into these issues on our next May We Geek Again podcast, so be sure to check it out.

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The 100 – “Echoes” Review and Analysis

Welcome back everyone! Season 4 is here! SEASON 4 IS HERE!!! Are you excited?


Everything leading up to season 4 has been very hopeful and positive; season 3 had its ups and downs and its massive controversy, but I’m here to “turn the page” and I look forward to what folks are calling a “reboot” of the show. After watching the premiere, I’m super hyped for season 4.

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