The 100 – “Eden” Review and Analysis

Are you ready for another low-key, stress-free season of The 100? I know I am. Man, I love the chill vibes of this show. Swords clashing and gun fire are my bedtime relaxation ASMR.

New season, lots of new people excited about the show, so if you’re new to my little corner of the web, welcome! I express myself in words and GIFs, and may you find something of worth within. If you have a spare 5 minutes, I’ve written approximately 150,000 words on seasons 3 and 4, so check out my past reviews. If you’re a returning reader, WHY DEAR GOD WHY WOULD YOU COME BACK?! Soul searching was obviously not done by you during the hiatus.

Without further ado…SEASON 5 OF THE 100 IS FINALLY HERE AND WE NEED TO CELEBRATE PROPERLY (trigger warning: the lactose intolerant should avert their eyes)

kurt angle milk

It’s only fitting I get my one wrestling GIF per review requirement out of the way early. It’s my brand.

The hiatus has been long and full of dangers, so let’s get right into it.

While it’s been a bit of a wait for season 5, I think late spring/early summer is a great time for the show and it joins some awesome genre TV airing right now, like Westworld, LEGION, The Expanse, and The Handmaid’s Tale. I remember summer TV back in the day being a mournful wasteland of reruns, forcing us to go outside and play with our friends. It was AWFUL. Thankfully, we now have new TV all year round to keep us entertained. The less contact I have to make with humans, the better.

From everything I’ve read – all glowing previews of the first 4 episodes – I’ve been preparing myself for a season that won’t play out as we expect. So I turn to sage philosopher and part-time robot, Julie Chen, to set the tone for season 5:

julie chen expect the unexpected

You bet your ass I’m Big Brother trash

What are my first impressions after watching the premiere? What do I expect from season 5?

Written by Jason Rothenberg and directed by Dean White, I found “Eden” to be a very solid season premiere. I think my impressions might be a bit more tempered than others out there as I don’t think the episode has quite settled with me yet. I wanted more time to breathe, to get re-acquainted with these characters after 6 years of time passed and change. I wanted more breathing room, and the Eligius crashing my party, while necessary to get the plot rolling, felt almost intrusive.

I just wanted to lay on the couch and cuddle a little with my Adventure Babies for a little bit before the bad guys ruined my day.

let's cuddle

It’s a testament to how much I LOVE these characters that I want more of these development/dialog moments. I can’t help myself. Other shows don’t engender the same investment from me in its people. There are many shows that I do enjoy, but couldn’t give a flying fuck about most of it’s characters if the story is good enough. With The 100, I honestly seem to care about every single character and their development and connection with each other.

I felt the show had earned some time away from fast-paced drama set in motion by new unknown players, and could have dealt with only seeing the prison ship in the last minute to set up episode 2, but that’s my one, main quibble. A small one, I think, considering the strength of the rest of the episode.

In Case You Were Wondering Who the Hero Is, It’s Clarke Fuckin’ Griffin and Don’t You Forget It

We get Clarke Griffin alone for a good 20 minutes at the start of the premiere, a move which insinuates a lot of trust in both its lead actress and the audience. Not many shows would or could dare to pull off such a maneuver, but I think after 4 seasons, The 100 has earned the creative freedom to have a such a singular focus. It’s a bold move, to be sure, but Eliza Taylor is more than up to the task.

I think it’s interesting how Clarke’s journey after Praimfaya mirrors the journey of the show. Clarke, after getting out of the lab, is hopeful and resolute about surviving in this new world, much like the delinquents when they reached a livable earth. But slowly, due to circumstances she cannot control – circumstances often maddeningly just too big for her alone – she’s eventually worn down to a point of hopelessness. Throughout her journey from the lab to Eden, she collects fragments of the past, all notably connected to her in some way – a bit of the Commander’s throne, Maya’s iPod, Jasper’s goggles, even the Rover – to carry with her.

clarke the 100

These remnants of dead people help carry her through the wasteland until the wasteland is set to claim her for itself.

The absolute desolation and isolation of her situation is firmly established in her journey, punctuated both by her desperately trying to get to the bunker and then picking through the bones of Arkadia. Imagine knowing you’re THIS close to being back with your people, with your mom, but having no capacity to get through those rocks because, in the end, you’re too SMALL compared to the very world itself and the destruction brought upon it, a world now full of nothing but ruin. Her digging at the bunker, crying to get to her mom, felt full of the agonizing hopelessness of having something so close to your grasp only to be denied. The Commander of Death brought down a mountain for her people, but can’t move a few rocks for herself.

The cinematography throughout Clarke’s journey to Eden was excellent and set a visual tone for the emotionally draining journey through nothing, towards nothing. It was 20 minutes dedicated to one character set against a backdrop of a wasteland, of washed-out colors, of dust and dinge, a way to visually convey Clarke’s isolation. The color has been sapped from the world, and the world, as it stands now, starts to sap the life and will to survive from Clarke herself. Every time there’s a glimmer of hope – a next destination to try on the map – she’s thwarted by an inhospitable world that’s had enough of humanity, thank you very much.

By the time she’s worn down to a nub of a human being, she’s close to death due to lack of food and water. She sheds everything she owns, including those dead people’s things to keep her tied to those she loved, and collapses in a desert. She wakes up to a vulture using her as a snack. Even the promise of a home where a vulture could sustain itself and Clarke, quickly vanishes to reveal a wide expanse of more endless wasteland.

Everything has been taken from Clarke and she’s got nothing left to give save her own life. The image of Clarke putting a gun up to her temple isn’t so much shocking as inevitable because at this point, who’s to blame her for giving up before she can be taken?

The difference between our season 1 and season 5 premiere episodes is stark and one of the great things the show has been able to do without completely altering the foundation of who Clarke Griffin is at her core. She’s a fighter, but for the most part, she’s fought for something other than herself – her family, her friends – those where the reasons to keep fighting. And without guarantee of ever seeing them again, and facing certain death without food or water, Clarke is all tapped out.

Until she’s given a small spark of hope. That bastard vulture comes back and leads Clarke in the right direction this time, towards Eden. The one swath of land on earth that seems untouched by the death wave. And for all his efforts, that vulture gets shot and spit-roasted.

Eden is the former home of what appear to be the Shadow Valley kru, and Clarke finds a roomful of dead bodies, hearkening back to the same scene in Mount Weather. It’s a bit bone chilling.

It’s not to be glossed over that Clarke, throughout her discoveries in Eden, is contemplating the nature of her existence and understands that a lot of what she and others did was out of a “kill or be killed, us or them” mentality. This not only reinforces one of the main themes of the show – and something I did cover in my previous article covering Echo and protagonist bias – but sets up the main theme of the conflict of this season. Everyone is going to be fighting from an “us versus them” stance for a very small strip of land with limited resources. How themes, conflicts, character development spirals off of that concept remains to be seen and I hope we’re in for some surprises.

I really like how Clarke talking on the radio gives us a peek into her psyche and how she looks upon her actions, and those of others, in retrospect. We don’t often get a look inside the brains of TV characters unless through some really soul-scraping dialogue, and this Clarke, through her monologues, is revisiting to her past actions through the lens that time and introspection can afford her. She may be talking to Bellamy, but she’s also talking to herself, having a dialogue to help her process her own past actions and their consequences.

The one last thing to consider here is that this isn’t just Clarke’s story, it’s the story of the earth. We see the state the world is in now through Clarke’s journeys and understand that livability outside of Eden is probably not a viable option. So the stakes are set; we don’t need a lot of convincing that Eden is a home worth waging a war over.

Sorry this section was kinda devoid of my usual GIFs and humor…this was a very serious sequence on some very serious ground, and wanted to honor that journey. Now onto my usual fuckery…

Friendly Reminder: Little Kids Are Fucking TERRIFYING

After Clarke the Shadow Valley camp her home base in Eden, she’s busy recording her lifestyle and berries podcast when she spots a little dirty scamp off in the distance.

Now, I contend that mysterious and/or antagonistic little kids are terrifying as fuck. How do I know this? Because when I was a little kid, my mom plopped me down in front of the TV and we would watch bootleg movies on VHS that we got from my sketchy-ass alcoholic druggie uncle. ALLEGEDLY. One of those movies was The Shining. THOSE TWINS, YO.


You’d think once I grew older, I’d grow out of that phase. Hahahahahaha NOPE. Because of this shit:



When we see the younger Madi, we have a dirty, hairy, feral murder baby that LURES CLARKE INTO A BEAR TRAP. I don’t know if you quite caught that, so let me repeat:


And then, for the LOLs, feral murder baby Madi pounces on Clarke with a knife trying to, I can only imagine, disembowel her in order to wear her small intestine like a scarf because IT’S IN SEASON. And then later this little beastie steals Clarke’s stuff – and her GUN – while Clarke is passed out after suturing her own wounds like a boss. I don’t know if you quite caught that, so let me repeat:



amy poehler deuces

It’s almost mind-numbing what Clarke goes through in the first couple months after Praimfaya, but at least she’s able to win over the little feral beast through DANCE! No, although that would have been quite awesome, instead Clarke draws a picture of Madi, leaves it for her as a gift(?) and BAM, six years later they’re living in domestic bliss? To be honest, I wanted more here to fill in the gaps in their relationship from “I’m going to wear your spleen as a hat” to “I’ll promise to do the dishes if you color my hair!” For a show that is placing a lot of equity into this relationship, I wanted more and hope we get to see it as the season unfolds.

One thing that the show does quickly establish, through prison ship Stranger Danger, is Clarke is fiercely protective of Madi. But think about it – this is Clarke’s longest relationship in her life, save for her mom, dad, and probably Wells. Madi and Clarke have spent 6 years together, through Madi’s formative years. JRoth has said this is the most important relationship in Clarke’s life, and it’s not hard to understand why, but I’m going to need a bit more development here before I’m completely pushing my chips in the middle on these two. But that little bit at the end of the episode, with Clarke and Madi fighting and killing for one another is the 0 to 60 type of peel out we’ve come to expect from the show.

Madi and Hero Worship

Something has set my Spider-senses off in regards to Madi and I think we get some foreshadowing of something that’s going to be a bit of a Clarke/Octavia conflict this season: the fight over Madi. I think Madi is going to make be an attractive option as either a new Commander (perhaps to foment Octavia’s power, which seems less and less and option if what we’re hearing is true – O has taken the leadership role and run with it and the time of the Commanders is over) or as a way to sway Clarke to O’s side. Wanheda and Blodreina on the same side makes for a powerful coalition.

beyonce who run the world

Notice how Madi talks about Octavia in this episode. She both calls her a “beast” and expresses disbelief that Clarke would have any doubts about O winning the Conclave. Clarke has obviously filled Madi’s head with stories about her friends – the people she hopes to one day reunite with – but at what point do stories of the past turn regular people into semi-mythological figures? Where is the line between history and a bit of a tall tale?

Madi is young and perhaps more apt to identify with Octavia’s story than Clarke’s. I can see a bit of hero worship manifesting itself in ways that could not only put Clarke and Octavia at odds, but Madi and Clarke as well. Guess who else had to hide under the floor? HELLO, PARALLELS, I SEE THEM! This immediately gives Octavia a hook into Madi, someone who can empathize with her previous situation and set up a sisterly role for her in Madi’s life. Like, big sisters can be cool, especially if they’re the rebellious type. They defy your parents, let you hang out with their cool older friends, teach you how to smoke…wait, no. That one’s bad. Don’t take up the habit, kids!

smoking no way

And I, for one, find this type of tension delicious. Clarke found her way in the world, her role in it, and rebelled a bit against Abby. We shall see how this develops, but man, this has got to be one of the story lines I’m most looking forward to because there’s tons of room for angst, anger, resentment, and betrayal. Yes, betrayal. Oh and probably someone’s going to die. That’s what we’ve signed up for.

Can I just take this moment to pay mad respects to Madi for being able to drive the Rover? I remember my mom tried to teach me how to drive a manual tranny in my high school parking lot, and it ended in frustration and tears.

Quick aside: remember how I mentioned earlier that through watching Clarke’s journey, we got a sense of the world and Eden seemed to be the only respite from a wasteland of a world left behind by the death wave? Well, we know that Eden will be the prize in a war fought for resources, but I also wonder how many resources are available. Take note of the berry conversation…Clarke and Madi couldn’t use them last season to color their hair because there weren’t enough, but now they do have extra. Eden, while not necessarily flourishing, is rebounding. But what happens when you increase the population of Eden by order of magnitude? It might be a little paradise in the middle of a dead planet, but how much life can it sustain exactly? Have a think on that.

Space Adventure Squad, Assemble! … for Dinner

When we cut to the Ark to see what’s up with our little Space Scamps (I’m trademarking that, bitches), we get a scene that I basically want to tattoo onto my body. It’s got EVERYTHING.

stefon snl

How much do I love the scene of Raven and Echo sparring? SO DAMN MUCH I COULD BURST. Echo teaching all these little precious beans how to be precious little fighting beans has pretty much been my head cannon for about a year, and it’s come true!

Everyone, save Murphy, gathers around the dinner table for a hearty meal of … algae. That Monty is trying to improve his recipe after 6 years of this stuff is, well, high key Monty. He’s trying so hard.

rhony dorinda made it nice

Turns out Emori is a space walker and LOVES it!

Hold up hold up hold up hod up hod up hodup hodup HODUP.

Yup…Emori…our little Grounder, is a space walker. That this comes as a surprise and as no surprise at all is completely within context of this show. Emori may be a Grounder, but she also gives me “I’ll try it out, why the fuck not?” vibes. Not necessarily to prove her worth up on the Ark, but because that’s just Emori. That this outcast has found a place among Spacekru and seems wholeheartedly invested in working towards a common goal of finding a way back to earth is what my shriveled little heart wanted but didn’t know it would get. For a character I didn’t really feel all that attached to, Emori is shooting up the charts from all of a hot minute of exposition.

I’m like immediately invested in her right now. I’ve got positive Emori feelings and I like it!


Harper and Monty are shockingly still together, but I guess it makes sense. They fit one another in ways that aren’t as volatile as, say, Emori and Murphy. Emori and Murphy have sharp pokey bits, that when matched up, really work well. But get out of sync, and it’s like trying to juggle circular saw blades with jell-o hands.

No, I don’t understand what I just said either.

Murphy and Emori have broken up in the last six months and he’s banished himself to another area of the Ark for…some reason? Sure, Murphy may find himself looking for meaning in his life when there’s no action to immerse himself in so he can go about hero-ing, but since when was he Action Hero in need of a release?

I know, he’s moody and complicated and prone to bouts of murderation, but I thought we had moved a bit past that restlessness. I suppose not, and that’s fine, especially if that means we get more man-rasslin’ between him and Bellamy. If Murphy and Bellamy man-rasslin’ isn’t your jam, then I simply don’t know what your damage is and you need to be returned to your default factory settings. Because I only have one thing to say about those two man-rasslin’:

Queer eye yes daddy

Speaking of things I am high-key into involving Bellamy, (you may want to duck and cover) welcome to…


I expected we’d get Becho this season. It’s been telegraphed since season 2, but holy fuck I didn’t expect to see it in the premiere. I’ve been saying Becho is endgame, but never meant it seriously. I just like to poke shippers in their soft bits and watch the juice leak out.

I dig Echo and Bellamy’s chemistry and didn’t expect it would be very tangible like it was in the premiere. My only caution is – and I don’t think it’s unfounded – is that this relationship only exists to either create Bellarke tension or to be a bridge to Bellarke or, god forbid, sacrifice Echo at the altar of Bellarke. I’m so not into creating drama by using romantic relationships and the individuals in them as weapons.


I’ve written previously of my love of Echo. I think she’s a fascinating character that forces me to look through non-Clarke glasses at how other characters fight for their people. We have an obvious, glaring, almost myopic bias towards the protagonists and dismiss the motives of the protagonists – which are often the same – because we like Clarke and crew more. And we’re supposed to, but that’s not to say we shouldn’t be very careful that these biases lead us to forgive our favorites their crimes while condemning those on the “other side” for similar transgressions.

I will continue to go to bat for Echo this season if she develops true to what I perceive her nature to be – an extremely loyal person looking for a group/family to put her heart and soul into, as she did with the Ice Nation. I think she has capacity for great heroics and courage, and I’m willing to die on this hill.

captain america

How Bellamy gets to a point of forgiveness with Echo, how she his trust, is going to be a huge gap the show will have to bridge. Echo is the source of a lot of trauma for Bellamy, and not showing us how they got from point A to point Z is taking a huge leap of faith that we can fill the gaps ourselves with conjecture. I’m more than willing to give this relationship the benefit of the doubt, considering everything that these characters, and others, have done that need atonement. No one is innocent of being a monster, and that includes Clarke as well as Echo and Bellamy – and all the rest. Applying different standards to Echo is unfair to the character.

What I don’t want to see is this relationship – or Echo – diminished because the show thinks it HAS to get Clarke and Bellamy together romantically. I think the show has set them up to get there one day and while I don’t read their dynamic as romantic myself (yes, I’m one of those platonic people), the groundwork is there. But let’s treat Echo as a character with her own agency and determination, and not define her by a romantic pairing. I hate when characters – especially women – are viewed only through the lens of their romantic relationships, often taking the backseat to what is usually a male character.

To be clear, I don’t think The 100 is guilty of this. It’s just 40+ years of watching entertainment treat women as secondary elements has been maddening. If anything, this show has awakened the slumbering feminist within me, showing me how women should be portrayed on screen, in our comic books, in the written word. That’s what this show has done for me, made me far more aware of things I didn’t know I had been starving for over decades.

Now, I gotta say, when Bellamy told Echo that nothing between them is going to change when they get back to earth, I was like, bitch please, we know foreshadowing when we see it. You ain’t foolin’ no one! Nuh uh.

padma bitch please

As an aside, it was nice to see Bellamy happy – smiling and laughing is a good look for this Blake. I don’t begrudge a character their happiness in this show. Not ever, because those moments are few and far between.

I Want My “I Went to Mine Deep Space and All I Got Was This Deathly Pallor” Tee Shirt

Guys, the Eligius drop ship came down to earth to poke around and sucked all the air and color out of the room, almost literally. If the bad guys in old westerns come in wearing a black hat on a black horse, the prisoners on the drop ship bring more dusty beige and brown, a color I guess befitting a mining crew stuck aboard a deep-space vessel for 100 years.

We’re introduced to three named characters, Charmaine Diyoza, Zeke Shaw, and the new Big Bad, McCreary. I would make fun of his haircut, calling it “emo” if I weren’t convinced he’d kill me and make a sock puppet out of my skin. He is, after all, Diyoza’s “favorite mass murderer.”


Now look, I wasn’t expecting a bunch of white collar tax evaders on this prison ship, but what kinda people we got pouring out of that prison ship? And how exactly does Diyoza rank her favorite mass murderers? And what exactly did Diyoza do to get herself on that prison ship? And what mining company in its right mind goes “yeah, sure, we’ll take the worst of the worst you got, sounds good”? I mean, the liability insurance alone…and what happened to the mining company people in charge? How did they get murderated? Did they get floated?

I have a lot of questions. And I’m sure we’ll find out a great deal more, but I think you know I’m here for it! I loves me some prison ships dropping out of space with mass murderers and people who rank their mass murderers on some sort of favorability scale. I am enraptured and intensely curious.

aubrey plaza parks and rec

These prisoners are obviously the new Skaikru, with Charmaine Diyoza a mature, grizzled (read as: NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH) version of Clarke leading the way. She is the new character I am most excited to meet because I think she’s going to be in the middle of some interesting shenanigans. It would appear that the prisoners have overthrown their mining company masters and now are in charge, but how does a woman get to be in charge of a group of very dangerous men who, I would hazard a guess, are steeped in some good ol’ toxic masculinity?

That said, I’m already in love with Diyoza. Don’t put a dangerous bad ass woman on my TV screen and not expect me to be instantly smitten.

Octavia’s Afterschool Fun House

We get a wee little peek at what’s going on in the bunker and it’s…uh…

dude it's bad

Looks like Bunker fight club is in full swing. We don’t get much, but we do get the camera panning up to an Octavia with a … uh … I don’t think you would call that a smokey eye … but red makeup covering half her face (she’s found her color palate and it’s blood…so hot right now, Goop is doing a feature on it). Octavia is wicked badass on a throne that looks like something the guys from Queer Eye would really try to tone down. I mean, it’s EXTRA. It’s all extra.

I have bit of a fear boner over Octavia. I’m fully prepared to not like her at all this season, but I think I’m gonna kinda like her? I dunno. I’m hoping the whole murdery red queen thing is just a big long con to get people to behave and not who she truly becomes at her core, but this isn’t a show that is coquettish about it’s motives. It’s just going to stab you in the throat and wonder aloud why you didn’t see it coming, you fool. Let’s not be the frog if we can help it.

For You Degenerate Gamblers: Deathwatch 2018

True confession: I’m a very bad degenerate gambler. I don’t know how to play anything other than poker and blackjack. When it comes to understanding odds and lines, I’m worthless. It’s math, and when my brain hears math, it start playing hip hop horns incessantly until the math goes away.

math leslie parks and rec

But I figure it’s high time I start a weekly Death Ranking of character I think are going to die, put into two buckets: sure things and long shots. Now, the rankings within each category can change week-to-week and characters can jump from one bucket to the other. This is merely my speculation, not anything informed by a spoiler, which I dutifully avoid when I can.

Sure Bets, One of These Peeps Is Dyin’

  1. Jaha
  2. Abby
  3. Kane
  4. Echo
  5. Octavia

Loooooooooooooong Shots, Place Yer Bets!

  1. Murphy
  2. Raven
  3. Monty
  4. Bellamy
  5. Harper

My bold prediction: I think that one of the Core Four – Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, & Raven – is dying this year. It’s time. Five seasons in is way too long for them to all survive in a show that kills with regularity and zeal. No, I don’t look forward to this prediction and hope I’m wrong. But I do worry.


(LOL…I love how she looks down like SURPRISE DICK just popped out in the middle of her fretting.)

I think the adults are “expendable” as they’re always tettering on the edge of death for one reason or another, and Abby or Kane (or both!) could go in lieu of one of the Core Four. Roan dying last year after becoming a regular character just makes me fear for Echo. Octavia is the leading Core Four member in my likely bucket. Of the newcomers, since we have no read on them yet, I’m leaving them off the lists for now.

I think my long shots are fairly understandable, but Murphy was a late entry after his exchange with Bellamy. The whole idea of Murphy not really having a purpose when he’s not the hero makes me worry more for him. Just a weird inkling. It pushed him from his pre-season non-ranking to number one in the long shot category.

Keep an eye out each week on my rankings, you morbid bastards.

Raven Reyes Nookie Watch 2018

Perhaps more important than Deathwatch 2018 – or really any plot development no matter how dramatic and world-altering – is ANOTHER new recurring feature on Raven Reyes Nookie Watch 2018 (insert hip hop horns sound effect here with your mind).

all for the nookie

You’re goddamn right I owned this CD.

It seems that the only person, as per cast and JRoth, who hasn’t gotten themselves some nookie in space is the delectable Raven Reyes. Which is a GODDAMNED CRIME. Six years is a long time to go without some sort of sexy times. You’d think she’d have bumped into someone by now…Bellamy, Echo, Emori…even Murphy. But no. No nookie for our little space walker. So her current nookie level is painfully, mournfully low.


Fret not, Raven fans. I have hope. We have new players entering the game, but we need this dry spell to cease. Justice for Raven Reyes!

The Twitterati is already agog and aghast at nookie-less Raven, so I know Nookie Watch 2018 will land with a lot of fans.

Fear not, true believers. the nookie be comin’. You just gotta believe. Light a candle for her.

Parting Thoughts

  • Slarke is my ride or die ship – that’s Clarke + soap. Its status is a little shaky during this episode. We’ll see how the season progresses.
  • I also ship Clarke keeping all her soft organs intact, thank you very much. Begone, buzzard!
  • Don’t for one minute think that Murphy’s mention of alien butt probes didn’t immediately get all the attention of the alien conspiracists out there.
  • Clarke eats bugs off the grill of her rover. No biggie.Leslie parks and rec gross
  • If Madi’s expectations Clarke’s friends don’t match up with reality, will this create friction with Clarke?
  • I love that Clarke didn’t read the letter from Jasper to Monty. It’s not for her.
  • I hope we get more Madi/Clarke flashbacks to see their relationship develop and to find out how Clarke paints the picture of her past – and that of her friends – with her young charge. How does she have the Mount Weather conversation? “So, this one time, I killed 300 people, it was kinda a bummer.”
  • Are we in for a scorpion and the frog story line from someone like Echo, Murphy, or even Octavia acting as the scorpion?
  • I wanted to use this GIF when talking about Clarke’s desolate journey, but that whole section turned into super serious try hard exposition, so I’m putting it here so you can burst spontaneously into tears as I had originally intended:
    Lion King
  • $5 to whomever can tell me how Clarke fixed the solar panels on the Rover.
  • Adulthood looks so good on everyone, especially Bellamy and Murphy. And especially when they man-rassle, so there should probably be a lot more man-rasslin’ scenes. DON’T FIGHT THIS, IT’S SCIENCE.
  • The 100 is back. All is right with the world. Let’s get a season 6!
  • Music in this episode was: “Science/Visions” by CHVRCHES and “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” by Ron Gallo. Both have been added to my Hundy playlist on Spotify.


“Eden”: 8.0 out of 10 tasty windshield bugs

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  1. Maybe she got new solar panels at the Solar Fields? They’re marked on her map.

  2. “The Commander of Death brought down a mountain for her people, but can’t move a few rocks for herself.”


  3. You are the best reviewer of the show. I love reading all of these.

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