The 100 – “DNR” Review and Analysis

I have to get this off my chest at the jump: if Raven dies, I will flip tables and set cars on fire and punch squirrels. Meaning: I WILL RIOT.

“DNR” sets us up the very real possibility of Raven floating herself. But it’s her choice, as her brain is deteriorating and she’s decided she wants to go out doing what she loves…spacewalking. And I can’t say I disagree with her decision, nor do I begrudge her complete agency over her fate. Agency and the ability to act as one wants has been a vital part of the show, and extremely important for a disabled character on TV. So I applaud the power Raven displayed this episode, even if I will be howling at the moon like a feral gerbil if she dies. 

Free will was a huge theme last season, but this year, The 100 is really exploring how much agency one has in their own fate: the consequences of trying to subvert free will for the “bigger picture” versus allowing people to choose their own way. We see people deciding which roads to walk down, and Clarke getting thrown under the proverbial bus in order to reclaim some power over one’s culture and future.

Not that she didn’t kinda deserve getting thrown under that bus, if we’re spilling tea, y’all.

spilling tea

More on that later.

“DNR” was written by series newcomer, Miranda Kwok. How did she do? The episode was KWOKsome! (you can facepalm freely now). She was given four (FOUR!) storylines to juggle and I think pulled off one of those “transitional” episodes that sets up the race to the end of the season very well. That’s not to say that important stuff didn’t happen, but stuff didn’t happen with swords swinging and guns a-blazin’. It featured a bunch of character work, which you guys know I love, but also kinda put me at a crossroads in regards to one particular character.

To me, a lot of this season has set up this very obvious juxtaposition between people trying to save everyone and an updated version of “whatever the hell we want.” Of course, I think this obviously plays out in the opposite approaches to decisions by Clarke and Bellamy in this episode (which I hope gets addressed on screen between the two rather than in isolation from one another). “DNR” is a culmination of some things that sort of needed to happen and tees up what looks to be a very exciting Hunger Games fight-off for the fate of humanity. Easy peasy, right?

no big deal

So, good job Miranda! You got tasked with I think one of the harder episodes to pull off and I think I liked the themes here the best of the season because shit hit the fan in Polis with Clarke’s shotgun approach to saving humanity versus Roan taking the power back for all people. Plus that Raven and Murphy scene. Jesus. There was A LOT of dust in my house during that scene.

Let’s Talk About Murder Baby Octavia And The Pointlessness Of Ilian-Sexy-Times-As-Plot-Device

Y’all, let’s be honest here. Octavia’s little side-jaunt into joining the 4-H Club didn’t need to happen if she was just going to end back up as a murder baby in two hours. She threw away her knives only to become berserker Wolverine again a day later.


Octavia went to TOWN on them fools with a hoe. A HOE. Farm livin’ is not the life for Octavia.


What is the point of Octavia seemingly giving up her killing ways only to just kill a bunch of people again? And why is Ilian as a sex buddy here? I suspect it’s to set up some sort of connection between Octavia and Ilian before she kills him in the Grounder Games next episode, and perhaps that will initiate a sea change in her. But honestly, it will be too shallow a reason for me because Ilian, as good as I think he’s been on the periphery this season, just doesn’t carry emotional weight for me, and by extension, Octavia.

I suppose this narrative would play out better over several episodes. Given time to breath and develop into something to really sink our teeth into, it might have more resonance, but the 1-episode flip flop flip flop with Octavia was rushed. I’m going to say it: with a cast this big and a world this expansive, we need more than 13 episodes in a season now. It worked for season 1, but man, there’s too much we want to see and not enough time to explore it.

REAL TALK. CW, you need to lop off some of those useless filler episodes from your DC shows and chuck the time and money back towards The 100. Yeah, I know this isn’t how the world of TV works, but no show needs 22/23 episodes, and while most shows should be 13 episodes, The 100 is working with too many damn good characters I want to see interact and hang out and shit.

For instance…and I know, I’m going way off on a tangent here…the friendship between Raven and Clarke has been given such short shrift this season, aside from the “I wouldn’t trust anyone else with this” between the two early on. But since then, I feel there’s been a lot of shade thrown from Raven and not a lot of “how you doing with all of this?” from Clarke. And I’ll get to Clarke’s emotional isolation a bit later, but I think a ton of us fans would love to see more of this friendship play out because dammit, they haven’t had a great moment together for quite a while and it’s time.

I want this

Wait, what was I talking about? Okay, Octavia. She’s had quite the journey this season, but this Green Acres detour doesn’t make a great deal of sense to me and we could have done without and still gotten to the point where Octavia returns to Polis looking for a fight like a junkie looking for a hit (aka me after I binged the first two seasons of this show).

y'all got any more of them wars?

Am I excited to see Octavia fight for Team Skaikru in the Grounder Games. FUCK TO THE HELL YEAH. Do I think she’s qualified enough to win? FUCK TO THE HELL NO. Do I think Clarke is going to find a way to cheat? FUCK TO THE HELL YEAH. And I don’t know how I feel about that.

War – UUUUUGGGGHGHG – Good God Y’all, What Is It Good For? Apparently Everything. Still. C’MON GUYS GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

Before we get to Polis and WAR WAR WAR GRRRRR WAR, can we luxuriate in the moment Clarke called Roan her friend and tried to warn him that he was in danger while I just bombard you with Leslie and Ann gifs? Yes? Okay.

leslie and ann

leslie and ann

leslie and ann

leslie and ann

leslie and ann

And the kicker…

leslie and ann

Now I kinda want to just sit here and cry because Parks and Rec is over and it was basically the most perfect TV show in the universe. It was the waffle of TV shows.

And here’s a bonus bestie gif from “Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling,” just because I love you.

you're my best friend


yuor the best wrestling isn't wrestling

Being besties means sometimes you disagree, but Roan does everything he can to NOT disagree with Clarke and pretty much says “you’re the only one who can talk us out of this never-ending war nonsense, so fuck your Chancellor because that dude…not getting the job done. I’m not even sure how he got the job. I mean, his beard is really lovely, but I haven’t seen his resume and from my experience, his ability to lead is questionable at best.”

Of course, Roan finally calls Clarke on her “must save anyone at all costs” bullshit at the end of the episode, which I’ll discuss later on, when it comes to jumping the line to being in charge of EVERYONE. But I just love that Clarke tried to save Roan despite those meddling kids, Kane and Abby, throwing a fucking wrench in the whole situation by ignoring the Skaikru/Azgeda alliance. Look guys, let’s NOT try to give the Trump administration a run for its money in pure fuckery and Keystone Cops antics. Too close to home, writers!

But honestly…what the FUCK were Kane and Abby thinking? C’MON!

doctor who fuckery

So, Trikru “controls” the bunker (as we know, Indra is a real estate magnate, with several luxury properties and some strip centers to her name), but Azgeda can block access to it from the outside. We’re going to have another war because this is just what the Grounders do. But this war makes sense because they’re fighting for a precious resource, but let’s be real, their old hatreds of course are at the core of the conflict. No one can get along for more than one minute before the blustering chest beating starts. There’s no way Indra, Roan, and all the other clans are going to compromise on living together in peace and harmony for the next five years.

Could you imagine?

Roan: “Well, hello there, neighbor!”
Indra: “Good day to you, kind sir!”
Roan: “I’m making a boysenberry pie later today, could you come over for a slice and some tea?”
Indra: “Oh, you are too kind! Of course I can swing by later. I’ll come after my book club.” 
Roan: “Really? What are you all reading?”
Indra: “Eat, Pray, Love.”
Roan: “How delightful! I’ve always wanted to read that. Could I borrow your copy after you’re finished?”
Indra: “But of course, my friend! Toodles for now…I’m off to play squash with my best friend, Kane!”

Yeah. Life would TOTALLY be like that, just a wee bit more stabby and murdery with a lot – A LOT- of glowering.

roan glowering

I mean……….it wouldn’t completely suck to have Roan glower at you on the reg. In fact, that’s maybe a service I’d be willing to pay for.

Real talk time: I’m kinda over clan vs. clan vs. Skaikru. I understand that this is how the Grounders get most of their stuff worked out, but we haven’t seen war advance anything in this series thus far. We haven’t seen peace exactly work out either. At this point in the political life of The 100, the show is pushing that rock up the hill over and over again. To me, this conflict is simply not sustainable any more. But that’s me. I’m sure others have different takes.

Wherein I Talk About Jasper’s Party Town And Use A Lot Of Gifs Of Real Housewives Talking About Drinking

Dear readers, faithful The 100 fans…I know what you want.

You want Real Housewives gifs to accompany my commentary about this wonderful post apocalyptic show we all love. Because if there’s anything darker than the end of the world, it’s fucking Sonja Morgan desperately hanging onto her last shred of relevancy.

sonja morgan drunk

Jasper’s story is really a story about how you want to live. I can’t really disagree with Jasper’s decision to die on his own terms rather than live a life dictated largely by a small cabal of individuals. I never thought about the fact that life in the bunker would likely very much mirror the life they lived on the Ark, with Jaha or someone else setting the terms of their existence, controlling the rules of daily life, and likely subjecting people to a style of leadership that has been shown to create power struggles, resentment, and a loss of free will.

So Jasper and his band of merry men and women (including a depressed “shit sucks and it never gets better” Harper!) hunker down in Arkadia and plan to just party until their faces melt off. I guess.

housewives party

Jaha, of course, isn’t having any of Jasper’s tomfoolery because he, like Clarke, is obsessed with the bigger picture of the survival of the human race. Jasper and the rest of them have an OBLIGATION, in Jaha’s mind, at least, to ensure that there’s people left to restart humanity. And in the end, it’s Bellamy that has to talk sense to Jaha because Kane’s words have resonated with Bell (for better or worse): you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. Bellamy is also, I believe, respecting Jasper’s decision to determine the way he wants to live (or not), and provides that stark contrast to Jaha. And I hope he opposes Clarke at some point, because Clarke needs a bit of what Jaha got this episode: a new perspective that he has to honor the wishes of a free people.

And a big component of Jaha’s change of heart is him seeing his son in the reflection of the window in the door. Yes, it was there and you (like me) may have missed it and may have only realized it when twitter, et al. pointed it out.

jaha and wells

What a wonderful callback. And a very important reminder to Jaha that Wells chose to go to the ground. He was his own man who made his own decision in order to look after his best friend, Clarke.

Okay, now I need a little cry break because goddammit I miss Wells.


I love that Bellamy is playing a new role here in the middle of the season. Before the incident with the black rain, he would have been hardcore trying to convince Jasper and the others to come with them to Polis, but he’s given up on his no chill “save who we can today” in order to respect the decisions his friends make. And that’s an important point to make – his FRIENDS have decided how they want to live, and because of his relationship with them, Bellamy is letting go because they want to go their own way.

What’s even more touching is Bellamy echoes a season 1 line that was brought up by Jasper last episode, but he changes it: “whatever the hell you want.” Bellamy is not only ready and willing to respect his friends’ wishes, but he will actively work to ensure Jasper and co. get to do what they want. Bellamy isn’t doing a “whatever” shrug and walking away, he’s advocating for the free will of others, even though it means pain and death. That respect for Jasper’s decision and his love for his friends drives Bellamy to change Jaha’s mind. I think it’s an important scene in the development of Bellamy and Jasper’s relationship and their individual journeys.

Big question moving forward will be: will Bellamy have the wherewithal to carry that same attitude forward when Clarke is around? Or will their difference is “big picture” versus “the personal” be addressed. Because that’s really the dichotomy I feel the show has set up between Clarke and Bellamy throughout the show. Clarke is that leader who is always pushing forward for this monolithic idea of “her people,” while Bellamy makes his choices on a far more personal level.

Look, neither PoV is perfect, right? But I think – moreso I HOPE – that the writers are intentionally telling a story about how to mold a good leader through learning via successes, mistakes, and falling flat on one’s face, because while I think Bellamy is getting some good evolution this season, Clarke is moving further and further away from where she needs to be in regards to being an effective leader. And you can bet I’ll cover that in detail, because, you know, it’s Clarke and I’m the biggest stan.

Where do I see the Jasper’s Party Time story line going? Besides to drunk town?

housewives drunk

I think that Monty will make it out (with little time to spare) and Harper with him, but Jasper and some others (and hopefully that fuckwit Riley) will die as they’ve really wanted to live – by their own rules.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Clarke?

I was really looking forward to a post season 3 Clarke coming back and kicking ass. I wanted to see season 2 Clarke again. Hell, even season 1 Clarke was freakin’ great. But unfortunately, that’s not what we’ve gotten so far.

annoyed frustrated

It’s hard when your favorite character and the main protagonist is falling into a lot of the same traps that distanced her emotionally in season 3. At this point, it could be intentional and part of a larger end game for Clarke in her journey, but she’s been isolated in a position of leadership and making difficult decisions for most of the middle of the season and it’s making her harder to empathize with.

For instance, and I already touched on this, her relationship with Raven has been pretty much non-existent, even when SHARING THE SAME SPACE FOR MULTIPLE EPISODES. All I’m asking for is a check in on each other, even if it leads to conflict. Because Raven’s brain is fucking melting down and Clarke has shown about zero concern for her friend’s well-being and that fucking sucks.

I need a Princess Mechanic “how you doin’…you okay?” moment.

dorinda not fucking well

Goddamn it, this relationship should be a focal point at some time, but it’s getting no attention. And the lack of attention has got me a bit hot under the collar.

I’m hoping – HOPING – that this is all intentional. Because running parallel to her emotional distance to her friends, is the isolating effect of leadership. Or perhaps one precedes the other.

No one else has to make the same type of decisions that Clarke does that the scale of impact that hers do at this point. I mean, maybe Roan and Indra, and to a lesser extent Kane and Abby, but Clarke is pretty much on her own, with only Roan as a person she can look to for input, but even he is at times an observer while Clarke is on the main stage.

Look, I’m not saying that Clarke’s journey should be full of hearts and flowers and happy fun times. I’m hoping that a lot of this is intentional, illustrating how the burden of leadership is compounded with how isolating it can be, and that in trying to be the person humanity needs her to be, it’s purposely separating her from her friends and family.

But her style of leadership is also almost a hyper version of Jaha’s right now. She’s trying SO HARD to figure out a way to save everyone, but at every single turn, there’s an obstacle. First, the obstacle was the METHOD to save everyone. We had a couple false hopes, then finally we discovered the Second Dawn bunker. So yay, we’re all saved!

yay snuggie

Oh, but wait, there’s more!

The clans all want the bunker for themselves. No sharesies.

shahs fuck

I am pulling out ALL the Bravo trash gifs for you today









Uh, okay.

So now Clarke has to navigate the troubled waters of clan fuckery, and she sees an obvious shortcut after trying to negotiate talks between Roan and Indra: just become the Commander of all the clans and you can make them do whatever you want, right?

wrong wwe

1 WRESTLING GIF PER REVIEW REQUIREMENT MET. I will not get the hose again today.

I’m going to be completely honest here: I would not have had any issue with Clarke becoming Commander. Yes, I know it was too easy. Yes, I know it would have been that whole “white savior” trope. But I don’t care. Look, I don’t have the brain power or the fucks to give to disassemble the white savior trope. Or any trope lately, TBH. I don’t want to be overly academic about this show because I’m a simple girl: set something up, deliver with gif, try to make a funny.

I’ve said before, I’ll say it again: Clarke is my everything. If they revealed that she’s the last daughter of Krypton and could shoot mother fucking lasers out of her eyes and fly and stop a speeding bullet…train…bullet? Building? FUCK IT. If she became Wonder Woman, I wouldn’t have an issue.

wonder woman

Wonder Woman is from Krypton right?

(that twitch you feel in your right eye right now is your brain having an anger aneurysm because I just got basic super hero info wrong………….you goddamn nerd)

Ha! Fooled you! I know Supergirl is from Krypton and Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Princess from the show Xena. Dummies.


wonder woman


Back to The 100 – the show that spotlighted super heroic women on screen before DC and Marvel did.

So Clarke, a newly minted Nightblood – thanks to SCIENCE! – decides that becoming the Commander will shortcut through all this silly clan infighting. Except her bestie (ex-bestie now?) Roan calls her out on her lies. She’s not a true Nightblood…basically anyone can go in for an oil change with Abby and become a Nightblood. “And furthermore, I’ll have you know, Miss Clarke, YOU ARE APPROPRIATING OUR CULTURE AND MAKING A MOCKERY OF OUR FAITH!” – woke SJW Roan (probably)

you are fake and phony

I know a lot of fans let out a huge sigh that they didn’t go the obvious route with Clarke, and I kinda did too despite me being okay with her becoming Commander, because I like wrenches thrown into the plan. And I like that Clarke is failing at every turn at leading right now. Because I believe she’s adopted a leadership style that is really not suited to who she needs to be moving forward. We call these failures “teaching moments.”

Is it weird of me to hope that all of this is intentional from the writers? That my frustration with her current characterization is deliberate because it’s part of a larger evolution to becoming a better leader? That she has to get knocked down to get back up again.

I get knocked down…but I get up again…

DAMMIT CHUMBAWAMBA. (try to get that out of your head today)

you're welcome amy poehler

Does it even MATTER what I want out of the story for Clarke because she doesn’t have be likeable or successful in the end because she’s NOT MY CHARACTER and this isn’t MY STORY?

Double-edged sword here. We’re disconnected from the main character due to her disconnection to her friends. But maybe it’s intentional and won’t ever get resolved in a way WE the audience wants or likes. And it’s not our right to demand what we want. We can only go along for the ride and at the end decide if we’re okay with how things play out.

Right now I’m uneasy with Clarke because she’s not who I want her to be. She’s not close to the season 2 Clarke that really became a force of nature. But what if her journey is one of ultimate failure? Maybe not everyone gets to have a happy ending.

french bulldog

So let’s see where this goes. I seem to be getting those intimate moments with all the other characters, save for Clarke and anyone else. At some point she’s going to break under the pressure, and if a Clarke cries in the middle of the forest and there’s no one around to hear, does she make a sound?

Nailed that mutated merge of a colloquialism and Clarke. Smooth as silk…made out of sandpaper.

nonsense kimmy schmidt

The Big Picture? It’s Gotta Get Personal

I think one of the issues with Clarke’s decisions this season, and probably by design because SOMEONE has to play this role, is that she’s making decisions based on the BIG PICTURE. Saving humanity. Saving everyone. That is no small task. Y’all, I wouldn’t want that job. I have to lay down and have a nap after opening PowerPoint.

The problem with the big picture is it’s inherently impersonal. The concept of saving humanity only really resonates with us when you think about what humanity means to you…and most of us don’t think about it in an abstract way. We think about the people we love – our friends and family. Those personal connections that basically define “humanity” for us a the micro level.

For Jaha, it got personal when he saw Wells in the window’s reflection in Arkadia. For Clarke, will that moment come? Or is she doomed to keep thinking at a macro level and allowing that to drive her? Because as I’ve already discussed, she’s making bad decisions…desperate decisions that mirror the feeling of what she was doing in season 3.


Remember when she tried to shove the Flame into Luna’s neck? It didn’t go well for her, but more importantly, it gave Luna the opportunity to really drive the idea home that you can’t go around trying to save everyone by subverting their free will. It leads to dark places. But at the end of season 3, that’s exactly what Clarke did…her faith in humanity’s ability to find a way to survive the apocalypse lead her to make a decision for everyone. She substituted her will for that of everyone else.

She was about to do the same thing by ascending to the Commander position. Right now she can’t see the forest through the trees, and I believe her myopic quest to save everyone will lead her to make one last horrible decision – and likely that’s trying to cheat a way for Skaikru to win the Grounder Games next episode.


Hey, if ya ain’t cheatin’, ya ain’t tryin’.

I would LOVE to see I divergence between Jaha and Clarke, with Bellamy acting as some sort of touchstone for both, in order to contrast how leaders can grow and change. Jaha is hitting that sweet spot for me right now…I think he’s – GASP – learning! I think Jaha is smart and keeps his cool better than Clarke, who is young and can tend to go to “I have no choice” too quickly when maybe taking a step back and pausing for a beat would provide some much needed clarity to the situation. That Jaha and Bellamy have more interesting personal journeys than Clarke thus far in season 4 isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s worrisome if they can’t somehow “fix” Clarke in a way that makes sense at some point.

And like I mentioned earlier…maybe we’re not supposed to see Clarke succeed. It’s an uncomfortable thought for me, because I like the hero’s journey and buy into those tropes far more than some other common things we see in entertainment. Yes, I have my weaknesses, and seeing powerful women kick ass and wreak havoc is fun for me, but I want them to also admirably succeed in the end.

Clarke needs to personalize her leadership style. They both need to learn that grand concepts like “saving humanity” don’t resonate with folks like Jasper or Harper, who are going through their own shit. “What about ME?” they would say, not from a selfish perspective, but moreso needing affirmation of their own beliefs and desires.

Yet there’s also a part of me that says we need that big-picture person. The one that’s willing to make the sacrifices for the greater good, even if it means pissing people off or subverting free will at times. Is that wrong of me? I’m not advocating authoritarianism, but when something huge like an apocalypse is on the way, some hard decisions will have to be made and maybe there’s not always room for individual freedoms and determination come crunch time.

Guys, this isn’t an easy debate to have with myself, because I could argue both ways, and I just end up confused with my own moral viewpoint.


I mean, life on the Ark must have been hard, but don’t you want someone like Jaha in charge to enforce the rules if you want to survive? I don’t know, honestly, and I don’t know that I think I’m comfortable with that says about me. Maybe I’m only good with someone like Jaha if I trust them and share their values?

Like a fucking Trump voter? GOD.

Deep thinking sucks guys. Now my soul-searching has left me empty, despondent, and wanting ice cream to fill the void where my heart used to be.


ice cream kid

I may be a bad person who’s okay with dictators that I personally like, but at least I have ice cream.

If You Thought Those Moral Quandaries Are Tough, There’s A Bigger Issue To Tackle

Guys, I’ve kind done a deep dive into some stuff I find a bit hard to wrap my head around, but all that is child’s play compared to the biggest question that “DNR” posed this week:

What are we to call the Miller and Jackson ship?

I’m personally an advocate for “Jacker” because, yes, it is suggestive and sexual in nature and I think I’ve already proven myself to be a garbage person.

tina and amy garbage person


But yeah, Jacker. Because Jacker is going to happen and it’s going to (hopefully) be super gay and super kicks will be involved.

super kick wwe

(knowing that Sachin and Jarod are besties in real life and love wrestling warms my heart)

The Cockroach And The Raven

While I really liked all of the stuff in this episode, and was marking out when it looked like Clarke was about to become the Commander…

the miz wwe

…the real highlight of the episode for me was the interaction at the end between Murphy and Raven.

And you know what, seeing Erica Cerra back as Becca wasn’t half bad either. If I mark out like a freak at a Clarke-cum-Commander fake out, I will lose my fucking shit if Becca turns up in a hypersleep pod. Yeah, I still haven’t given up on the idea that Cadogan and maybe Becca are still out there, snoozing away in cryosleep chambers.

Raven manifesting her inner voice through Becca was great. But it was also sad, because while we see Raven holding a conversation with a person we can see, once the point of view switches to Emori, we see Raven talking to no one, obviously deep into a hallucination. It’s a sad sight. Raven is nothing if not the brains of the operation, and the prospect of losing the thing that defines her drives her to turn her eyes towards the sky, and go back to space for one last space walk before her brain betrays her.

Anne Hathaway sad

If that wasn’t sad enough as it is, the last person you’d expect to be there in the end, and give her a hug goodbye is Murphy. Raven forgives him for paralyzing her, noting that it’s not the leg that’s driving her decision, it’s her brain. She can’t exist as Raven without her intellect, and would rather float herself out in space doing what she always loved.

Murphy, for his part, doesn’t argue or plead with Raven, knowing perhaps that it’s not his place to tell her that her life is worth living. He respects her right to choose her fate for herself, and it all culminates in a beautiful moment between the two that got my damn peepers all weepy. ALLERGIES.

This show has always steered into the skid when it comes to people foreshadowing their own death. Lexa anyone? So when it seems like it’s too obvious to actually happen…well it just may happen and if Raven DOES die, I have one message for the writers:

schmidt new girl knife you

Like seriously. I will throw on my good peacoat, don my Irish walking cape, slip on my driving moccasins and RIOT. In the streets. I’ll flip over cars and set fire to things and be all like “imma fittin’ ta fight you” and then likely get arrested and of course perish in jail because I’m fragile and have the street smarts of a dead armadillo.

I personally don’t think Raven will die, but I also (due to some spoilerly episode preview text) believe her friends will come for her. To which I ask: unless they bring a solution for her brain and provide her with a real alternative to dying a vegetable, won’t they just be attempting to subvert her free will?

I’m still of the opinion that the Flame could provide a fix, but it’s hard to know if it will still be a viable option given the Grounder Games coming up. Roan said that they can no longer trust the blood since a Nightblood can be manufactured, so to speak, so one would think the tradition of the Commander needing the Flame is over, so the Flame is available for one degrading Raven brain. Please let this happen. PLEASE!

begging please

There’s also a possibility that Raven does go into space. For some reason, even though I know there’s a rocket there and it has to be used because you don’t introduce a rocket to the situation and not fire off the goddamn rocket, I can only imagine it would be used as a cliffhanger. Yes, Raven could go out into space with no way to come back and we’re left with that for the end of season 4, and yes, it would drive us all fucking crazy thinking about what could possibly happen next, but don’t sleep on the mention of that mining crew sent off into space in hypersleep, never to be heard from again.

One More Question

Do we, fans, REALLY believe the bunker is truly the solution? Because I don’t think Skaikru is going to win the Grounder Games and they will be shit out of luck. This is a season that has had many false hopes quickly dashed, but they keep moving forward like this bunker is the silver bullet, yet I’m like:


I DO NOT TRUST THESE MOTHER FUCKING WRITERS, THEY’RE GOING TO BAMBOOZLE US! Part of me thinks the bunker is NOT going to be all that and a bag of chips. I’m foreseeing some faces melting ala Raiders of the Lost Ark. There’s either a leak or zombies or something horrible up with that bunker.

We will be bamboozled, one way or another. And I LOVE IT. Give me a cliff hanger that makes me want to punch squirrels (as one does) and curse the long hiatus!

This Week In FanDUMB

The writer’s room was live tweeting during the airing of “DNR” and said something like “Clarke and Bellamy are back together,” to which an army of twats responded: “no Bellarke no show.”

To which I respond:

gillian anderson fuck off

Myopic shippers are the worst.

Wait, why do I feel the need to qualify that?

Shippers are the worst.

They don’t deserve Gillian Anderson telling them to fuck off, but I’m feeling magnanimous.


  • My ship, Slarke (soap + Clarke) is still CANON.
  • There’s only 6 days left to save humanity, but we have time to braid Clarke’s hair? GURL.
  • And does she just carry that Commander’s armor around with her? I get “dress for the job you want,” but c’mon. Travel light.
  • I’m not giving up on the thought that we could have a zombie musical episode of The 100 in season 5…you know, sometimes twitter threads take a weird turn and you find yourself going all in on a zombie musical episode of your favorite show and then you start tweeting the writer’s room demanding it and then they file a restraining order against you and…well…kids, social media is the devil.
    sonya drunk
    Sonja…I just………sigh. Woman is a hot mess.
  • Monty…quietly noble once again and will likely save Harper once she changes her mind and realizes that a life with Monty is worth fighting for
  • It’s too bad that the clans are always so concerned with fighting each other because there’s one common enemy: if you think about it, Skaikru is really the worst…they’re the small pox blanket of the show
  • HELIOS IN THE HOUSE! If Helios doesn’t win the Grounder Games, I’ll riot. He’s the Commander we deserve
  • I worked in THREE wrestling and two wrestling-adjacent gifs, so I feel I’ve won the day
  • DID YOU VOTE FOR BOB?! You better have.
  • There better be some Kabby mackin’ down soon before her brain explodes…I miss Kabby.
  • Support the WGA!
  • Becho is endgame
  • Pssssst…hey buddy…yeah you. You like puppies? I got some puppies for you. One of these will be mine in 2 months:
  • But seriously…I started this blog when one of my dogs, Tater, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He was at the doggie ER vet and I didn’t know what to do with myself to take my mind off of it, so I thought…blog? He’s since passed, but it’s time for another nugget. IT’S DUSTY IN HERE AGAIN.
  • No one will understand this, but seriously, fuck quest rogue with a chainsaw. Just Hearthstone things, you wouldn’t understand.
  • If you enjoyed this review, could you do me a favor and share / retweet / like it on twitter? I hate to ask this because I hate asking anyone to do anything for me, but I’d really appreciate it.
  • Hey people who like sounds entering your ear holes! I have a Spotify playlist, which is music from and inspired by The 100. You can find it right here and marvel at my musical tastes. I keep it up to date with anything featured on the show or in promos. I’m thorough like that.


“DNR”: 8.5 out of 10 cockroaches hugging ravens – MY ALLERGIES ARE ACTING UP AGAIN Y’ALL WHY ARE MY EYES WET?!

There are some The 100 reviewers/recaps/writers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

If you’re a fan of the show, join us on Reddit for deep discussions, wacky shenanigans, Trigedasleng lessons, and clan flair! It’s the least toxic place you can find right now for The 100 fandom. Mods got that shit on lockdown.

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2 Responses to The 100 – “DNR” Review and Analysis

  1. natalia h says:

    I did vote for Bob! Like five times, I’m lazy, but he won so yay.

    I do like Becho, had to say it, though I’m a Bellarke at heart shipper. Actually, I just like seeing them together, being a team, fighting, whatever, but having them together on screen. Like I love Clarke and Raven. Just, put these people back together again damnit. It’s been too long.

    YAAAAY PUPPY. Congrats!

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