The 100 – “The Chosen” Review and Analysis

The Adventure Squad is going to space. FULL STOP.

the miz wwe


Knocking it out early, kids. Don’t worry, I give you a little Nakamura wink in my “Parting Thoughts” section. You are indeed hashtagblessed.

In other episode news, Kane and Jaha are in the bunker, picking between horrible and terrible choices in order to save a portion of their people. Because if they don’t, Octavia and Wonkru will choose for them, aka kill them all. SHUDDER.

“The Chosen” was written by my favorite series writers, Aaron Ginsberg and Wade McIntyre, who also scribed “Die All, Die Merrily.” Seeing these guys back up on the docket so quickly had me both excited and worried. Their stuff usually makes me fist pump vigorously (**wink**) before kicking me in the teeth. Did they deliver?

child please

“The Chosen” delivered and delivered and delivered. And then it delivered some more. I think I should also note we got treated to a new director this episode, Alex Kalymnios. And it should also be noted that SHE gave us a great episode visually. Yes, her gender matters because women creators, directors, producer, decision-makers, etc. are a minority in entertainment and I love that my favorite show is giving them work. Bring Alex back next season…I don’t often notice good direction, but man, I loved this episode so much partly because of her work.

Let’s get into it!

You’re Good Enough, Smart Enough, and Gosh Darn It, People Like You, Clarke

Let’s talk about the Griffin women and their shared need to feel unworthy.

While getting Clarke all gussied up for the radiation prom, she tells Clarke that she was wrong…there ARE good guys and Clarke is one of them! Yay!


Except…this is a show that has never really delineated clear lines between the good and bad guys. That’s for lesser shows to do. This show lives in the grey areas. And Clarke is by no means the good guy…she has good guy intentions, but is put in so many bad situations that she has to pick a bad choice out of a field of bad choices and stick with them. And sometimes she has some bad guy tendencies when Dark Clarke needs to make an appearance to save the day.

And the point of this conversation, I think, is to let us know that it’s always about the choices on this show…these characters are stuck between a rock and a hard place and both SUCK. There are no good choices…there never are. But I guess it’s up to Clarke to decide if her choices MAKE her bad. She might not think she’s “bad” per se, but in need of A Redemption ArcTM, sure. And I think that’s coming up in the finale. An act of self-sacrifice that finally personalizes a choice for her because it’s about her friends rather than making larger decisions for her “people.”

It’s a wee bit predictable. But it also gives the Nightblood plot point a chance to come full circle. Otherwise, what was that all about? Can Clarke survive higher levels of radiation than other humans? That remains to be seen, but if by finale end, Clarke’s not on that ship heading up to the go-sci ring, there is no plausible way for her to survive on earth without a “healing factor” to combat the effects of the radiation. Remember, we saw Luna get sick before getting better (which was brought up in this episode).

But also…how can Clarke survive, regardless of a Wolverine healing factor, without food and water? There are no supplies in the lab or the lighthouse bunker for a 5 year stay, and there will be nothing on the surface of the earth for awhile, and that bunker door ain’t opening to let any radiation in…so…how does she live with no supplies?

Unless she’s not in need of said supplies due to being in hypersleep or something.


I’m hooked on this hypersleep thing, y’all.

So, I think Clarke has this guilt thing going on, and we learn this episode that Abby DEFINITELY has the same guilt eating away at her. They want to be good guys, and maybe at some point we could make the argument that they ARE good guys who, due to circumstance, must continually make decisions that tarnish the good guy reputation.

Selina Wilken, superfan and superjourno, has a bit of a different take on the “good guy” thing than mine over on Hypable that you should check out (after reading my review, of course). This is the second review in a row that I’ve called out her work…I hope I get some of that fat residual cash.

I swear, if the show did a time jump and we see Abby and Clarke five years in the future wearing all white, chain smoking, and communicating via Sharpie and pad of paper, I would totally buy it.

guilty remnant.gif

(yeah, yeah, I know that the analogy doesn’t work all that great because the Guilty Remnant is not just about guilt, but I thought it up in the shower and wanted to show my snooty TV taste, so…..round peg, square hole….although the GR is one cult that Jaha hasn’t tried yet, so there’s that)

Look, I get Abby’s guilt. She’s made some tough decisions throughout the series and the stuff in the Lab really pushed her to extremes. But her expressing a desire to not be inside the bunker when the death wave hits is just plain…dumb. The Griffin women seem to have this need to self-immolate, and while I get that Abby doesn’t feel worthy of living, it’s a selfish choice. Especially after learning her brain can be healed. She’s a doctor, for fuck’s sake, and desperately needed in the bunker, both to do her doctoring stuff (it can’t all fall on Jackson, that’s insane), but what about Kane? What about Clarke? Her saying goodbye to Clarke in the bunker takes on new meaning in the light of Abby’s decision to not be one of “the chosen.”

(Believe me…my finding Jasper’s choice okay while viewing Abby’s choice as selfish is troubling to me and yes, hypocritical, but being human means being a cornucopia of complex contradictions…and alliteration.)

This is really the first time I can say I’ve had an issue with Abby’s characterization. Perhaps her story is meant to parallel Clarke’s in the “I suck, I should just go eat some worms” self-pity category, but I’m kinda over it.

girl please

And I get that these are irrational times, but Abby, get over yourself, bootstrap and such, and realize you can work off your bad karma by ensuring the 1200 people in the bunker get good healthcare. Hey, and maybe pass on some of your doctoring knowledge to the Grounders…the survival of the human race needs to include progression and education as well.

And besides. I am NOT ready for Kabby to be over. DO. YOU. HEAR. ME?!

nope no no no

I get more Kabby or someone gets a sternly worded lett—-you know what, screw that. Someone at The 100 writer’s room gets a mother fuckin’ glitter bomb if I don’t get more Kabby.

And while I rail against those crazy-ass myopic shippers who tend to drag this fandom into satan’s anus, I will stand up for Kabby and declare my own insanity for these two to get MORE GODDAMNED NOOKIE. I WANT BUNKER NOOKIE. I WANT EVERY INCH OF THAT BUNKER CHRISTENED BY KABBY NOOKIE.

out of breath gillian anderson

I want Kabby nookie all the time. Imagine it, fam….



Abby and Kane find themselves alone in the bunker dining hall after a lunchtime conversation ran long. And while the meal may be over, there’s always time for some afternoon delight with these two randy pups.


Minutes later, Indra rounds the corner, innocently looking to get an afternoon snack. She stops dead in her tracks. THEY’RE AT THE NOOKIE AGAIN.

Indra sighs, stares directly into the camera.

ben wyatt parks and rec

Jell-O will have to wait for later.

BOOM. OUT. Smash to ventablack.

These scenes just write themselves when you have unparalleled talent like me. For smuttier stuff, you can go read all the crappy fan fic your filthy heart desires. I’m here to present sophisticated art and sip my English breakfast tea and I’m all outta tea.


Somehow this section of my review started out with talking about the Griffin women’s shared need to feel unworthy and harbor tons of guilt, and then ended up with an impromptu Kabby scene, written by your’s truly. I don’t grant people a look at my fiction often, but when I do, it is a treasure.

Oh, and Clarke and Abby, take heed:

don't be defeatist dowager

Octavia’s Arc Is Paying Dividends, and Indra Is One of Them

If you had told me at the beginning of this season that by the end of this season, Octavia would be giving Skaikru an ultimatum of “choose who stays or I’ll kill all of you,” I would have had some strong words for you.

you're a crazy bitch

Now? This is by far my favorite development of season 4. Octavia as a badass (but unsure) leader is giving me Clarke season 2 vibes. And that she can give a cold-blooded ultimatum in one scene then completely doubt herself in another scene, with the fear and uncertainty all over her face…man, Marie is hitting it out of the park. And not just some weak-ass warning track dinger. She’s literally hitting it out of the park and onto Waveland Avenue (hello Cubs fans!).

I can’t say how much I love Octavia’s arc. That it mirror’s Clarke’s journey in season 2 is amazing. That we see a very young leader have doubts but stick to her guns is great. Unlike Lexa, who wore stoicism as a mask of determination, Octavia’s eyes are active with strength and doubt and fear and dread and, yes, determination. She’s what I imagine Lexa was as a freshly minted Commander. And as Clarke had Lexa to draw strength from as a leader, Indra is there for Octavia.

praise jesus

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the interactions between the two in this episode, as Indra is Octavia’s rock. She isn’t just there to back her up as the muscle, but rightly points out to Octavia that no leader ever gets shit done alone. Octavia feels like a bit of a fraud, having hid during the Conclave and had Ilian and Roan come to her aid. But the lesson here is: leadership isn’t a solitary burden. Octavia had people she could count on. She friends and allies along with her own cunning.

Now juxtapose that with Clarke, who, since Lexa’s death, has born the brunt of leadership, making decisions often on her own and in emotional isolation of those who could, if not help her make decisions, at least be there as a support system when bowed by such choices.

As much as Lincoln was a positive influence on Octavia, I think unlinking her story from his via his death allowed her to move wholly in her own direction. She fell flat on her face, picked herself up, strayed from the light for a bit, and then forged her own path. For most of Octavia’s life, outside forces have robbed her of agency, and it’s on earth where she finds her identity – though the journey to finding it hasn’t been easy or full of clarity for her.

The theme of Octavia’s identity comes up again as Jaha appeals to her as a member of Skaikru. Octavia scoffs at this, and rightly so.

Jaha: “You’re Skaikru. You’re one of us.”
Octavia: “I’m one of you? You made me hide under the floor. You floated my mother. I’m not hiding now.”

fist pump

This theme comes up again with Octavia taking Bellamy’s favorite saying and changing it a bit: “my people, my responsibility.” Octavia won’t let Indra take the lead in culling Skaikru if they can’t decide for themselves who to sacrifice.

Man, this whole sequence was just…I mean, I don’t notice an episode’s visual direction a lot. I tend to notice it with shows like Legion, which just grab ahold of your eyeballs and take them on a wild ride. But this sequence was amazing. The slow mo. The tight shots of Octavia’s face with emotions flashing across it, her eyes welling up at the prospect of keeping her word to kill them all. The opening of the door to reveal what Jaha and Kane did. And this shot…I love this visual of Octavia giving the “hold up” sign while in the background, a masked figure slowly descends down stairs, people strewn all about the floor. It reminded me of something creepy you’d see in Hannibal.

the 100 4x12

The pacing was intentional, adding drama and suspense to the scene, as we the audience slowly realize what happened. Let me get to this whole Jaha/Kane thing next because the lottery story line was gripping and amazing and heart wrenching and a gut punch.

The Lottery and Jaha’s Redemption aka Kane Did Something Useful, Yay!

Now, if you ask me, I would not have done a traditional “draw names from a bowl” lottery to determine who gets a spot in the bunker, but instead winnowed down the list of people using the “Press Your Luck” game show board. Because if you’re going to use an arbitrary method of choosing 80 people to live, it should at least be FUN.


no whammies

Oh shucks, a whammy. You’re out of the bunker!

What 1980’s game show hellhole have I dropped you into, dear reader? That show was likely responsible for my generation’s feeling of creeping doom and anxiety.

Man, this is why I laugh at funerals. I can’t handle despair without being completely inappropriate as a coping mechanism.

The whole bunker scenario was excruciating. We can debate the wisdom of stealing the bunker to begin with, which is what put Skaikru in this unwinnable scenario, but I think we’re past that and the repercussions are insane. Jaha is right…Skaikru thought they were safe. They picked out bunks. They unpacked. They hung their boy band posters above their beds.

nsync poster

And all that was snatched from them by Abby and Bellamy’s decision to open the bunker door. Jaha wanted them to stay safe, stay smart, and hold the door. Hold the door. Hold………..the……………….

hold the door

You know what…


Now I need a sec.

oprah cry

Ahem. Okay…composed. No, wait. I gotta weep again. That scene kills me. I have a goddamn “HODOR” custom license plate, for fuck’s sake.

Alright…so…Jaha was right. Thanks to him and Clarke doing a bad thing (or the smart thing or the right thing or the bad good thing depending on whatever your viewpoint is), Skaikru was making themselves at HOME. Even Emori mentions it, finally feeling safe, feeling she has a home. It’s a bit different for her, but still. Emori re-enforces the difficulty of the proceedings in the bunker for Skaikru.

Kane wants to hold a lottery, which brings out the irrational in Abby and the selfless in Papa Miller. It’s all very affecting because a lot of what’s happening is reminiscent of the culling, the huge season 1 event that tapped you on the shoulder and said “we ain’t fuckin’ around here…this is serious stuff.” Papa Miller’s willingness to self-sacrifice is a tear-jerker. If they show him dying next episode…oh god, they’re going to show us Papa Miller dying next episode, aren’t they?

jim carrey cry

Jaha wants to fight. And he’s joined by a nameless father who is more than happy to start a rebellion if needed to give his son a chance to grow up with a father. This rabble-rousing is dangerous and irrational, especially given the close quarters and the lack of weapons. While Skaikru has numbers, it doesn’t have THE numbers…or guns…or anything resembling a chance should they actually try and fight for the bunker. Kane sees what’s going down and knows exactly what will happen if a riot ensues.

we are going to die

In the end, as Kane stumbles upon Jaha’s BRILLIANT plan to gas the Grounders and commandeer the food as a bargaining chip, Kane FINALLY does something this season: he appeals to Jaha’s lesser demons. He appeals to rationality in an insane situation. He appeals to the leader that’s still in Jaha that needs to think about the future and what will actually work versus a plan that will get them all killed…and then likely doom all the bunker Grounders to a slow death due because who’s going to maintain the bunker and its systems?

As the tension mounts and it’s heading towards a Skaikru v Grounder showdown, I think Kane makes one last appeal that works: Jaha found the bunker. He saved humanity, but his actions in this moment are jeopardizing that salvation. To me, there’s a little bit of Jaha needing to make up for what he brought upon them all when he sought out ALIE and willingly became her convert. There’s redemption to be had for Jaha, but not if he throws away humanity’s chance for survival out of a desperate need to DO SOMETHING to feel he’s…doing something.

My god, Henry Ian Cusick and Isaiah Washington DO WORK in this scene.


And Ian slays me during the aftermath of the gassing of his people, as he realizes what they now have to do. That Clarke’s list becomes the way they choose who stays in the bunker feels like a nice full circle to a previous important plot point that led to so much contention and the beginning (or continuation?) of Clarke’s emotional isolation. I’m glad the list didn’t become a dead end because it felt so dramatic and vital at the time, but with the burning of Arkadia, a moot point for a bit. But it was the right way to go, because in the end, Clarke’s list was the most pragmatic way to determine who should get a spot. Again, the show finds a way to affirm that Clarke’s a good leader and doesn’t make decisions lightly, even when she’s challenged by the likes of Jaha or Monty or Bellamy.

So they turn back to the list, and the whole thing is just heartbreaking to watch. If you want The 100 at its dramatic, high-stakes best, go rewatch the whole ending bunker sequence and just notice all the small things that create such a wonderful tableau to stuff into your eye peepers and ear balls. The cinematography was superb. As was the acting. As was the music. I swear, when the show is firing on all cylinders, it gets me more excited than any other show on TV. And there’s a fuckton of great TV right now, so The 100 is in some rarified air.

Adventure Squad, ASSEMBLE!

While this episode had a lot of emotional heavy-lifting happening in the bunker, there was one more mission for Bellamy and Clarke to go on: rescue Raven and get back to the bunker. And let’s just say, this mission started out awkward as fuck.

Bellamy: “I’ll rescue Raven because I’m rescue guy.”
Clarke: “Can I come? I wanna come. Mom, can I go?”

clarke and bellamy awkward

Someone is NOT HAPPY with someone else and Clarke’s all like “um…so…um…okay…but like…soooooooooooo…yeah.”

Bellamy and Clarke do end up having a bit of a conversation and the ice melts a little with a cute little Bellamy smile, but it’s not enough. Not for this non-Bellarke shipper who needs a great deal more of Bellarke dealing with the Clarke portion of the equation. During this conversation Clarke states a lot of FACTS: she wasn’t fine with any of the decisions to leave people to die. She didn’t mean to hurt Bellamy. She didn’t shoot Bellamy. Whenever she makes a choice, someone dies. All facts. But she doesn’t dig into those facts to get to the emotion underneath. She doesn’t express HER feelings.

I don’t know if I’ve convinced myself that Clarke has been more emotive than this in the past, but her aspect is flat, resigned. We’re cheated out of a bigger conversation that could have taken place between the two, and maybe that’s coming, or maybe at this point the writers feel we’ve been given enough of Clarke’s interior life to understand HOW this is affecting her, but it’s not enough for me. Again, I’m a broken record here. I don’t like it, and maybe I don’t have to.

who knows

We also have Murphy and Emori joining The Adventure Squad (TAS). A bit of an odd addition to TAS as those two have never been TAS members per se, but TAS isn’t a snooty snoot snoot organization. The qualifications for membership are simple:

  1. Be awesome
  2. Love adventure

Murphy and Emori have ulterior motives for Adventure Squading…they know they’re “non-essential” personnel and are likely not getting a spot in the bunker, so Murphy wants to take his chances in the lighthouse bunker. While there aren’t enough supplies to sustain them for more than a couple months, they’ll at least survive the death wave. My mind wandered at this point to what their options would be after they run out of food and OF COURSE I went there.

hannibal happy cannibal noises

I CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE THOUGHTS. I have been conditioned to think this way by television, the internet, and memes.

I think the quick exchange between Murphy and Bellamy is very interesting and harkens back to the “proletariat vs. the privileged” classism that was addressed a wee bit in season 1. Bellamy is no longer one of the non-essentials because he’s Octavia’s brother, and she’s shot up the influence scale in record time. I also like how Murphy calls out the very flipside of Bellamy’s very personal decision to save his sister…it’s doomed people like Murphy and Emori who simply don’t serve a “purpose” in the bunker. Clarke’s decision to “steal” the bunker is a huge point of contention, but to people like Murphy, gave them a chance. Now, it’s important for Bellamy and Abby to feel the consequences of their equally impactful decision.

As the adventurers get to adventuring, Bellamy becomes distracted by his tumblr gifset of gazing at Clarke and runs over a dude in the middle of the road. SPLAT. He loses control of the rover and plows into a tree. A group of Grounders descend on the four of them, aiming to get their suits. They apparently don’t understand that once the death wave comes, the plastic of those radiation suits is going to melt into human skin and it will not be good for the complexion.

And just as things look dire for TAS, Echo shows up out of nowhere and Katniss Everdeens all over the attackers.

Ygritte bow and arrow


(“Oh my god,” you say, “that’s NOT Katniss Everdeen, Jen is trying to trigger me!”)

Echo to the fuckin’ rescue, y’all. Say what you want about Echo, but I’ve really appreciated her character this season. She’s not a bad person if you consider her desires running parallel to those of folks like Jaha and Clarke – she wants to save her people just as much as the rest of them. And those priorities drive people to make some questionable decisions. Surprise surprise, it’s The 100. It’s the rules of engagement with this show.

Echo saves our intrepid adventurers because she’s seen that the criteria for joining TAS is:

  1. Be awesome
  2. Love adventure

…and she figures she fits the bill. Oh, she also wants to survive the death wave and hey, do you have any room at the lighthouse bunker you mentioned maybe perhaps?

I’m glad that Echo is still around, but I wonder if she’s going to be plot fodder in the finale. Does it make sense to save her only to kill her off next episode? I dunno. I like the idea of Emori and Echo in space, getting their minds blown by space things. And proving that Wonkru isn’t just a concept that Octavia is trying to enforce in the bunker for the sake of survival. It can happen up on the Ark too! UNITY EVERYWHERE, WE ARE THE WORLD!

I love that Clarke and Echo have a moment where Echo is all like “So yeah, Roan banished me and, like, I was only trying to save my people, is that so wrong?” and Clarke is all like “GIRL. Tell me about it. These fools don’t appreciate a good bad decision!”

i know right veep

But this confab about how people JUST DON’T GET THEM is interrupted by Monty and Harper coming to the rescue. Now The Adventure Squad is really shaping up! And yeah, you got some odd ball Grounders up in the mix, but I don’t care. I LOVE IT.

Look, if you’re offended by the presence of Grounders in The Adventure Squad, then perhaps you’re:

  1. Not awesome
  2. A hater of adventure

The Adventure Squad can take many forms, and it can have delinquents, oldies, and Grounders as long as they:

  1. Are awesome
  2. Love adventure

Anyhoo, the problem that faces our heroes is that the window to get to the island and back again with Raven is closed. They either head back to Polis, where not all of them will have a spot in the bunker, and abandon Raven in the process, or head out to the island lab to essentially die. But Clarke’s like…there’s one other option.

She then turns her eyes to the stars and “Ground Control to Major Tom” starts playing.

No. That didn’t happen. But she does realize that if we live in a world that can do BOTH soft and hard tacos, you can rocket out into space AND live on the remnants of the go-sci ring. Off to the island, then!

So the Adventure Squad rolls up on Raven as she’s starting to give up hope and they’re all like…BAM MOTHERFUCKERS, LET’S DO THIS IN UNISON:

the 100 4x12 adventure squad

No…Clarke…dammit, you were a beat late. Can we do it over again?…how do we get these helmets latched back on? MOTHER FUCKER, just…dammit…just pretend Clarke wasn’t a second late.


(save for Clarke, who is kinda lame due to getting her helmet off too late…she’s the Hawkeye of the group)

It’s moments like these that just make me smile and fist pump and go “I hope I can find a gif of this to include in my review” because I’m nothing if not diligent about giving the people what they want.

TAS gives Raven the news that they’re going up to the go-sci ring to live in space for 5 years, drinking recycled urine and eating algae. Sounds like a BLAST.


They just need to know if Raven can make it happen. LOL…can Raven make it happen? I SCOFF AT YOU, ADVENTURE SQUAD. OF COURSE RAVEN CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

the 100 4x12 02

I love the idea of a couple people going back up into space to escape the earth. Right back where they started. Of course, they need to figure out how to get back down, but that’s a 5 year problem to work out.

While I love a great many things about this show – the moral quandaries, the conflict, the badassery, the mysteries and mythology, the character arcs – my happy place is the delinquents all in one place, working together. While we’re missing Octavia and Miller, we have Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, et al. in one place, now in a race against time to get outta dodge before the death wave hits. I want more of the delinquents together and getting shit done next season.

While season 4 was touted as smaller and more intimate, more like season 1, it didn’t really feel that way to be because the character dynamics of season 1 weren’t replicated as much, and I miss these goofy kids doin’ work. There’s not some quota on the number of times these guys can be together…the shine doesn’t wear off. Every time the sensates on Sense8 interact, it’s fucking delightful. And they interact a lot. There’s no “too much of a good thing” here or a risk of it getting old. Give us more delinquent togetherness goodness in season 5!

give it to me

What I hope we DON’T see in season 5 is a ton of time spent either in the bunker interior or in space. There’s a lot of procedural stuff I’m simply not interested in. I don’t want to see algae farming or water reclamation or floors of the bunker being swept. Making a time jump a perfect opportunity to skip all that boring urine-drinking shit.

A Spirited Defense of a Time Jump

When you have a 5 year stretch between a radiation death wave and when the surface of the earth is survivable, a time jump is almost a sure thing. I don’t know about you, but a full season of nothing but interior bunker or go-sci ring shots is not what I’m all about. And now that we have this odd anachronistic shot from the finale preview, I think that a time jump is all but guaranteed.

Clarke time jump

It’s Clarke. In a new outfit (very Grounder-esque). Outside, with trees and greenery and the sun shining and this has got to be a bit of a season 5 tease as she looks to the sky, hopefully at a returning ship full of Space Adventure Squaders. Oh yeah, besides the time jump, her ass gets stranded back on earth for some reason (note: I have not read the finale spoilers…I’ve avoided them all year, this is merely my speculation based on this one preview shot).

I think a substantial time jump is a great way for a show to reinvigorate itself. It can move itself forward in massive ways and zig and zag spectacularly in new directions that something that’s far too adherent to a regular timeline can’t. Shows often reap tremendous creative rewards from soft relaunches, something time jumps offer.

three years later parks and rec

Take, for instance, TV’s perfect show (minus he who shall not be named, Mark Brendanawicz), Parks and Recreation. After a long run, the show had become a bit formulaic. While still great, it needed a shake up that could freshen it up in it’s last season. And a time jump did just that. Things happened in that time jump that shook the foundation of key relationships, progressed characters forward in needed areas, skipped shit we didn’t need to see, and gave the show new comedic possibilities because the last season took place “in the future,” or 2017 to be exact, while airing in 2015.

The time jump in Parks and Rec scared me at first because I loved Parks and Rec just as it was…it was my little pocket of happiness every Thursday night. But they gave me something I didn’t know I wanted with that 3-year jump and took things in unexpected directions, delivering a perfect final season for the universe’s perfect show. Don’t agree with me? Well, you’re wrong.

ron swanson don't sass me parks and rec

You know another show that needed a shake up, and in doing so, delivered one of the most revelatory seasons of television to ever get stuffed in your eyeballs? The Leftovers. They didn’t do a time jump, but they did completely shift the location of the show and eliminated the aspects of the narrative that were problematic in season 1. And in doing so, the show got weirder because they moved to a weird place. I don’t know if The Leftovers goes from good to slap-yo-mama great if not for that reboot. Do we get “International Assassin” or that karaoke scene without moving everyone to Miracle, Texas?

I’m not saying The 100 is dragging, but it’s nearing the end of this specific lifecycle of post-apocalyptic narrative and needs to move to the next phase of…uh…post-post-apocalyptic life. So much stuff can take place without having to drag us through it, and new and exciting things can be introduced. Surprises can await! The show can feel refreshed and re-energized through a simple leap of 5 years. That so many people seem opposed to a time jump just puzzles me. Yes, important stuff is at risk of getting glossed over, or ignored, but the writers got us here and if you still love this show, you gotta have some faith, folks.

Let’s Talk About Our Glorious Hero, Helios

While we all know that Becho is endgame, Helios is ENDGAME endgame. But where is this magnificent beast of late?


Is he at the bunker? I mean, he’s obviously essential personnel, but I also think he could be following The Adventure Squad, as Raven and crew will need a navigator as they shoot out into space. Helios knows this. He doesn’t need to be asked “hey, will you risk your magnificent horse life by coming to space with us and kick danger in the teeth?”

If I don’t get some resolution with Helios and his welfare in the finale, I may be forced to take drastic action. Do I have to write some mother fucking fan fic that recons the finale and shoots Helios into space? Do I have to write some mother fucking Helios and Adventure Squad space adventures? Do they have to go out and find the mother fucking last Jedi and save the galaxy against the Borg and their proto-molecule weapon? Because if I have to write some mother fucking The 100/Star Wars/Star Trek/The Expanse cross-over fan fic, I will.*

*No I won’t.

Finale Death Pool – Place Your Bets, Degenerate Gamblers!

It’s the finale, and I suspect some bitches be dyin’. Who ya got?

place your bets

Here’s who I fear is going to bite it:

  • Kane – did it seem like he was saying goodbye to an unconscious Abby at the end of the episode. I WILL NOT ACCEPT BEARDY SEXY KANE’S DEATH. So don’t fuck me over, Rothenberg. Shumway already is the object of my unending wrath, don’t join her in my emotional purgatory. THANKS FOR KILLING NYKO, SHUMWAY.
  • Jaha – Isaiah Washington is not returning as a season regular, which could mean he’s either dying, or will simply be in a guest role. Seemed to me he was going to take that orphan boy under his wing and be the father he couldn’t be to Wells in the end.
  • Echo – seems someone needs to die on the island, and she’s the most dispensable. I hate it, I like her character and Becho is endgame, so…it better not happen.
  • Clarke – she might “die” only in the sense of being left behind on earth with nightblood that doesn’t seem to work, but I think it’ll be a swerve and something or someone (WHERE CADOGAN AT?) will save her…AGAIN WHERE ARE THOSE HYPERSLEEP PODS? Becca had to have one at the lab because no one looks that impeccable on real sleep.
  • Someone unexpected in the bunker – the action will be fast and furious on the island, so where’s the drama back in the bunker? Seems rather unlikely INSIDE the bunker, but I have a feeling Kane and/or Jaha will be outside the bunker doors when the death wave comes.

Really, the options seem rather slim and let’s be honest, they don’t HAVE to kill anyone. There’s plenty of drama with the small window of time they have to get the oxygenator out of the bunker and the rocket ready and launched. I guess I’m saying…I don’t WANT anyone to die anymore this season. My peepers are all cried out. I need a break.

exhausted cry

Parting Thoughts

  • My ship, Slarke (soap + Clarke) is still CANON.
  • I’ve taken the piss out of Clarke a lot in the past couple of episodes, but she’s still my boo. My north star. My fav.
  • But Octavia is coming up quick in your rearview, Clarke. Gets ta steppin’ and get awesome again, okay?
  • Octavia saved Niylah. Anyone taking bets on if Niylah will thank her later? Niylah is HANDSY.
    nakamura wink
  • Miller and Jackson too sweeted one another when Miller’s name was read…that’s a wrestling thing Jarod and Sachin love to do in real life. It’s fun to see them work their wrestling dorkiness into the show. TOO SWEET ME, BRO!
  • It’s not just me, right? Jaha has been working out. It’s distracting. (give me more Jaha in tight shirts, pleaseandthankyou)
  • I better see the Harmon siblings interacting next season because I want Murphy and Niylah snark. Admit it…you head and heart would explode simultaneously.
  • Echo and Bellamy, sitting in a rocket, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. I’m not good at that song.
    andy dwyer parks and rec
  • ROAN WATCH 2017: Y’all, he’s dead. If there were an episode to bring him back, this was it. The ship has sailed. Sigh. FUCK. I miss that beautiful beast.


“The Chosen”: 9.0 out of 10 Adventure Squaders adventuring

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