The 100 – “Ye Who Enter Here” Review and Analysis

So, I woke up Thursday and decided to wear my “I Survived the Red Wedding” tee shirt in preparation for what The 100 season 3 episode 3 – “Ye Who Enter Here” – would bring.

Turns out, I was not prepared. Not one bit. Episode writer Kim Shumway did what she does best…blows our fucking minds. And blows up everything else. She’s ruthless.

So, did I enjoy the episode? Uh, I guess you could say so…this was me pretty much throughout the whole thing:


If y’all don’t like .gifs or images, sorry. It’s how I express my feels.

Dante’s Gates of Hell

Let’s tackle the big one. No, not Clexa. I’ll get to all that good stuff in a bit, you shipper trash bins, but let’s talk Mount Weather first. In the season 2 finale, merely 3 episodes ago, Clarke made an impossible choice: either kill hundreds of Mountain Men or watch her people, including her mom, die. So Clarke did as Clarke does and dropped the genocide hammer, paying a heavy psychological and emotional price. Bearing the responsibility for her choice, she disappeared into the woods at the end of season 2.

In “Ye Who Enter Here,” Farm Station survivors set up camp in Mount Weather, as there’s no room for them in Arkadia. Revisiting the same sets that were full of dead bodies mere episodes ago is chilling. The ballsy writers of this show have an Ice Nation assassin set a self-destruct sequence in motion, blowing up the mountain stronghold.

Wow. I’m still reeling from the decision to mass murder people in this mountain, yet again. But removing Mount Weather as a point of conflict feels right. It was still a shocking moment on a show that gives us shocking moments on the reg, but you can never say that The 100 pulls punches.

Side note: RIP Starry Night.

Raven Got Exploded YET AGAIN

If you’re like me and millions of other normal human beings with a heart, you love Raven Reyes. Her struggle with chronic pain and paralysis hurts our souls. It hurts, y’all. She opened up and was vulnerable with Sinclair, and his belief in her was amazing to see. Unfortunately, she’s a bad ass who can’t catch a break. She and Sinclair are warned about the assassin in Mount Weather by a dying Gina and chase him outside. But it’s far too late to get back in with the deactivation codes, and Raven and Sinclair are caught at the edge of the blast.

In other words: more pain for Raven, the girl with the dead leg, chronic pain, and inability to not get blowns up. She is our heart, guys, and fights every second of the day to be brave and without her, the 100 delinquents and the rest of Skaikru would be dead many times over. She’s the unsung mechanical genius of this show, and I can’t wait to see her story develop this season.

With Mount Weather gone, it will be very hard for Abby to fix her psychically, if that’s even possible.


Doesn’t that just hurt your soul? You know what I fear? A place that “takes away pain.” I don’t think I can handle Raven giving in to the false paradise of the City of Light. Speaking of which…

No Jaha!


Clarke and Lexa Have a Friendly Chat About Mount Weather [while I scream internally OMG OMG OMG]

This episode spent a good amount of time with Clarke and Lexa. Picking up a week after Clarke’s “I’ll kill you!” rage-on (which as AWESOME, b-t-dubs), Lexa now feels Clarke is perhaps ready to have an adult conversation.

Clarke, on the other hand, gives absolutely ZERO fucks. Hey Clarke, want to have a chat?


Well, angry, resentful Clarke doesn’t always get what she wants, so she’s forced into a very frank conversation with Lexa. They point-counterpoint one another regarding Lexa’s betrayal at Mount Weather, giving us some juicy bits of dialog.

Clarke: “You have no honor and I had no choice.”

Clarke blames Lexa for giving her no options at Mount Weather when she killed hundreds of men, women, and children, including – as Lexa points out – friends who tried to help Skaikru. OUCH.

Their back and forth ends with Lexa getting to the real reason she’s there. She wants Clarke and her people to join the 12 clan coalition. Become the 13th clan. Just one thing – Clarke must bow to Lexa. Rather, Wanheda has to bow to Heda. Clarke is quick to suss out Lexa’s motivation:

“You don’t give a damn about my people. I know why you’re here. I made you look weak at Mount Weather and now the Ice Nation is exploiting that. Well, if you want the power of Wanheda, kill me. Take it. Otherwise go float yourself because I will never bow to you.”


Bless your heart, Clarke. Talk to us again in 30 minutes.

Lexa and the Grounders Sans Clarke

We finally get to see Lexa as an individual without Clarke, and it’s a great little re-swizzling of our impressions about the Commander. She’s a bad ass, but her grip on power is slipping precipitously. Ice Nation calls Lexa weak on several occasions, and it didn’t go so great for one Azgeda representative.


Enjoy your brief stay in Polis, Ice Nation red shirt! I know that scene made every fan tingly in their naughty bits. Lexa going H.A.M. will always delight.

Shady adviser dude Titus thinks Lexa should kill Clarke and take Wanheda’s power. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, hoss! Lexa lets it slip that Clarke is special, and I think Titus can see right through her. This is rather foreboding. Clarke is Lexa’s weakness, as Costia was before her, which makes me worry a great deal about Lexa’s fate. And that puts me in the company of legions of fans who feel Lexa will die this season.

Regardless of that fear, I hope we get to see more Lexa sans Clarke because her story fills out so much of the historical, cultural, and political landscape of the Grounders for the audience.

Clarke and Lexa Have a Friendly Stare-Down Over a Knife [while I scream internally OMG OMG OMG]

Roan lets Clarke know that it would be just peachy if she could kill Lexa in her down time, and the Ice Nation will be ever so grateful, thank you very much. He bribes a guard to leave a knife in her room, which makes me think that Grounders are disloyal shady bitches in general. Why is Roan left to wander the tower, bribe guards, and suggest Heda-cide to Clarke? Is Lexa allowing him to dig his own grave? Is she that cunning? Remains to be seen.

Clarke summons Lexa to her room and Lexa so totally doesn’t sprint at breakneck speed to see what Clarke wants. Clarke rushes her and holds a knife to Lexa’s throat and breathes kinda heavy and so totally doesn’t look at Lexa’s lips and is so totally going to kill her. But she hesitates and Lexa slays us all by whispering “I’m sorry.” Clarke chokes back tears and Lexa follows up with “I never meant to turn you into this.”


I can’t, y’all. Just…ooof. Gimme a second. We see Clarke crack in this scene. She can’t kill Lexa. She can’t get all the people she’s killed out of her head. She’s broken.

Lexa decides to let Clarke go back to her people, but we see a stern realization cross Clarke’s face. She has to do what’s right for her people. Which bring us to…

Bow Before Zod! Lexa! [while I scream internally OMG OMG OMG]

The bow was inevitable. You don’t introduce a provocative plot point like submitting to your enemy (frenemy?) on bended knee without actually going through with it, right? Now, there are people who think Clarke pulled a total 180 from her attitude at the start of the episode and think she’s siding with and trusting Lexa. Let me debunk that crazy talk by taking us through some decision trees available to our boo Clarke:

  1. Clarke leaves and returns to her forest batch pad – Ice Nation is a threat to Skaikru 
  2. Clarke leaves and returns to Arkadia – Ice Nation is a threat to Skaikru
  3. Clarke forges a treaty with the Grounders/Lexa – Ice Nation is a threat to Skaikru and Lexa might protect them, but she’s not very good with sticking to deals with non-Grounders (see also: Mount Weather)
  4. Clarke allies with Ice Nation – Skaikru will likely splinter and Nia will absolutely kill Wanheda for her power and whelp, there goes that alliance
  5. Clarke bows to Lexa, Skaikru becomes the 13th clan – Ice Nation is a threat to Skaikru, but now Lexa is bound to protect them as they are her people

Given those shitty choices, there’s only one option that gives Skaikru and Clarke a chance at survival, and that’s throwing in with the coalition – strength in numbers. Lexa’s numbers. Clarke knows how far Lexa will go to protect her people – she learned that harsh lesson at Mount Weather – so she has to take a chance that Lexa will keep her word when Skaikru becomes one of her clans. Clarke is smart, and her decision is backed up by sexy beardy Kane, who has become the rubber stamp of approval of Clarke’s decisions and leadership.

Lexa asked Clarke earlier in the episode what she would have done if she had been offered a deal at Mount Weather to save her people. While not exchanging the lives of one group for another, Clarke faces the same type of decision: do something unsavory to save her people. This show is great at drawing parallels between these two leaders and I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention it.

So, at the Summit with Skaikru, Wanheda bows to The Commander and Skaikru becomes the 13th clan, though there’s grumbling in the room by the other 12 clan ambassadors. Lexa doesn’t seem to make decisions by committee…hell…no one does on this show, so I fully expect there to be political blow-back.

So “I’ll never bow to you” turns into this:


Clarke is lead to this moment by realizing that Wanheda isn’t just a title, it’s a weapon. And if anyone is going to wield it effectively, it will be Clarke.

Oh, and should I mention Clarke’s totally pimp strut into the throne room? It went sorta like this:


And Now Onto Things I Have Difficulty With But Will Conveniently Ignore…For Now

This amazing episode was not without its issues. Namely, Gina. And Echo. And Bellamy.

Gina is a plot device, plain and simple, to create conflict and emotional stakes. I think the term to use is she was “fridged,” but I’m too tired to look it up and let’s be honest, her death seemed to have zero effect on Bellamy. Pike showed more emotion than Bell when he found out that Mount Weather had been destroyed. We saw little of her or relationship with Bellamy, so her death is rather trite.

I don’t have as much difficulty with Echo, even given that the “Grounder betrayal” plot device has already been used before, but Bellamy and Octavia trusted Echo right off the bat, no questions asked, even though she’s Ice Nation. I think Skaikru is just a more naive bunch than the Grounders, wanting to see the good in people, and Grounders are way more cautious and will cut a bitch.

I just have to say this, though: Echo, I fuckin’ liked you, girl. I was rooting for you. We all were, and you pretty much broke our little fan hearts. Go float yourself (unless you have a redemption arc coming, then I’m totally back on board the Echo train, choo choo!).

And now to Bellamy. Oh man, I think he’s getting what they call in reality TV, the “villain” edit. He’s making really bad decisions and he’s fueled by his emotions. He tries so hard to be the hero, but he’s a bull in a China shop when it comes to making the right choices. Every single time he does something impulsive, I’m like “this guy.”


C’mon Bellamy.

We’ve been down this road with Bellamy before. I have a feeling I’m going to have more and more difficulty with him as the season progresses and I’m not happy about that. Bellamy deserves better than retreading old Bellamy Blake season 1 material.

Can We Talk About Sexy Beardy Kane and Abby and Indra?

I don’t think there’s anything cuter than sexy beardy Kane’s excitement over seeing Polis. Except this, which has been all over twitter:


I can’t with these two.

Abby tries to play hot potato with the Chancellor pin and give it to Kane, which is the right decision, but Kane wants the chancellorship up for a vote. Bad idea guys. I’m calling it now, Grounder Hater/Killer Pike will get elected Chancellor and Abby and Kane will be locked up if they get too squirrely and insist not all Muslims…err…Grounders are bad. There will be conflict, there will be blood, and guess who is going to have to clean up the mess? Clarke. SIGH.

Kane is an absolute delight since season 2. And it’s not just the sexy beard. He’s grown so much as a leader and adviser to not only Abby, but Clarke. He is quick to back Clarke’s decisions and I think we the audience trust his judgment. Because things are moving so quickly, it’s good to have choices and plot points validated by more than one character in order to create believeability.

Shenanigans: So, quick aside: this season is moving at a breakneck pace. Certain plot points are rushed and decisions are arrived at quickly sometimes without giving the audience time to evaluate situations and choices in order to come to a good conclusion about them. Clarke’s evolution with Lexa during this episode being a prime example. I understand how Clarke moves through her decisions, but I think some folks are taking very light, cursory reads of her progression. No, she is not “back” with Lexa at the end, nor did she rush into bowing to Lexa, nor did she forgive her, nor does she trust her. Her decisions and mistrust of Lexa is displayed several times throughout the episode, yet people still read her actions incorrectly. IMHO anyway.

The 100 is not a show that takes a breather and it’s one of the great features of the series, but sometimes I think that the pace skips some character beats and plot development that could really add color and depth to what is already a fantastic, unrelenting story.

Kane and Abby are leaning on each other more and we know from the season 3 trailer that they’re going to kiss and we all can’t wait. Sure, Kane almost floated Abby in season 1 and flogged her in season 2, but Kabby is going to happen. Bring on the kissening!

Indra. My beautiful, sweet, deadly Indra. She smiled when she greeted Kane and Abby, obviously so proud of Polis. SMILED. It was one of those shocking moments that you’re delighted to see.

And at the end of the episode, we get an Indra and Octavia semi-reunion. ARE WE GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER, GUYS?! Because I need Batman and Robin back in tha muthafuckin’ game, y’all.

Feelin’ Fealty -or- The Moment That Made Everyone Run Around Their Living Room Screaming Like Girls

And this brings us to the BIG moment at the end of the show. The “holy fuck, is this happening?!” moment that was so wonderful and yes, shocking, and dare I say, foreboding. After a quickly-convened war council, Clarke and Lexa are alone in the throne room. Clarke is still in cautious mode with Lexa.

Lexa: “Thank you for staying.”
Clarke: “I stayed because it was the right thing for my people.”
Lexa: “Our people.”
Clarke: “If you betray me again…”
Lexa: “I won’t.”

Then this happened:


Lexa: “I swear fealty to you, Klark kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own and your people as my people.”

…and the internet exploded. The world spun off its axis. Black holes swallowed up the known universe. Or something like that. The fans lost their collective shit.

This was the ultimate show of respect and probably one of the most romantic non-romantic gestures I’ve ever seen. This was Lexa bowing before Clarke, making a very personal promise, not Heda bowing to Wanheda. Trusting Clarke may have been tremendously hard for Lexa last season, but mirroring Clarke’s earlier gesture and pledging loyalty was Lexa at both her strongest and her weakest. Clarke will be her blind spot and I fear it may cost her her life. I have no doubt that in the upcoming episodes, the Ice Queen will see the emotional stakes at play here and use it to gain leverage over Lexa. If Nia threatens Clarke’s life, ala Costia, who knows how much Lexa will expose her feelings and put herself, and her position as Commander, in danger.

We rarely see moments like this out of Lexa, and it was a very personal, very private gesture. This was her apology for Mount Weather, and a promise to protect Clarke and Skaikru, now that they are all one people. It was also an acknowledgment that they are equals. There is a long way to go between these two in regards to trust, but it was really one of the best moments that this series has to offer because of how unexpected and earned it was. Is there a Clexa redux in the future? Will that be earned? We shall see. If the internet explodes again, you’ll have your answer.

–Yes, I know how to spell Clarke. But it’s “Klark” in Trigadesleng, “Clarke” in English. I’m going off script with this one.

Oh, and Then SHE Showed Up

Damn, Brenda Strong, daaayum. ICE QUEEN IN THE HOUSE!!!


Queen Nia and Echo (behind the scenes)

I could LITERALLY not be more excited. Queen Nia is here to chew gum and behead people, and the Ice Queen got no idea what “gum” is, fool!

Did y’all catch that the same ambassadors that were meeting earlier with Lexa were with the Ice Queen at the end? What. The. Fuckity. Fuck?!?! I CALL SHENANIGANS!!!

Next week should feature Queen Nia in all her beheading glory and I can’t wait to see her dynamic with Clarke, Lexa, and Roan.


  • Looks like I’m getting my ship, Slarke (soap + Clarke).
  • That Azgeda assassin was scary and his fight scene with Sinclair was tight…Ice Nation do not fool around.
  • Raven crying out in pain or simply crying is the emotional punctuation on heartbreaking scenes…(see also: Finn’s death).
  • Roan cleans up really nice. Like really nice. I still don’t know what his deal is and how much he’s in league with his mums, but I want him to stick around.
  • The fantastic Grounder Anthem, “Take A Life With Me,” has been translated in both English and Trigedasleng:
  • If Clarke = Wanheda and Lexa = Heda, then surely Oprah = Breadheda
  • I’m about done with the extensions/weave that Clarke is stuck with right now
  • But I did love the eye makeup for the Summit! Who doesn’t love a nice smokey eye?
  • Carl Emerson, Mount Weather Security Detail, you rat bastard. I hope Clarke extracts your eyeballs with a rusty spoon.
  • The Blake siblings share a wonderful, sweet moment. When “you’re dead to me” comes, it’s going to hurt like fuck.
  • Writing this was therapy. My heart is broken. I lost my little buddy today. Yu gonplei ste odon, Tater. May we meet again.


All Ye Who Enter: FANTASTIC! 9 out of 10 stabs to the abdomen

There are some The 100 bloggers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

  • Jo Garfein – doing some great intellectual lifting when analyzing the show, and check out her The 100 podcast with AJ Mass, also found on Scifi Mafia at this link.
  • Erin Brown – unfairly beautiful writing. Like seriously, stop being so good.
  • Toni_watches – piss your goddamn pants funny photo recaps.


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3 Responses to The 100 – “Ye Who Enter Here” Review and Analysis

  1. Loved and agreed with pretty much everything. Your gifs had me in stitches!!

  2. Victoria says:

    >> This was the ultimate show of respect and probably one of the most romantic non-romantic
    >> gestures I’ve ever seen. This was Lexa … at both her strongest and her weakest.

    This. Not sure I have ever witnessed a more romantic moment on screen or in real life. I mean, don’t all those flash mob marriage proposals just seem downright foolish compared to this? Mind you, I recall being annoyed by all the fans who commented that “they just got married” when this happened because Lexa kneeling before Clarke was clearly NOT that. As you said, the acknowledgment that they are equals, the building of trust and the fact that it was totally unexpected made this the most brilliant thing I have seen on the screen in forever.

    Also, SO done with the extensions. So SO over it. Take a knife to those split ends Clarke, please! I might miss S2 Clarke greasy hair more than I miss Lexa.

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