The 100 – “Acceptable Losses” Review and Analysis

Oh yes, my friends. It finally happened. Octavia poked the bear one too many times. And guess who we saw wake from slumber? WANHEDA. When I saw Clarke’s face at the end of the episode I had no doubt she had resolved to do WHATEVER it takes to get Madi away from Octavia, even if that might mean the nuclear option.

I’m pulling out by big girl panties for the rest of this season because Clarke v. Octavia is going to be LIT.

let them fight

“Acceptable Losses,” written by series newcomer, Jeff Vlaming and directed by Mairzee Almas (lady director – yay!), was another heavy episode that further moved chess pieces into place and ended with the re-emergence of someone I’ve missed for quite a long time – Bad Ass Clarke Griffin Who Don’t Need No Blodreina. Yay! This episode also served up some great character interactions, like Monty/Clarke, Octavia/Indra, and Raven/Echo. We saw the end(?) of Kabby, and the big reveal of Diyoza’s pregnancy. Did y’all see that coming?

wait what

Before I get into the review, I just want to take a time out here and say that you, like me, might be having a tough week. I feel a little lost. It’s hard to find a lot to smile about in a world were bad people are doing bad things and we feel powerless to stop it. I struggle to remind myself that while it’s important to feel outraged and tap into your sense of empathy that makes you care about the humans around you – people of different nations, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, physical abilities, religions, or economic statuses – you have to also practice self-care to just get through this shit.

I have to think it’s okay to try and find something to smile about. Or TV shows to talk about or hobbies to enthuse about or just cool things to share. It’s hard to be sad and angry all the time, so find something that helps you get back in balance a bit. Music, books, games, friends, movies, writing…whatever. And I say this knowing that my pain, that of a privileged white woman, is nominal to those who fear for their lives, their family unity, and their freedom. But we have to take care of ourselves, mentally and emotionally at the same time.

killing eve

I don’t write these reviews because I have to…I do it because I have fun watching the show and thinking up silly things to say with accompanying GIFs. Maybe it helps a little with my own mental health, and gives me something to escape into for a bit. Do something that makes you feel a little better, even if it’s down and dirty and imperfect and unprofessional, like these horrible reviews. I don’t get paid for this, I’m just having fun with this shit, which is why I’m able to say things like “shit.” And “poopy head.” And “forkballs.” And “fuck Kara Cooper.” Which brings me to…

Fuck Kara Cooper

If you need an expert in deadly worms and biological weapons, who you gonna call? KARA COOPER, human tire fire and somehow an expert in gross things BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE IS. I’m dipping into the “oldie but a goodie and oh so appropriate” GIF bank here:

the worst pnr

Guys, they’re weaponizing worms. As biological warfare. And we’re just supposed to trust Kara that those worms won’t fuck up the last livable place on earth?

sure jan

I tell myself to have a good visual balance of text to GIF, but fuck those rules right now. I will not have a limit to how many eye roll GIFs I can use in regards to Kara Cooper.

james harden eye roll

And another…

eye roll

You know what, I’ve used those GIFs before in past reviews and I don’t even care. You don’t deserve new GIFs, Kara Cooper. Suck it. (I would usually punctuate this with a “suck it” GIF, but Kara doesn’t deserve the effort. SUCK IT AGAIN, KARA COOPER).

Diyoza and Kane, Sitting In a Tree, Verbally Sparring As She Rightly Points Out His Hypocrisy and Gives Him a Little What For and I’m Living For It

These two kids. Discussing the merits of who’s “worthy” of survival as Kane – somewhat out of character I think – suggests that losing some of the prisoners to their disease is not necessary a bad thing. And Diyoza is quick to catch him this hypocrisy. She uses the word “undesirables” to finish Kane’s sentiment about the prisoners and likens them to the delinquents or the 300 prisoners who would be left to die in space on an asteroid.


I can’t completely ignore how a lot of what happens in this episode is mirroring some of the events happening in the world right now, and how close someone is to dehumanizing the “other” as a way to justify their actions or beliefs. This shit is happening RIGHT NOW in America. And I’m not entirely happy about my about post-apocalyptic entertainment featuring factions trying to kill one another mirroring the fucking country I currently live in. This is all hitting too close to home, and it shouldn’t be. Jesus fuck. So much for dystopian entertainment being an escape.

over it

I mean…is it naive of me (as a human and as fan of this show) to say…CAN SOMEONE JUST CALL A TIME OUT AND ASK WHY THEY CAN’T TRY TO BE BETTER? TO DO BETTER? I mean, Monty seems to be the “what are we fucking doing?” teller of truth at times, but aren’t Bellamy, Clarke, Kane, et al. exhausted from all the violence? I know that tack has been tried a couple times, most notably with Lexa’s “blood must not have blood” philosophy that she tried to instill in the Grounders, but that was short-lived.

I know that watching people put down their guns and live peacefully together doesn’t make for a very compelling show, but I mean…I guess I need a little glimmer of hope somewhere and realize I may be barking up the wrong tree, entertainment-wise. I should just do a Parks and Rec rewatch.

My Love Letter to Diyoza, Part 73

Diyoza, Diyoza, Diyoza. I would remiss if I didn’t take this chance to work in a wrestling-related GIF after seeing Diyoza’s People’s Eyebrow-level game:

the rock

Diyoza keeps killing me with every little thing she does, which you could say is magic.

finger guns snl

Her backstory, revealed a little by her and a lot by Shaw this episode, is fascinating. She has a moral center that leans far more towards the proletariat than the ruling class, and watching her and Kane spar over how to lead and who is important is a great dynamic to witness. Again, she’s a terrorist that isn’t above killing folks, but there’s a method to her madness. Her belief in herself and her scruples may mirror Octavia in strength of resolve, but her philosophy is far more…”human” dare I say…than Octavia’s. Octavia wants to go to war for a piece of land for Wonkru…but seems willing to lose all of Wonkru to do it, almost. I mean, if I had to hazard a guess how far Octavia would go…I think she’s really losing sight of an end goal other than whatever her concept of “winning” is.

I could not love Diyoza more. Best addition to the show ever. And I say this as a massive fan of characters like Lexa, Roan, and Madi. But Diyoza brings a level of nuance that we’ve not seen before from our antagonists…and even now I’m hesitant to use that term for a character that may defy our deeply-ingrained pro/antagonist roles. I cannot wait for every scene with Diyoza and I have to say if she dies at the end of this season, I may set my own car on fire. Because I’m a polite rioter.

Just an aside here, but a couple things regarding Diyoza and Echo:

First: Watching them cat/mouse over what the other may or may not know is hella fun. Did Echo out-maneuver Diyoza by coming as clean as possible? Doubt it. But I think the best way to get Diyoza to even slightly trust Echo is for Echo to tell as much truth as she can. What’s that saying? The best lie is wrapped in the truth? Of course, trying to seem too honest could also be a tell.

Secondly: Diyoza TOTALLY KNOWS Echo and Raven were up to something on the ship, right? I love Echo’s spy craft, but I don’t think these two – one of whom is an admitted spy – are going to get anything over on Charmaine.

child please

Diyoza was giving Echo the ol’ side eye, a very pointed directing choice. So I’m 90% leaning to Diyoza figuring out some tomfoolery ensued. It would have been more sly to not have Diyoza react at all on camera, so we’d be really surprised when she starts monitoring Wonkru’s movements when they think are masked by Monty’s video loop. Or whatever it is. SCIENCE STUFF BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’m just sayin’ Wonkru is going to think they’re safe to move on Shadow Valley and Diyoza quickly fires a missile volley in their direction.

…And I’m Back To Side-Eyeing Gaia Again

Gaia is a riddle to me that keeps unraveling with each scene. She’s a bit of a contradiction, eh? Like…she’s dedicated to Octavia. But only as long as Octavia’s in power. And then maybe it’s time again for the Flame? But she won’t force it on Madi. But she sure as fuck will dangle it in front of her like a shiny bauble. I SEE YOU GAIA, I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’.

i see you

Y’all, you might think that Gaia is being true to both Octavia and her faith, but she’s doing something we degenerate gamblers are all too familiar with: hedging her bets. GIRL IS HEDGING HER BETS. If Octavia doesn’t work out, then Madi is a good backup plan, someone Gaia can continue to work on and influence while training her as a novitiate of Wonkru.

You ain’t foolin’ no one, Gaia. But I love your style, you crafty bench.

Regardless of their respective (and one day conflicting, I suspect) reasons, I could get with Clarke and Gaia having the same desire to keep Madi safe, to protect her from Octavia. I liked the two women working separately to counsel Madi on how to lay low, be a bit of a mediocre fighter, but as we know, that all went to shit…which brings me to our creative writing corner this week…

Jen’s Poetry Slam Part II: MADI STAHP! WHAT IS YOU DOIN’, OMG THIS IS DECIDEDLY NOT GOOD, WHY MADI WHY? [staring intently at Madi with tightly pursed lips and flared nostrils and eyes shooting concerned daggers]

I have to step poetry corner up a notch it seems.


Challenge accepted

“OH MADI NO part II” by Jen

what are you doing


cool it 30 rock

Did I just?…yes I did.



But really Madi, what is you doin’? I get it. You’re a little bad ass. You KNOW you can ace the stabby bits of your Wonkru exam, but YOU ARE STRESSIN’ YOUR MOM OUT. It’s hard being a smart, capable girl/woman and being told to turn down the awesome a little bit in order to stay safe, but Madi doesn’t feel the danger and she’s gotta shine…especially since she’s still got Octavia-shaped stars in her eyes. And because that little shit Ethan needs to be brought down a peg or two. But man, Madi being the catalyst for Clarke’s shift in tone was amazing to watch. Madi, you helped wake the beast. THANK YOU.

I can’t wait for Madi to realize what Octavia is…

Octavia Has Lost It and Indra Ain’t Havin’ It and It STRESSES ME OUT

Y’all…if there was any doubt about how far gone Octavia is, this episode was all you needed. She’s going off the rails and starting to make mistakes, the biggest of which is sidling up to Madi as a way to bring Clarke (and Clarke’s innate drive to take charge) to heel.

big mistake

While waking up mama bear Clarke is probably her biggest obvious error this episode, I think the most slyly impactful mistake will be sparring with Indra.

Look, Indra is committed to Octavia…she loves Octavia and wants to protect her, but how far will Indra go to do this? Indra realizes that Octavia is losing herself to the darkness of her own desires and fears and ambitions.

Indra was so key in this episode, willing to listen to Bellamy despite their history and his past crimes against her people. She’s also there to counsel Octavia. Indra is smart. Stalwart. Faithful. But she knows that enabling someone’s journey to self-destruction is not healthy, or smart, or something she can do out of love for Octavia. I’m so worried about Indra’s fate this season. I often just wander the streets of Houston at night, full of ennui and anxiety over Indra’s fate because Indra is the best and must survive this nightmare so she and Kane can drink tequila while gazing at a Shadow Valley sunset and saying “we’ve been through some shit, eh, my friend?”

worried anxious

She seems like she will willingly be the obstacle in Octavia’s way of going too far, to going to a place she can’t come back from. And it all makes sense for Indra’s character, who has been one of the most consistent characters in this world. She can be the one to try and stop Octavia, which will likely be interpreted by O as an act of betrayal, and may push Octavia to killing her. Which could, in turn, be the one step too far that makes Octavia realize what she’s become. I would like to think Bellamy could be in this position, but I don’t think they’ll put the siblings at that much of a crossroads.

On one hand, I think the Blakes at a “one might kill the other” crux is certainly compelling, but it’s the nuclear option, to be clear. And while the show is good at redeeming characters to one another, I don’t think the Blakes make it back from sibling-cide.

Kane and Abby Are Donezo…For Now

The writing has been on the wall for awhile now, so Kane and Abby’s relationship coming to a head – and an ultimatum – over Abby’s addiction felt more like a release of tension than a surprise. It’s over, guys. Kabby is done.

it's over judge judy

Well, it’s over for the time being, anyway. Kane declared his love for Abby, that he would die for her, but in the end still made her choose between him and her drugs, and guess who lost. Beardy Sexy Kane. I don’t disagree with Kane’s actions here. People reach a point in a relationship with an addict where carrying on is destructive to both people in the relationship, and getting out is the only way for the non-addict to stay relatively sane.

I feel bad for Abby here, but I feel her story is poorly conveyed at this point because I have NO IDEA why Abby is addicted to drugs. Or what drugs they are. How did it get to this point? It’s fine if we cover this in a flash back in a future episode, but not coloring in a little backstory by this point in the season feels like a major hole. Just a little drug backstory please…

i want more

If we can learn about Diyoza through a wee bit of exposition from Shaw, we can get a wee bit of exposition to explain the genesis of Abby’s addiction.

Will Kane and Abby get back together? I don’t know where this story line is headed. And that’s fine…just give me a bit of info. And if I missed it somewhere along the way, I apologize. I’m sure someone will set me straight.


If y’all follow the show on social media at all, you probably knew already that Ivana Milicevic was pregnant during filming. But I don’t think we knew that the show would lean into it and make it a part of the story line, which is just awesome.

cheer applaud

You can only pull off the “is this body armor making me look bulky” look for so long before we’re like…do you sleep in that body armor? It’s getting a little weird how you won’t take that off. Stop being the weird body armor girl.

I wonder if we’ll see McBaby this season (assuming that McCreary is the father, which I think is a safe assumption to make, otherwise why drop the hint they did the dirty?). I wonder if Diyoza is concerned about Abby’s addiction in regards to delivering a baby. I wonder if this new information and change in Diyoza’s status will align her closer to Clarke as they both have one person they should be placing above all others. How does this fundamentally change Diyoza’s outlook and approach to Prisonkru, Wonkru, potential war, and continued survival? Does McCreary start to get all cute and nesty?

the office questions

I’m so happy the writers made the pregnancy part of the story. Kick ass pregnant women are rare on TV. Wynonna Earp used it’s star’s pregnancy to drive a great second season. I’m so excited to see how this whole revelation changes things up in a show that has never really dealt with new life. But bravo for leaning into this baby. So many other shows would have hid Diyoza in big coats and staged all her action behind tall couches.

Monty Is Too Pure for this Shitshow of a World, So He’ll Probably Die. As One Does.

I’m glad that Monty got a little time this episode to do something other than look at a computer screen. Monty is great. Monty feels stuff. Monty is also probably right that humanity is doomed and kinda sucks and everything is awful.

life is shit

That he’s agreeing more and more with Jasper’s point of view is a bit scary to me. Because I don’t want Monty to lose that spark that makes him Monty, but the time and circumstances have worn him thin. He just wants to make algae for his friends and be happy. And you know what, that’s not a crazy ask. I’m scared for him…there may not be a place for someone like him any more in this world. Even after purged by nuclear fire, the earth harbors the rot that humans bring to it.

I love that Monty and Clarke got a moment. I love that Clarke didn’t read Jasper’s letter – it would have felt intrusive. I got a little something in my eye when he started reading the letter to his friends. Monty’s anger and sadness and helplessness is a very familiar feeling. He is us. Hashtag ProtectMonty2018.

Spy Mechanic Is All That and a Bag of Nails

Do I love Raven and Echo? Uh…


Ever since their sparring sequence in the season opener I’ve wanted to dive into their dynamic a lot more. And unfortunately, whatever friend cuddle times I was looking forward to was quickly diverted by Echo doing what she thought she had to do to help her friends back in Polis. I’m sure there will be people who will use this situation as a reason to hate her instead of admitting they just hate her for riding the wrong d…

giphy (3)

Yes, Dolph Lungren, let’s go with that.

I don’t like any action that causes hurt or anguish to my beloved Raven, so I’m a bit torn here. Who is Shaw in this world, anyways? Besides a maybe ally to Raven who doesn’t seem too ready to help, especially not on the timetable they need? So was Shaw an acceptable loss? To Echo, yes. To Raven, no. But only because they may need an inside man later. Any attachment to Shaw at this point is merely what he can do for Raven, but I know she feels bad for him because Raven is highly empathetic. She doesn’t like to see good people…or good adjacent people…get hurt, and that’s part of why we love her. I can see why she’d want to build more of a connection to the ONE person on Prisonkru that has shown an ounce of kindness…when not, you know, being complicit in torture.

What does Echo’s actions mean for the Spy Mechanic dynamic?

fuck yeah nailed it

Oh, of course I was going to celebrate that word play.

The future is unclear, but I know that Raven will need Echo’s wits and spy skills and ability to kick ass sooner rather than later, so they’ll have to kiss and make up. LIKE REALLY THO, KISS AND MAKE UP.

now kiss

You’re into it, y’all. Don’t be pretending to turn your nose up at Spy Mechanic kissy times then go back to your Murphamy head cannon like you somethin’ special. I SEE YOU.

While We’re on the Topic of Kissy Times Acceptable Losses

Hoo boy, this episode is a doozy when you consider that it’s basically asking of us to draw a line in the moral sand of how far we’d be willing to go to achieve a needed outcome. With Shaw, I felt that Echo made the right call even though it sucks for now. Having basically zero attachment to him makes it a fairly easy call? Right?

But man, Octavia is so willing to let her friends die to “win” this war that I’m like…is this the line in the sand that Clarke and Bellamy won’t cross? I mean, both have gone to extremes for “their people,” but is biological warfare that puts friends and family at great risk…is that beyond the pale? Is there a line in the sand, or is it constantly shifting? We know their priorities are different, so how will they align to take down Octavia…or will they? Is this now a line that Bellamy won’t cross – whatever “taking down Octavia” might look like?

hard choice

I think Octavia has made herself pretty clear. And her “acceptable losses” are staggering – and beyond just Shadow Valley victims – when you consider the relationships she is actively destroying – through ruthlessness, thoughtlessness, or intention. She’s losing Indra and Bellamy. She lost Clarke in one instant with Madi. Who knows how weariness and emotional attrition will wear on those who have a personal relationship with her or the larger contingent of Wonkru. Octavia seems wholly incapable at this point of realizing how her actions and emotional outbursts are fraying the threads that keep people attached to her…or who she was. At this point, I can’t fathom what Octavia WON’T do to achieve her agenda.

Again, I don’t think Octavia is emotionally, psychologically, or socially prepared for what the bunker threw at her. And that’s okay. I do not like Octavia right now. And THAT’S okay. I’m 100% off her team. I love that I’ve done a 180 on her and I’m fine with disliking a character who has a long history on this show. To me, having to explore my feelings about her is fascinating and fun and a little hard because I was a huge fan in season 4. I’m being challenged.

i like this

Maybe the old Octavia Blake has to be my acceptable loss for this new, interesting, scary iteration of her as Blodreina. Not all heroes stay heroes. And maybe some folks were never cut out to be heroes to begin with. The whole notion of “who we are and who we need to be to survive” ignores one crucial thing: what if this is who you always really were?


Did you all see the moment Clarke Motherfuckin’ Wanheda Griffin decided she’s going to kill Octavia?

i sure did

Look, Octavia done fucked up. She sees Madi not just as a threat to her power but as a way to control Clarke, who also represents a threat to her reign. It wasn’t that long ago that Clarke was calling the shots, and Octavia recognizes that too many cooks in the kitchen, even a semi-retired one, could lead to trouble. Except I think Clarke was content to follow a different path, one that put Madi first. One that focused on their little family unit rather than solving Skaikru or Grounder or humanity’s problems. I think she was done being anything close to a leader.

But then Octavia pretty much recruited Madi as her second, so obviously to exert her power in front of Clarke and control Madi, it awoke the beast.

hulk and loki smash

The moment Clarke turned around and that look flashed across her face, I knew: she was now more than willing do kill Octavia to protect Madi. At least that’s how I read it. Your mileage may vary. Do you think Clarke is above killing Octavia? We know she’s not above passively letting her die. But their relationship has never really fomented into what I would call a friendship. They are at times awkwardly polite around one another, and I do think they care about one another, but I also believe that neither of them will put up with the other’s shit for very long. I don’t think there’s any amount of trust there that isn’t held together merely by the presence of Bellamy.

I don’t need Clarke to get back into leader mode, but I’m 1000% ready for Clarke acting from a place where there is one person who drives her decisions and actions. Because as I’ve written before in past reviews, Clarke has tackled macro issues, but has lacked the micro – or the personal stakes – in a lot of her considerations. Now she’s got Madi to consider above all else and above everyone else. Bellamy is in much the same position, as it’s clear he cares about Spacekru and keeping that little family unit safe. It’s no longer about humanity, it’s about their respective circles of people they care dearly for.


That Bellamy, Clarke, and their friends hitched their fates to Wonkru is just due to circumstance. They can’t help they’re stranded in Polis with Octavia and her nutjobs. Getting back to Shadow Valley yields different results perhaps for both parties. Clarke and Bellamy are decidedly not on the same page when it comes to what they’re protecting, and I don’t think they’re going to see eye-to-eye on taking Octavia out, as Bellamy is pulled in every direction right now. None of this is going to be easy or have a clear-cut path to resolution, but I’m excited to have some semblance of a bad ass Clarke back.

It’s been awhile. I may love Raven and Bellamy and Echo and Diyoza, but I would get a tattoo for Clarke. And not just a drunk tattoo on my ankle. Yes, that’s how much I love this main character. She’s unlike anyone on TV and the parts of her that I’ve loved – conflicted, uncompromising, angry, resolute – have been muted in bits and pieces ever since season 2. It’s been a long wait to see Wanheda re-emerge a bit. What this new iteration of Clarke, one that sets her sights on taking out a past friend and ally, looks like is yet to be seen.

Did You Try Turning It Off and Turning It Back On Again?


Deathwatch 2018

From week to week, I’m ranking characters by likelihood two die in two buckets: gonna die and long shots. Dead characters of note are in the “May We Meet Again” category.

LOTS of movement on my Deathwatch 2018 lists, and I’M NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. Indra is creepin’ up. NOT HAPPY. Kara is creepin’ down. EXTRA NOT HAPPY. Diyoza added. NOT FUCKIN’ HAPPY. Monty and Madi moving up. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. Octavia added. NOT REALISTIC, BUT I’M GOING WITH IT.

Seriously, I began doubting the wisdom of putting together this death watch last week, and now I’m really beginning to regret this shit. Every new review I have to search my soul and break just a little bit more. Yay me for this awful idea.

good job unhappy

Sure Bets, One of These Peeps Is Dyin’

  1. Abby
  2. Kane
  5. McCreary
  6. Diyoza (new to the list, but I couldn’t bump anyone off, god I hate this)

Loooooooooooooong Shots, Place Yer Bets!

  1. Monty (+3 gots me worried, y’all!)
  2. Madi (+2)
  3. Octavia (previously unranked)
  4. Murphy (-3)
  5. Kara (previously unranked on the long shots, but I hate her so much I’m putting her on BOTH lists because I’m a vindictive woman)

Dropped off the list: Clarke (1)…she’s the main character, WTF was I thinking? But Marie celebrated the season 6 pickup, so now I’m like “they’re not going to fake us out like that, it’s not that deep Jen,” but still, I’m just plunging forward with blinders on ignoring what I know from social media and the very logical inferences I’ve drawn.

May We Meet Again

  1. Jaha – he was number 1 on my Sure Bet to die board, though I take no pleasure in being right…it was a sorta easy read based on social media. Jaha was an interesting, complex, often infuriating figure in this universe, so RIP.

Raven Reyes Nookie Watch 2018

Welcome back to Raven Reyes Nookie Watch 2018! This is a weekly recurring feature of upmost importance. It’s all about the nookie!

Guys, I never thought I would say this but: my girl Echo cock blocked our girl Raven…without even really knowing it. But the road to nookie is never easy on The 100. Raven is going to have to work for this. Which feels unfair because Raven saves the day all the time and puts in WORK, so why can’t the nook be easy this time around? SIGH. But who doesn’t love a little angst? I KNOW YOU DO, YOU TRASH PEOPLE!

RAVEN REYES NOOKIE ALERT LEVEL: Sad and angsty, just the way we like it, so let’s celebrate with a Cap and Bucky GIF, shall we?

cap and bucky

Ah yes. Our happy place.

Reunite Families – Donate and Volunteer

I don’t like to get political up in my reviews, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Families are being ripped apart at our US borders and we need good people to stand up and stop them.

The gals at Metastation have put together a fundraiser at Crowd Rise to raise money for RAICES Texas, which provides legal services to immigrants and refugees in Texas. If they reach their goal, they plan to ask for a match from The 100 cast & crew. I hope they blow past their goal and it just snowballs into a shit storm of giving to help these families out. Please give if you can. Volunteer if you can. VOTE.

Parting Thoughts

  • Slarke is my ride or die ship – that’s Clarke + soap. Is there not like one little mini bottle of conditioner or some surf putty or something in that bunker?
  • Currently taking bets on how much threesome sex has been happening with off-screen Murphy, Emori, and McCreary.
  • #ProtectIndra2018
  • I want a GIF of Diyoza’s “Oh, too soon?” on my gravestone.
  • Whelp folks…I’m back to turning closed captions on to hear dialog. C’MON sound mixers!
  • Did I count and re-count my GIF haiku syllables out on my fingers? You bet your ass I did. Haikus are suuuuuuuurious business.
  • Harper does exist. End of statement.
  • The whole Bellamy/Monty/Clarke/Indra cafeteria scene was awesome, with some sly humor worked in for good measure. I would give good money for a take where Indra says “YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!” when Bellamy wanders over.
  • Monty is so trying to make his farm-to-table algae pop up restaurant work.
  • Anyone else gearing up for some explosive mid-season fuckery? Yes please.
  • Chin up friends.
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“Acceptable Losses”: 8.5 out of 10 McBabies

There are some The 100 reviewers/recaps/writers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

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Who at this point is sick of my Chidi joke? Just me?

You are Wonkru or you are the enemy of Wonkru. Choose.

chidi the good place

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  1. natalia h says:

    I’ll never get tired of the Chidi joke. I love him.

    “how close someone is to dehumanizing the “other” as a way to justify their actions or beliefs”
    DUDE. I was having a conversation about feminism and the case of 5 guys raping a girl in Spain, and THIS, I could’ve used this to make my point, damnit. I’m so mad but also glad I found it. I’m keeping it.

    • Jennifer says:

      I’m glad the Chidi joke is still loved.

      The dehumanization thing is just way too timely…I never thought Kane would go there. But then, I never though the president of the United States would refer to immigrants and refugees as people who “infest” this country. It’s….so evil. Just straight up white supremacy. Dehumanization of people of color, of women…of people with any difference is just on the rise and we have to keep pointing it out, fighting it, and showing these assholes that they can rot in hell.

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