The 100 – “The Four Horsemen” Review and Analysis

How am I opening two out of my three season 4 reviews so far with a Ric Flair gif? Because it’s happening! When you call an episode “The Four Horsemen,” you’re gonna — WOOOOO! — get some goddamn Four Horsemen, baby!


And tell you what, I’d rather face these four in the ring than what Clarke and Co. have coming in the form of the second apocalypse, as a glimpse towards the future lands squarely on Arkadia’s doorstep in the form of what’s left of Luna’s riggies.

“The Four Horsemen” was written by Heidi McAdams and I felt it was a tightly written, well-paced episode. These early episodes don’t have big sweeping moments, which is good, because the story can build without feeling like it needs to give us a huge set piece or Big DecisionTM to set off each episode. Instead, we’re getting a build up of dread, of story lines that are set to crash into one another, and drama about to flap all up in your face like a dying radioactive bird.

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In the past, I would write these reviews while sipping on a dram (or two…or four) of scotch, but alcohol is now completely out of my life because my liver is fat and I need it to not be fat. On the bright side, coffee is BACK on the menu (since I just found out I do NOT have an ulcer). This review is fueled by a bucket of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Grounder Stevie Nicks Is Back And She Is DEFINITELY Not Bringing Fajitas, Flautas, Quesadillas And Other Tex-Mex Specialties With Her

Y’all, I’m going to rehash the joke I originally made with Luna by calling her Grounder Stevie Nicks because it made me giggle so much and I was so proud of it, that I shouldn’t let it go to waste.


Luna shows up at Arkadia’s gates, but noticeably missing are her roofie-laced margaritas. No chips or queso either. (don’t get this joke? go watch Stevie Nicks Fajita Roundup NOW. but then come back!)

It’s so good to see Luna again! She, Nyko (helloooooooooooooooooooo nurse!), and the last of her people show up at Arkadia with a flaming case of the herp radiation sickness, caused by eating radioactive fish.


In what little we got to see of Luna last season, I was left intrigued by her character and wanting more, because unlike 99.9999% of the Grounders, she wants nothing to do with conflict. I’m hoping beyond hope that Luna doesn’t get the ol’ guest star shove off this season (aka death) because I like her, I like Nadia Hilker, and I think putting her in the mix with Skaikru is a great opportunity to add a new dynamic to the group.

Oh, and Nyko is there as well. Hello big fella. **blink blink** HOW YOU DOIN’?

Clarke And Bellamy and Jaha, Your Dream Nightmare Team

We got a lot of Clarke and Bellamy this episode (most of the time weighed down with Crazy Old Uncle Jaha).

Look, I don’t ship romantic Bellarke. And to be perfectly honest, even when I do ship romantically, I’m a horrible shipper by shipping standards. As soon as the couple is off my screen or no longer a subject of a conversation I’m in, I forget about it for the most part. I don’t read fan fic, I don’t gaze wistfully at Tumblr gifsets, I don’t think about ships outside of when I have to because I’m just not that into shipping, to be honest.


With Clarke and Bellamy, I see two very put-upon people who aren’t necessarily a great romantic pairing, but who are probably best friends that are often the only people who understand what the other is going through. Season 3 threw that dynamic off-kilter a bit when they just fundamentally didn’t see eye to eye on why Clarke left or stayed in Polis or why Bellamy was so willing to distrust Grounders and go to extremes to protect Arkadia. But season 4 has put this friendship very squarely back in the center of the show.

The mantle of leadership has been once again put on Clarke’s back, and while Bellamy is not in the driver’s seat (unless we’re talking about the Rover), he is there to support Clarke in the most awful moments, like writing down a list of people who are worthy enough to save. Bellamy is half wrong when he corrects Jaha…Bellamy does center Clarke, and I don’t think he quite realizes how much she needs that support system. I spent a great deal of the back half of season 3 questioning Clarke’s mental state and her decisions. She grew more desperate as the season went on, and I don’t think fully had Bellamy there to lean on after Lexa’s death while they were trying to stop ALIE. Now, she does. And Bellamy has the whole picture of Clarke’s grief, which is so important. Their understanding of each other works best when there are no secrets between them.

Bellamy is also correct in telling Jaha that Clarke centers him as well. It’s obvious that since season 1, they’ve developed a support system and trust with one another. They have never truly been forced to choose to break confidence or trust with one another (bumps in the road in season 3 weren’t truly earth shattering, merely detours from one another), and while I don’t wish it upon them in season 4, it would truly be dramatic to have them at odds that might force them to make a choice that doesn’t include the other. Bellamy’s philosophy of “save who we can today” versus Clarke’s “save everyone” may clash sometime in the future. Bellamy’s stance can be short-sighted and could put too much pressure on Clarke.

Adding Jaha to this weird mini-Adventure Squad outing is interesting, in that Jaha is still as fucking crazy as ever, and completely unrepentant about it.


I know Jason Rothenberg recently in an interview said that Jaha is trying to pay for his sins, but this mother fucker is NOT pensive. Not one fucking minute of one fucking hour of one fucking day do I believe he doesn’t feel completely justified in bringing the horror of ALIE down on everyone. Did y’all really listen to his dialog with Bellamy? IF YOU’RE TRYING TO SAVE YOUR PEOPLE, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE SORRY FOR.

Jaha: “Still blaming yourself for killing that army? You made mistakes, it’s true. But your intentions were pure. Every choice you made, you made to save your people. Even shooting me. Twice. As long as that’s the truth, you don’t need redemption.”

YOU DON’T NEED REDEMPTION. This speech, while many people think another in the “Great Bellamy Apology Tour of Whatever Year It Is,” reveals a lot about Jaha. As does his seeming admiration for doomsday cult leader, Bill Cadogan. I don’t for one second believe that Jaha hanging around portends anything good for this season, because if he thinks for a moment he has a chance to “save his people,” he will likely scuttle whatever plans anyone else has in place and end up fucking everything up. This dude will not be swayed from his mission.

I have a feeling that Jaha’s “you have nothing to be sorry for if your intentions are good” attitude will start rubbing off a bit on Clarke, who I think we might have a hard time liking a bit at times this season. And I welcome this sort of conflict. Clarke has always felt super guilty about every decision that has cost lives, and this offers a way out. While I can’t foresee her completely buying into it, Jaha has a way of influencing people that is a bit insidious. He just kinda worms his way in and you THINK he’s a good leader because he gives that good leader talk, but man, he’s broken in ways that are sometimes hard to see.

My Favorite Threesome Is Troublesome

When you add Raven to the Bellamy and Clarke mix, the dynamic gets interesting, as we know Clarke trusts Raven perhaps almost as much as Bellamy, but Raven, unlike Bellamy, is a bit judgy judgy when it comes to Clarke’s decisions of late, and is becoming a bit of a mean girl.

Raven: “Choosing who gets to live or die is your specialty.”


God. DAMN. That’s Jasper-level shade throwing right there, and I’m not sure if I can take much more of Raven intentionally going for the leg sweep with Clarke. It’s fucking painful. But I don’t think that will happen much anymore because this episode intentionally put Raven in the position of having to pull or not pull the proverbial lever. Unlike Clarke and Bellamy (who got his quick lesson in “choose who to save RIGHT NOW” last episode), Raven has never been in the position of making snap decisions that affect life or death. This episode she did, and while it didn’t necessarily seal the fate of the little girl, the effect it had on Raven was profound. Bravo to Lindsey for her emotional work this episode. We got a lot of these very quiet moments in this episode where the camera lingered on Raven, Clarke, and Murphy to get shots that expressed their internal turmoil.

This leadership dynamic is constantly in flux, and while they have their disagreements, we have yet to see any of them break ranks. THAT’S an important thing to note: they all have each other’s backs. Right now. I don’t think my little coal-nugget of a heart can take a major schism between any of these three, but y’all know what show we’re watching. It never makes it easy on us emotionally. Dear writer’s room…y’all are getting my therapy bill.

We Are Family And Of Course It’s Dysfunctional, This Is The 100 After All

So, Indra has a daughter, you guys.



Not only does Indra have a daughter, she’s also a bit of a religious fanatic. And this has basically estranged the two of them because instead of following in Indra’s footsteps and becoming a leader of Trikru, she’s instead devoted herself to be a flamekeeper. Now, I don’t know if she’s an apprentice flamekeeper, a religious groupie, or what, but Gaia is going to be a fascinating character moving forward.

I love the work we get out of Adina Porter in this episode, and can only echo what I’ve seen a lot of people on twitter say so far: why isn’t she a series regular? WHY?!


With Indra and Gaia, we get another pair of blood relatives that are on the outs, and it’s great that Octavia is inserted into this whole situation because she’s in the same position with Bellamy. She knows what estrangement feels like and we finally get a little bit of the heart that we know Octavia has this episode as she protects Gaia from both Roan and the anti-tech Grounders Ilian has fallen in with. And that she does it for Indra is so great. Indra obviously is a bit taken aback by Gaia turning up, so leave it to Octavia to protect Gaia in Indra’s place. These moments are where Octavia gets to shine. I love Octava and Indra together, and adding Gaia to the mix will undoubtedly allow them all to tuck into some pretty good emotional material.

How great is it we get to see Indra now with two daughters on her hands, one who has forsaken her place in Trikru to run around after the Flame, and the other losing herself, piece by piece, to her new-found Skairipa persona?

Roan, You Had ONE Job

Seriously Roan, you are getting on my last nerve. You had one freakin’ job, and that was to be the King and protect the Flame. So, I guess technically two jobs.

Shut up.

But how does homeboy not keep the Flame on him at all times? HOW? SO DISAPPOINTED, ROAN.


It is literally the only thing keeping the clans from dissolving into all-out war. Clarke realized that, and gave up the last remnant she had of Lexa to insure Skaikru’s safety and to preserve the coalition. And Roan got it jacked. So he goes to his new “fixer,” Octavia, The 100’s version of Olivia Pope. He wisely understands that sacrificing one person to save 1000 is just good politics, but he’s not the one who has to get his hands sullied. Luckily Octavia now has a taste for all killings.


Sidebar: when Roan goes to see Octavia, she and Indra are hanging out. But where are they hanging out at? Is it Polis’ version of a brownstone? Is it a Polis BnB? Does Indra have a place in the city along with her expansive Trikru estate? And I imagine it’s an estate because Indra is a well-known real estate mogul, what with all the golf resorts, spas, strip centers, and the like. I’m kinda obsessed…I need to know what sort of townhouse they have in Polis where you can just hang out and sharpen your swords and be visited by incognito kings.

In order to protect Gaia, Octavia lies to Roan and gives him a shattered, but fake, Flame. Can I just take a moment here, because when Ilian shattered the “flame” back in Titus’s (and I guess now Gaia’s) sex dungeon because all tech is now icky bad, Twitter went batshit. “Oh my god, they destroyed the Flame.”

Was ANYONE paying attention, both when they zoomed in on Gaia’s flame necklace replica and when Indra said “it’s nothing, a token she’s worn since she joined the faith.” Of COURSE they’re going to pull the ol’ switcheroo…the only thing missing was Octavia turning to the camera, breaking the forth wall, and saying “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”

So raise your hand if you think this lie is going to bite Octavia on the ass. I’m raising my hand. This might be the season of well-intentioned lies, and I don’t mind that one bit.

Did anyone else find it chilling when Roan mentioned that there might have to be more killing before all is said and done and Octavia was ALL ABOUT IT?


I don’t for one second believe that Indra was proud when she had her side convo with Roan…I read “I’m so proud” as sarcastic, or at least what passes for sarcastic in Indra’s world. She’s a straight shooter respected on both sides (any Lovett and Pod Save America fans here?). I hope to see more of these two together…I hate when Indra drops out of the story for episodes at a time; I’m at the point where I believe she’s vital to the whole story, not just to Octavia, and want to see more of her, thank you very much. Hollah if you hear me.


Welp, since that whole “Jaha found a bunker, we’re all saved!” thing didn’t pan out, Clarke is forced to keep her word to Raven and make the list of the 100 people who will be inside the Ark when the doors close.

Hey, guess what guys, this is an emotionally taxing job, one that no one should want to do. While Bellamy sleeps (thanks for all the help on the calculus homework, loser!), Clarke decides that #99 is Bellamy. But she’s unwilling and unable to put herself down as the last member of that group. Bellamy wakes up, checks the list, and then insists she includes herself. When she won’t do it, Bellamy writes her name down. “If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.”


(Y’all, I saved this gif during the hiatus because I just love it and had no idea how I’d use it. And here the show serves up the perfect opportunity to me on a silver platter. Thank you writers! We should have a Festival of Friendship soon. I promise not to power bomb anyone.)

I know this moment set all the little Bellarke shipper hearts a’flutter, but I felt it was touching outside of the MAH NIBBLY BITS ARE TINGLING aspect of it and it really showed that neither of them are willing to put themselves above the others, but they will put EACH OTHER above most everyone.

(*****trigger warning*****What’s the over/under on Bellarke fans that will take offense to my “nibbly bits” crack? Don’t take offense guys, Clexa shippers are just as extra, so I will take the piss out of ALL y’all. And now I wonder how many took offense at one ship being compared to the other. Let’s trigger you guys some more: Kabby is THE BEST SHIP, and BECHO IS ENDGAME).


((Some of y’all still think I’m serious about Becho, so I’m going to keep saying Becho is endgame because I love poking the hornet’s nest))

(((But for serious, Rellamy is endgame, and that’s Riley and Bellamy, not Raven and Bellamy)))

((((Because we all know Princess Mechanic is endgame, so Raven’s already taken))))

ANYHOO, who else, besides that crafty Kim Ginsburg, is on the list? Is Riley on the list?



But who else? I would bet that Raven and Abby and Jackson certainly are, but what about Jasper, Miller, and Harper? How many Grounders are on that list? What is the criteria that Clarke used? Do people with specialized skills take precedent over those without? How do you deliver that message? “You just don’t ADD anything to what will be left of humanity…we have to think about the future.”

Like, wow. I know that’s a harsh thought, but do you take scientists and doctors and mechanics and engineers and others with a specialization to pass knowledge and skills on to the next generation, or do you consider all people to be equally worthy of saving? Obviously since there’s a list and not a lottery, I would say the former is at least somewhat likely. And I don’t necessarily disagree with this on moral grounds. Does that make me a monster? I struggle with this, but if you’re being COMPLETELY honest, do you save the best and brightest to give the future a better chance, or do you save randos who may bring less to the table?

Look, I can’t tell you who is on the list, but what I do know is: LOCK THAT SHIT UP ONCE YOU’RE DONE WITH IT, CLARKE!


You DO NOT just casually throw that list into an unlocked drawer. You know (if you watch previews) that Jasper and Monty are going to find that shit and be SUPER annoying about it, forcing Clarke to defend herself. Man, if she doesn’t chew them a new asshole for being completely oblivious to the tribulations of being in charge and having to make those heart-rending decisions, I will be pissssssssssed. Allowing people to heap their anger and resentment onto her without response was a huge beef I had with last season, so she needs to stand up to these no-responsibility-having fools and tell them what’s what.

We know, right now, that the list is a contingency plan. The last resort if they cannot find additional solutions to their predicament, but do you really think anyone is going to care about that? They’ll take one look at the list, see they’re not on it, and throw a public hissy that puts Clarke is some hot political waters…waters she already started on a low simmer with her lie last episode. I feel like things are going to get out of hand very soon, and likely we’ll see it start next episode.

Sidebar: can we talk about something that is becoming a snowballing issue for me? How come NO ONE has questioned Clarke being in charge? Why is the standard system of government and the processes of electing new leadership completely throw out the window, making Clarke the defacto leader? Remember the Exodus Charter? Is that just out the window now? Are no adults like “why the fuck is a child in charge?” This HAS to be addressed soon or I will really start to obsess.

#FourHorsemen? More Like #CooCooForCocoPuffsCrazyPants

Alright guys, there’s abso-fucking-lutely no way this loony doomsday cult / religion is not going to rear its head again this season. One does not cast John Pyper-Ferguson as a cult leader for a one-shot McGuffin. Hell, we’re getting this season’s catchphrase from Second Dawn: “From the ashes, we will rise.”

It was nice to get out of Arkadia for a bit with a so we could see this weird Awkward Squad trio of Bellamy, Clarke, and Jaha interact. I will say, bravo to Bellamy for going first and taking those spiderwebs down. HELLS TO THE NO.


Upon opening the bunker, our intrepid heroes (and one batcrap crazy Jaha) find a swampy soup of bodies. Oops, bunker had a leak. There’s also bunker graffiti: “There is no Second Dawn burn in hell Cadogan.”

HMMMMMMMMMM. Does that imply that Cadogan wasn’t in the bunker when it was sealed from inside? I know this is wackadoo, but could Cadogan still be alive? I don’t know how, I know it’s been 97+ years and he looks to be 40+ is the video, but again, you do not cast that dude (who I would TOTALLY ALWAYS cast as a cult leader) to play a one-shot. But more realistically, they’ll do flashbacks with Cadogan. But hey, they could maybe cryofreeze the guy…you never know what the tech was like in 2052.

So, the bunker didn’t pan out as a solution for the Awkward Squad — and oh boy, it certainly didn’t for the poor level XII saps that probably paid a pretty penny to secure their spot — but these cultists will come back into play somewhere along the way.

Now, here’s a crazy theory, but what if Cadogan didn’t spend all of his money on the bunker, but had other projects, ala Elon Musk, and was building a rocket or shuttle to go into space? Who are the other tech buyers that Emori mentioned last season? Could all these threads eventually lead to a big reveal of transport to take people back into space?


There are a couple things working against a pet project space program if I’m using my rational mind: a couple million dollars doesn’t get space rockets and the surrounding infrastructure built; also how does one undertake such a huge endeavor without drawing attention and getting into the news? But we all know that using one’s rational mind doesn’t always make for enjoying TV as a form of entertainment, so I’m trying to keep an open mind in regards to some space shenanigans that might ensue.

Maybe Cadogan was just a con man and took everyone’s money and built a shitty ass bunker. He could merely have claimed to believe all that doomsday bullshit, and created a predatory fake-ass pay-to-play “religion” (kinda of like the one that rhymes with “Schmientology”) to rip off people that have more money than sense. Y’all think this cult plays a bigger role this season? I think this could be fun!

As an aside, how jarring is it to see a video from the past, complete with a Twitter hashtag, used in the show? I mean, of course it makes sense, it’s just not something we see a lot of. I had assumed much of this old media was lost, as there’s no longer an internet to support bazillabytes of data, but maybe the Ark’s mainframes are far more capable than I realize.

All The Important Stuff Happens In The Med Bay

So we had a lot of people coming and going from the med bay that figure prominently into our story. Of course, Luna and her people are there, along with Nyko, Abby, and Jackson, who are trying to figure out the best course of treatment for the sick Grounders. Raven and Murphy are in and out, both serving their purpose to the story and getting in some good emotional work.

Let’s tackle Murphy first. In order to do so, let’s go back to the cave he shares with Emori, where we have a very important — but one I find somewhat lacking — scene in which Murphy admits to Emori that he had no choice but to do whatever Ontari wanted. Of course WE know this means the sex between them, which was coerced and obviously a rape, but not treated as such either in the season 3 dialog between Murphy and Ontari or the ridiculous electric guitar sex music that played over the scene.

I took the show to task for that, because it left me confused. It was obviously a rape due to lack of informed consent, but the show didn’t treat it as such, and to me it was such a lost opportunity. Well, guess what, they missed the boat yet again this week.


Call a spade a spade. Call a rape a rape. It would could be a very emotional and watershed moment for TV — openly discussing a man being raped by a woman — but instead we get ambiguity. Perhaps they’ll address it for what it is in a future episode, but until that happens, I’m going to call this a missed opportunity to clearly identify what happened and show its effects. And guys…please stop being mean to Emori about how she’s acting…she doesn’t know what really happened, so she CAN be jealous because she’s not the omniscient observer that we are.

Anyhoo, back to the med bay. Murphy decides he’s going to do a little light thieving while visiting Arkadia to take back to his little cave, but he learns the cold hard truth while eavesdropping on Raven and Abby…shit’s about to get bad. He also does something that plays right into his backstory: he steals the anti-radiation meds for Abby.

The whole time Murphy was doing this, I felt certain the other shoe would drop. He would steal the rest of the meds for himself and Emori, or take off with something equally vital. Instead he turned over the meds and then sat there while they all waited to see what would happen to the girl. He didn’t have to, and because he did, leads me to believe that there’s a part of him that cares, even if he can later play it off to Emori like he’s sucking up to Abby. I don’t buy that his whole act is a con here. He looks far too invested and concerned about that kid. But certainly at least part of him is looking for an in, a way to get in good with the people who ostensibly will be deciding who gets on the proverbial life boat, and he knows that being useful is the best way to get in good. Or so he thinks.

Murphy isn’t an easy character to read at times. But he’s smart and he’ll do anything for himself and Emori. That was his driver for most of last season, although a by-product of that instinct meant he helped Clarke and Bellamy shut down the City of Light. I can’t wait to see what mischief Murphy gets into next, but I’m also hoping that at some point he does something to save someone outside of his circle of two. I’m so pulling for this kid to make good, it’s not even fair. And he’s going to break my little heart, isn’t he?

Let’s move on to Raven. I’ve already mentioned that this episode was Raven’s “opportunity” to find out what making a snap life or death decision was like. By refusing to give up the anti-radiation meds to Abby, she’s further strengthening her position of doing what’s most pragmatic. Those meds are less effective the further removed from exposure they’re administered, so there was no guarantee they will work. But she also overrode a doctor’s desire to save people, and I don’t think Abby would use the meds if she didn’t think there was a chance. So Raven basically reduced a life down to mathematics…she considered the odds of success too low to waste an already low quantity of vital meds. And I don’t think Abby likes that reductive thinking one bit.


I’m not sure if I like Abby blaming Raven if the girl dies. It felt harshly critical and reminiscent of Abby’s disappointment in Clarke after her TonDC decision. Or perhaps Raven deserves to get a bit of her own medicine, as she’s been throwing shade at Clarke over a couple episodes now. I’ve already discussed that I think NOW Raven knows that the Clarke-level decisions feel like, so hopefully this new perspective balances Raven out a bit. But I STILL think she needs to be the pragmatist of the group at times. Not saying that Clarke and Bellamy aren’t capable, I just feel it’s a nice niche for her to fill in the Bravenlarke leadership trio. Clarke is pragmatic to a point. Her “save everyone” mantra, while noble, is also naive to a point.

Okay, so Luna’s nightblood offers a glimmer of hope. But goddamn it, wouldn’t Raven have known that nightblood is resistant to radioactivity since she read Becca’s journal? C’MON MAN. You can’t slide this past us!


Nadia Hilker knocked yet another “someone I love has died in my arms” scene out of the park and I love having her around. What is she going to do now that all her people are dead, she’s the last known nightblood, and she’s stuck now with Skaikru wanting to poke and prod her? You can see the wheels spinning in Abby’s head as the realization that the one genetic variable that Luna possesses is the reason for her recovery.


Now guys. GUYS. I hate going here, but remember the last time one group of people had a genetic advantage in dealing with radiation that another group of people didn’t have? That’s right…it resulted in Grounders being drained of their blood and Bellamy hanging upside down in his underwear, which, if I’m being honest, was not too shabby……….

………..OH RIGHT! The abomination of draining Grounders for their blood was BAD. The Mountain Men were BAD.

Yeah but, underwear Bellamy………..


Man, I don’t like even thinking about it, but is there a possibility that someone will suggest doing something horrible to Luna, and any other nightbloods that may be wandering around? Could medical experimentation and blood harvesting rear its ugly head again? What DOES Skaikru do when the shoe’s on the other foot. I don’t think Abby would stand for it for one damn second because I think we’ve seen she’s the morality police, but Abby’s not in charge. Oh lort…this could get squicky.

Also, let’s look forward to when Gaia and Luna’s paths cross. I wonder if Luna will still be quick to reject becoming the Commander in the face of a second apocalypse and a people sorely in need of a leader that isn’t Azgeda and DOESN’T LOSE THE FLAME. GEEZ, ROAN.

(be real, you’re still thinking of underwear Bellamy, aren’t you?)


This Week In FanDUMB TV Journalism

Here’s a list of the media outlets screeners should be released to: IGN, Variety, and Hypeable.


Because, for fuck’s sake, THE SPOILERS WON’T STOP COMING on social media and at this point, it’s a lack of judgment. Dear journalists: with great screeners come great responsibility. Or, stop fucking this up for the rest of us, kthxbai.


  • My ship, Slarke (soap + Clarke) is sailing along quite nicely.
  • Ilian really needs to vet his friends a bit better…he keeps falling in with the wrong crowd.
  • Gaia is gorge. Ilian is gorge. These new Grounders are just so pretty.
  • Apparently, these first three episodes are a bit of a ramp-up to the real meat of the season, so expect to get your face blown off by awesomeness soon.
  • Hey, Sinclair fans, Alessandro Juliani was on The Magicians 2×03 this week and pooped in the middle of his scene. And this is one of the least weird things to occur on The Magicians, which you SHOULD BE WATCHING.
  • So, I saw this preview still of next week’s episode and I squeed a little:
    Luna and Murphy and Raven? GIVE IT TO ME WRITERS! GIVE IT TO ME GOOD! Uh, in a completely non-sexual way…I just want this weird Adventure Squad to give it to me good. IN A NON-SEXUAL WAY…I’m having trouble expressing myself here.
  • Heya Nyko, you hunka hunka. I HAVE A TYPE AND IT’S BEARS, SHUT IT.
  • Okay, real talk, anyone else find it squicky when fans at cons get a little too touchy feely with the cast? They’re still complete strangers and I think you should respect their personal space a bit, so stop touching their faces so much. And yes, I know the fans probably ask if they can, but just because the cast is nice and says “yes” doesn’t mean you should.
  • Hey people who like sounds entering your ear holes! I have a Spotify playlist, which is music from and inspired by The 100. You can find it right here and marvel at my musical tastes. I keep it up to date with anything featured on the show or in promos. I’m thorough like that.
  • Thanks for sticking around and reading this review! If you’d like your earballs tickled with a The 100 podcast I cohost, please check out
  • You’re STILL thinking about underwear Bellamy, aren’t you?


“The Four Horsemen”: 8.0 out of 10 liquified wackadoo cult members

(If I were scoring on a RileyMeter, this episode would be a pathetic 0.0 out of 10 for lack of Riley…be very thankful I am not a vengeful god, Heidi McAdams. While I find your lack of Riley disturbing, the non-Riley stuff made up for it. BARELY.)

There are some The 100 reviewers/recaps/writers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

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  1. Ken B says:

    I think you might be being a bit harsh in the Murphy rape storyline. Given what we know about his character he’s not the most open.

    When he first told Emori about the rape he want proud of what happened. He was embarrassed and reluctant to say Ontari had taken a liking to him.

    In the cave he opened up more expressing he wasn’t his choice.

    Murphy’s entire life on the Ark had to be hell. Losing his father, his mother blaming him, and then living in the Ark’s foster care system. We can assume he rebelled and was angry by his initial actions on the ground and what he did to the arresting officer.
    I think it’s also fair to assume he is use to be treated terribly. He is use to getting shit on and having to deal with the emotional impact of that on his own.

    That’s what he is doing with the rape. While I agree it would be great for them to deal with it more openly it wouldn’t be in Murphy’s character

    • Jennifer says:

      You might be right; this storyline has always been a sticking point for me because they PRESENTED it in a way that make it seem as if they didn’t know what it was they were doing. And I still don’t know if they fully knew what they were doing AT THE TIME. I guess I’m looking for them to right one of their wrongs from S3. From a character standpoint, you’re right. But from a transcendent viewpoint that takes how it plays in the real world into account, they could be doing more with it.

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