The 100 – “Echoes” Review and Analysis

Welcome back everyone! Season 4 is here! SEASON 4 IS HERE!!! Are you excited?


Everything leading up to season 4 has been very hopeful and positive; season 3 had its ups and downs and its massive controversy, but I’m here to “turn the page” and I look forward to what folks are calling a “reboot” of the show. After watching the premiere, I’m super hyped for season 4.

But, cards on the table, unlike last year, my hype meter was at zero for the premiere.


I know, I know. In the weeks winding up to the premiere, I overdosed on news, conversation, and social media to the point where I had to withdraw a bit and get back into my OWN head about the show. Too much noise, too much non-stop talk about The 100, and just too. much. fandom. I can only take so much constant shouting about something I love before I desperately want to change the subject to something else for fear of it being ruined for me. I’m weird that way. Anyone else like this?

In addition, after last season, my final impressions of which you can read here, I was still a bit skittish to get OMG SO EXCITED about anything because Lexa’s death crushed me and my a lot of enthusiasm for the show. I think I was able to “get up” a bit for my reviews, but my feelings were so dull at the half way point of S3. I tried to “brave face” it because I wanted to write about something other than “how software product X is going to rustle your jimmies.” But man, writing half of those reviews last year felt like a chore because my heart entirely wasn’t in it, you know?

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And, if I’m being completely forthcoming with you, my lovely readers, shit in the world right now is harshing my buzz HARDCORE. I’m struggling with falling into a depression about how fucking fucked the US is right now. So, there are a couple factors that affected my feelings about the premiere.

So, I just wasn’t super excited about the premiere. Didn’t feel jittery all day. Didn’t obsessively scour the internet for new clips or news. I unplugged for a good portion of the day. It’s all shit on twitter now anyway. If the fandom isn’t annoying the fuck out of me, something deeply disappointing/alarming is happening in Washington DC. Everything hurts.

But I’m trying to get back inside my head for the show. Cut out the noise and spend some time stewing in my own juices. Like dirty-ass Clarke.

And it works. The premiere got me excited as I was watching it. The jitters came back. Octavia had me yelling “THIS FUCKING ROCKS!!!” at my TV, and yelling at the TV is usually reserved for Brock Osweiller (WHO SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS) and this goddamn beautiful show that refuses to let me not love it.

It got me back on the hype train. I didn’t need endless articles, endless video previews, and endless yammering on twitter et al. to get me there. The show got me there.


So, HUZZAH! The show’s back. I’m back on board. I just need to be a little more about interior life than exterior noise, is all. This is my first time in a fandom and I’m just not built for long periods of exposure without wanting to murderate everyone and everything.

Now, normally here is where I would tell you what scotch I’m drinking to accompany my writing of this review, but alas and alack, something is wrong with my stomach and I’m avoiding alcohol. And caffeine. And chocolate. And mint. And spicy things.



Hopefully it’s “just” an ulcer, so I can treat it and get back to normal. Endoscopy in two weeks! So what am I imbibing to get me through my writing here? Herbal tea. That’s right. HOT LEAF WATER.

Kill. Me.

Anyhoo, let’s get into it!

Yes, Even The Southern Cockles

Y’all, I can’t express this very well because it’s confuserates me, but the premiere felt a bit like S3 and a bit like a reboot and somehow they both existed in my brain at the same time. I think the visuals are still S3-ish and my think-ball is having a tough time getting past S3, but then things felt fresh, especially the characters, who seemed to have gotten a shot of B-12 in the arm. “Echoes” is shaking the dust of S3 off and promises to move in a new, albeit somewhat familiar, direction for season 4.

So, the shit I didn’t like in S3? Seems like the writers completely understand what makes the show compelling and is giving us what we all live for: those little character moments that wipe away all the bullshit and shoot straight to the cockles of your heart. All the goddamn cockles.


The character beats we love were there and they were ON POINT.

  • Indra and Octavia – I cannot get enough of Batman and Robin. I wonder how Indra is going to respond to Murderina Octavia. But for now, I’m living for Octavia scaling down the Polis tower and running to Indra (uh, how come everyone seemed to take the stairs, why you such a goddamn try hard, Octavia? You trying to be Crossfit Jesus?).
  • Indra and Kane – give me a moment, ‘kay? I SAID GIVE ME A GODDAMN MOMENT. (biting the inside of my cheek). DUDE, THAT HUG. I just…I could live inside that hug. In fact, when I die, I want an animated gif of that hug on my tombstone. I’m sure that’ll be a thing by then.
  • Bellamy and Echo – oh man, I’m going to talk about this later, but let me trigger some of my Bellarke buddies right here and now: BECHO IS ENDGAME.
  • Kane and Abby (feat. a little smile from Clarke) – has anyone started a sex pool yet? Being a degenerate gambler, I want to put some money down. But that little reaction shot from Clarke was all we needed to see she’s happy for her mom. That’s all we needed! See how easy/hard this character work is? LIVING FOR IT.
  • Murphy and anything with a pulse – Richard Harmon can act opposite anyone and just ooze this x-factor of chemistry that makes him so much fun to watch. Put him opposite of Negan and I think people would finally care one small bit about that awful show/character. FYI, I’M HATE WATCHING TWD, CAN YOU TELL?!
  • Harper and Monty – people say this was rushed and doesn’t feel earned. I say go back and watch season 2. And then I say, just be happy that someone’s gettin’ some. I like this dynamic. It’s sweet in a show that desperately needs some sweet to go with the sour. And by “sour” I mean death.
  • Bellamy and Dad!Kane – Kane is imparting his hard-earned wisdom on Bellamy…more on this later.
  • Bellamy and Clarke – better together than apart, I’ll tell you that much. I love their teamwork and friendship.
  • Clarke and Abby – oh man, so often this relationship I feel is the heart of the show, or at least I want it to be. More on this later.
  • Clarke and Roan – I can’t seem to calm my tits on how great an addition to the cast Roan is and his interactions with Clarke are fantastic. He’s an odd bird. More on this later!

I felt that SO MUCH happened in this episode but the plot didn’t feel over-stuffed with action or sprawling story line, since we were confined to just Polis and Arkadia. It was intimate and hit so many character beats I wanted (and was angry about missing in S3) that I feel like this season just might, JUST MIGHT, be a bit of a love letter to the fans that really dug the deep character work in S1 and the stakes of S2.

Guys, I’m hopeful. My heart is all aflutter with possibility. The very fact that goddamn Adventure Squad is back, in whatever iteration, makes me so, SO happy. Dare I say, I’m very smitten again with The 100.


Roan, King Of Azgeda…More Like The King Of ABZgeda, AMIRITE?

Sadly, I cannot take credit for that joke. But Zac McGowan oozes sexiness from every pore on his body. He’s like the personification of Kane’s Sexy Rebel Beard. I think adding him to the regular cast this season was a fantastic idea because Roan is a fascinating character and has great chemistry with Clarke.

But here’s the deal with Roan: I don’t get him. Like, can anyone definitively tell me what his deal is? What’s his endgame? I assume he’s a lot like Clarke and that his people are his priority, but it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s angling at. His alliance – or dare I say friendship? – with Clarke seems born out of mutual respect and mutual goals, but I think he’s still a bit of an enigma, and I LIKE it. His drivers don’t have to be transparent; he can remain a bit of a mystery. But all I can say is…I can’t see this alliance with Skaikru and the honoring of Lexa’s coalition ending well. I mean…

The 100 yo

Here’s another thing about Roan. He’s this badass warrior. He’s the rightful King of the Ice Nation. He’s not the kind of guy people would fuck with, but at the same time, he’s got this gruff reluctant … sweetness about him? Am I crazy? When he interacts with Clarke, he’s no-nonsense but also treats her as an equal and a confidant. He trusts her, because perhaps she’s the only one close to him that doesn’t have an ulterior motive, and isn’t trying to use his power to further her own agenda for purely selfish reasons. It feels like he has this soft spot for her, evident in that he doesn’t kill her right away to maintain his grip on power of the Ice Nation.

Guys…GUYS…give me some leeway here…is Roan the Ron Swanson of The 100? Because if Clarke is the murdery, no chill, 3-ring-binderless version of Leslie Knope, I fucking right well think Roan is Ron Swanson. Shhhhhhhhh…just give me this guys. It makes sense in my silly little world of The 100 obsession.


Sidebar: If you’ve never watched Parks and Rec, then shut everything down and go watch it NOW (this means you, CapitalChick). The show is sweet, earnest, and optimistic without being cloying. If you need something, ANYTHING, to put a smile on your face right now, Parks and Rec will do it. It’s a show that is apologetically about love and passion and friendship and doesn’t denigrate people to produce laughs. Unless you’re a librarian, Tammy (1 or 2), or Jerry. Dammit Jerry.

I think we’re going to see a lot of parallels between Roan and Lexa in terms of the burdens of leadership. We already see it here in “Echoes,” where Roan knows if he doesn’t kill Clarke, his own war chiefs will have his head. Weakness, perceived or real, in leaders is simply not tolerated…not in the Ice Nation King nor in the Commander. This burden also binds Clarke and Roan, as they both acknowledge they’re leaders working for the survival of their people. Roan doesn’t have a lot of equals in this world and despite himself, might be looking for a leader buddy to cry into a beer with.

Clarke is a different leader this season – she wants to save everyone, not just Skaikru. How this desire plays out remains to be seen. I’m going to guess it simply won’t be feasible to save everyone if you believe the pre-season comment of “there’s not enough life boats for everyone” (figurative or literal? we’ll see). But we know that Clarke’s new vision of seeing everyone as one people comes partly from Lexa’s influence. Clarke is honoring Lexa’s legacy, one that Clarke helped influence through “blood must not have blood.” The impact these two women had on each other continues to resonate.

Clarke’s status as Wanheda doesn’t seem to lend her much cache with the Grounders anymore since Skaikru is blamed for all the ills in the world, and she is one of them. Even though they didn’t create ALIE, Jaha is Skaikru and his crazy ass imposed ALIE on everyone he ran across. Thousands of Grounders, never the most welcoming of outsiders anyway, have good reason to hate Skaikru and we’ll likely see Clarke et al. in danger at some point regardless of deals with Roan (or whomever finds themselves on the Polis throne).

And can we talk about that moment when Clarke realizes the only way forward (and to keep her head) is to turn the Flame over to Roan? Both recognize it as a symbol of power, a symbol that can be leveraged for time being to keep the nay-sayers at bay. Even if Roan doesn’t fully understand Clarke’s heartbreaking beautiful single tear when she hands him the Flame, he should be able to put two and two together. I hope that moment doesn’t signify that we’re done feeling the grief and effects of Lexa’s death on Clarke (and the rest of the story…Lexa’s legacy impacts SO much of the world), but it did illustrate Clarke’s dedication to a larger quest.

Roan is a true bro to Skaikru in the end: “Until another ascends, Azgeda honors and will defend the coalition of the last true Commander, Lexa com Trikru, including the thirteenth clan.”

Notice how Roan states “the last true Commander, Lexa com Trikru,” outwardly acknowledging to EVERYONE that Ontari was a fake Commander, which is an act of verbalizing what everyone pretty much knew (due to knowledge gained, one assumes, from the City of Light), but it’s still quite the admission from anyone from Azgeda to make.

I cannot be more excited to see where the show takes us with Roan. And the more shirtless he is, the better. I will NOT complain.

Clarke Is FINALLY Allowed To Grieve And I Fistpump And Shed A Tear At The Same Time

Hoooo boy, the scene between Abby and Clarke in the cell is an example of what I was banging on the keyboard for last season. An acknowledgement of Clarke’s relationship with Lexa to her loved ones and an opportunity to grieve. I ain’t gonna lie, my peepers got a little full during this scene.


A couple things:

  • Abby’s Han Solo-ish “I know” in response to Clarke saying that she loved Lexa was perfect. A simple acknowledgement and nothing but love and support for her bisexual kid is EVERYTHING. No regressive dogmatic shit to get in the way. I envy this future.
  • Octavia, Bellamy, and Kane heard this admission of love. Everyone has lost someone and Clarke’s grief resonates with all of them. Reading Bellamy’s reaction as “jealousy” is sheer dumb shipper fuckery and I won’t abide.

Abby continues to be one of my favorite characters, a vital component of this show, and I’ll fist fight anyone who says differently. One author (who I don’t believe for a second has ever SEEN the show) penned an article that diminished the contribution of the adults to this show and it was PURE RUBBISH. I took a more intelligent shit than this article this morning. Some folks are a lot nicer than me, I admit that, and smarter folks than me wrote a response. If you have eyeballs attached to a working brain and can process information in even a somewhat capable way, then you know that the adults, ESPECIALLY Abby, are vital to this show.

This shit gets me angry. This is why I’m confined to this little corner of the web.


I enjoy the hell out of the Abby/Clarke dynamic and I hope we get so much more of that this season. Abby is basically the de-facto surrogate mom to all the delinquents at this point, and her reaction to seeing Octavia’s handiwork is PRICELESS.


That genius trojan horse scheme cooked up by Clarke as amazeballs. Using JAHA of all people to sneak Octavia into the Ambassador room was unexpected, so when Octavia began cutting herself out of the burlap sack I was whooping it up. TRICKERATION, BITCHES!

My main past criticism of Octavia’s narrative is that her journey often runs parallel to the main plot, but she’s never really vital to the main story. If you took her out of the show, other than the impact upon Bellamy, it wouldn’t have much effect. I hope this season makes her a vital member of the narrative again. I love the sister/brother relationship and I think we have a lot of work to get them back to trusting each other again, and I WANT TO WATCH THAT. I want to watch all of it…I want to cry big ol’ tears when they truly have a reconciliation.


Will that reconciliation come? We know that Octavia is supposed to go on a dark journey this season. What I really like about the premiere is that she seems fully invested right now in Skaikru’s survival, but how does that shift in the episodes to come? I am also interested in seeing how Bellamy and Octavia grow as individuals outside of each other’s sphere of influence. Bellamy’s main driver is to protect her, and he’s sometimes a bit misguided in both whether she actually needs protection and in the method of protection. I can’t wait to see her evolution this season and how it affects those who care about her, Bellamy and Indra primarily.


I don’t know about you, but I kinda love Echo, even though before the premiere we didn’t know THAT much about her. Now we have a lot more info, although not a ton of insight into her true intentions. She’s a royal guard and a spy, which is why she’s unscarred (“Pay attention Bellamy!” – Indra … don’t EVER change you beautiful flower). But who is she truly loyal to? Roan? Or would she lean towards whatever Azgeda war chief is the strongest? Up until this point, she’s been loyal to her people, so what she does when the chips are down is up in the air at this point.

Echo and Bellamy have a history that goes back to season 2 in Mount Weather. Some of my cute little Bellarke shipper friends go absolutely bonkers when I mention even the possibility of Becho. I used to just toss it out there for shits and grins as a possibility when we were speculating about S4, but now? Now I say Becho is endgame to trigger the ever lovin’ shit out of them and it’s GLORIOUS.


All jokes aside, I do think this is a fascinating pairing because they are the personification of the Grounder versus Skaikru game of “I’m going to kill you before you kill me! Yay!” What Bellamy and Echo represent is an opportunity to work past those old conflicts and perhaps move closer to an understanding of one another. Or, they could completely fall back into old patterns of “I’m going to kill you before you kill me! Yay!”

Echo seems to be a good foil for Bellamy as they spar with one another. Echo knows she’s in a superior position.

Echo: “Azgeda has 1000 soldiers in Polis. Trikru could oppose us…it would be a shame if something happened to their army.”
Bellamy: [………]
Echo: “Oh right, YOU happened to their army. Skaikru is the WOOOOOOOOOOOOORST.” 

By the end of the episode, they’ve done their little dance around each other, and Skaikru, thanks to Bellamy’s stalling and Clarke’s sacrifice of giving up the Flame, are in a superior position that likely pisses Echo off since it goes against her advice to Roan. I so welcome Echo rising to more prominence this season and “Echoes” made me care a great deal about a previously low-tier character. It’s amazing how just coloring in a few details about someone can bring them and their impact on the narrative to the forefront.

I’m also kinda loving the low-key mommy issues she throws towards Roan, further filling in his background for the audience. Will Echo continue to leverage her knowledge of Nia and the current state of Azgeda war chief attitudes to better position herself for success within the power structure of Polis politics or will she look out for Roan instead? This shit is interesting. I know some fans found the politics of Polis to be some of the least interesting aspects of season 3, but I think that is more of an indication of the issues with the structure and pacing of S3, particularly the first half. I personally love this stuff and we NEED a bigger world to keep The 100 fresh and interesting.

At the end of the episode, Echo wonders if she and Bellamy can ever learn to trust one another…maybe they can be besties? In other words, Echo wants the diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Bellamy isn’t about it. YET. But he will be. I think Echo and Bellamy’s trust dynamic is so worth exploring…IN BED. Oh, I’m loving this. I picture my Bellarke slack chat buddies quivering on the floor right now. BESOS!

Dad!Kane Is Back And Mentoring Bellamy



(sidebar question: when does a recurring body pillow joke cease to be a joke and just become a serious cry for help?)

Besides being a Beardy Sexy Kane, he’s also thoughtful mentor Kane to Bellamy, who is sorely in need of a dad figure and/or mentor in his life. Their relationship and how it grew off camera prior to the events of S3 is a bit murky, but one can assume, due to how Kane has interacted in much the same mentorship capacity with Clarke and Octavia, that Kane naturally falls into the role.

Kane has been through some shit and he’s made some fatal errors in judgment that have taken their toll. And now he’s imparting his wisdom to Bellamy, who he know is struggling with his own mistakes. This, to me, is such an important aspect of the show. As a person who is of the older variety, I have really come to recognize the importance of mentorship. Having someone take you under their wing, in either a familial or professional capacity, is a true gift. I know all you young whippersnappers think you know everything and us old people are useless, but trust me when I tell you if someone reaches out to you to help you along the way and to lend you support, accept it for the gift that it is.

While I shout to the high heavens about how much I love Kabby, I simply live for Kane as a father figure and mentor to characters like Bellamy, Octavia, and Clarke. Let’s just hope those three have grown out of their teen moodiness.



On a show with very little blood relations, I think the theme of found families resonates strongly in many of the dynamics between Kane/Abby to the delinquents and among the delinquents themselves. I love how characters like Jasper and Monty can be just as dedicated to each other as blood brothers would be. Found families are so important, especially to marginalized groups who only have each other to count on, and its a huge part of this show. While some may argue that the Bellamy/Kane dynamic of son/father is a bit forced and unearned, I am willing to look past some of the narrative short cuts because this relationship works for me and I love so much about it. I don’t see him as over-preachy. You can flip what he says as encouragement, what he feels Bellamy needs in the moment, because he KNOWS Bellamy is struggling with guilt. Kane’s love and respect for these characters is now such a vital part of this guy who was a complete scumbag at the beginning of the series. His evolution as a character is one of the more well-done aspects of characterization in this show.

HOOO BOY Some Shit Almost Went Down In Arkadia…No Matter, They’re All Going To Die Anyway

When the episode takes us back to our little quartet in Arkadia, all giggles and happiness over defeating ALIE, we see that not everything is giggles and happiness. Well, if you ignore Harper and Monty who make sex eyes at one another and so totally don’t exude the fact that they HAD SEX WITH ONE ANOTHER and go HAVE SEX WITH ONE ANOTHER AGAIN and kinda sorta agree to give this relationship thing a whirl so they can HAVE SEX WITH ONE ANOTHER but in a more meaningful way.


I really like the interaction between Jasper and Raven, where she checks in on him and he does the same in return. They both have the shared experience of the City of Light, but with far different attitudes. Jasper would love to go back in, and Raven expresses the philosophy that a little pain lets you know you’re alive. Again, a small, quiet moment that allows the characters to really connect with one another and show us the friendships we truly care about.

(sidebar: I think Raven is in many ways the emotional center of the delinquents…she seems to be more in tune with making sure people are okay and being a support system for people who need it. Many of the characters can often retreat into their own heads and Raven is there to knock on the door and just check up on people…well, not actually knock on the door, we know that’s a skill set she hasn’t acquired. She’s passionate about her friends and I totally dig it!)

Raven does what she does best and puts on a brave face in front of everyone, but when they leave the room, we see just how much pain she’s in. This isn’t going to get better and I have no idea where her chronic pain will lead, but it can’t be good. Raven’s “upgraded” brain is key this seasons as she’s one of our only STEM people left to figure out this little radiation problem.

Jasper is all smiles until he’s alone. And about to commit suicide. Okay, holy shit, this is heavy stuff. We know they had Jasper’s suicide as an alternate ending last year but deemed it to be “too dark,” but man, revisiting this idea and actually putting the act in motion until he’s interrupted is unexpected. While I’m a firm believer that Jasper WILL die this season, I have to backtrack on my additional assertion that his story was over at the conclusion of S3 and added nothing any more as a character. I think there’s important stuff to mine here. I would love to see him admit to someone that he wanted to kill himself to see how it is dealt with.

On top of all of this, Raven, Our Lady of Perpetual Coitus Interruptus, has some bad news for everyone.


ALIE wasn’t lying. The nuclear power plants are, in fact, melting down, and shit’s fucked big time. WHO STILL WANTS TO RAID THE KITCHEN, MONTY AND HARPER?! WE KNOW THAT “RAID THE KITCHEN” MEANS “GO HAVE THE SEX”!

Won’t be having much sex when your nibbly bits start melting off. FACT.

Murphy’s Gonna Murph!

When all is said and done, this show’s cockroach, Murphy, is going to do anything to survive, even if it means breaking my Murphamy-shipping heart and giving Skaikru the ol’ Irish goodbye.


I know Murphy and Emori don’t ghost for too long (hopefully) because the trailer shows him interacting with Clarke (my OTP of sorts in an alternate show universe) and I welcome Murphy back in the Adventure Squad mix. He brings a unique dynamic to all his scenes and I’d feel slighted this season if we didn’t get to see Murphy interacting with Raven, Bellamy, and Clarke again. Oh, and Jaha…Murphy’s penchant for giving zero fucks in regards to Jaha was refreshing in season 2. And if Murphy only exists in season 4 to take the piss out of Jaha constantly, like his own personal Greek chorus, I’m FOR IT.

Speaking of Jaha, I’m just going to tack him onto Murphy’s section because FUCK YOU MURPHY, YOU LEFT SKAIKRU IN THE LURCH AND YOU STOLE BELLAMY’S GIRLFRIEND GUN!

What the fuck are we to make of Jaha and what is Skaikru going to do with him? Remember, he spent most of S2 coocoo for cocopuffs and S3 as ALIE’s enabler. This dude has BAGGAGE. And he’s dangerous.

To me, Jaha was the weakest part of the premiere because I have no idea what his standing is with Skaikru (or why Kane accepted ANY culpability for Jaha’s actions). There’s NO WAY they bring him back into the fold, right? Without demanding some sort of penance and hopefully a psych eval? Because Jaha went full on “take the chip or we’re going to torture you” mode last season and you don’t just “my bad, bro” your way out of that situation.

The Outlook For Season 4

I’m going to be straight with you. When the “new apocalypse” was introduced as the cliffhanger last season, I was not about it. Some shows have premises…


…that I just have difficulty…


…getting into…



“The earth strikes back” as a concept at the end of last season just didn’t appeal immediately to me, but mainly because my little brain orb couldn’t envision how it would play out or what it would look like.

Now that I’ve seen the artwork and the various trailers for the season, I’m on board for the earth kicking everyone’s ass and can’t wait to see how Clarke and co. tackle yet another apocalypse. The cautionary tale of the earth becoming a hostile environment due to man’s influence is more resonant and important than every before. And the moral quandaries that are likely to pop up cut to the heart of the show’s main question: what exactly would you do to survive?

My hype level for season 4? I’d say it’s…



This Week in FanDUMB

Funko is releasing The 100 Pops! Yay!

Funko has apparently white washed two people of color, Raven and Bellamy. Boo!

Check it out:


This is obviously a poor choice on Funko’s part. But what really bugs me is this is not the first time we’ve seen these figures. They released concept art a few weeks back and the commentary was the same: DO NOT WHITE WASH BELLAMY AND RAVEN. So, when the 3D art came out this week, we got more of the same: two people of color who weren’t represented as such in the product.

Are these the “final” products or merely renders of what the manufactured Pops will approximately look like? Unknown, but if I were a degenerate gambler (and I am, thank you very much), I would bet that Funko has no plans to change the skin tone. Why? Because in customer service communications, there is no mention of a plan to change the final product. It’s all customer servicey marketing-speak. Funko had a chance to listen and change the product and prepare messaging back to concerned fans to alleviate concerns. No such messaging is apparent in either their social media or communications from customer support reps.

We’ll see when Pops are in people’s hands, but at this point, spend your money as you see fit. I’m a huge fan of Funko Pops and this is a disappointment to me. Also if you have a hankerin’ to, tweet to them about why it’s important to accurately depict PoC in their figures. The company has a chance to get out ahead of this, but so far hasn’t responded. There may be a journalist following up with them regarding this issue, so stay tuned.

Now, where’s the “fanDUMB” aspect of all of this? Well, the fans have been VERY GOOD about asking for proper racial representation of Bell and Raven. Kudos! But where the inanity has crept in is the outcry of a minor contingent against TWO LEXAS. Oh my god, WHY TWO FIGURES OF LEXA?!

Let’s ignore the positive LGBTQ+ representation for a moment, or the myriad of fans who loved Lexa and will want one of these Pops, or that two Lexas doesn’t actively HURT ANYONE FOR FUCK’S SAKE BUT RATHER MAKES THEM HAPPY, and get to the pragmatic reason: BUSINESS!

I created a very simple illustration to really explain why there are two Lexas. On one of the boxes you’ll notice a little insignia that’s not on the other character’s boxes. What does it mean? Cash money, gansta!


Please close your mouth. I realize my graphical stylings are astounding.

Regular Pops cost anywhere around $8-13 per figure. Funko chase variants are for the super collectors that need EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE VERSION OF A COLLECTIBLE OR THEY WILL BE INCOMPLETE HUMAN BEINGS. I know nothing of this impulse to collect all variants (if anyone gets a line on the variant Lexa, hollar at me, we can make a deal, I have two working kidneys).

These variants can go anywhere from 1 to 10 times more on the secondary market. Lexa is a very popular character. 1+1 = cha-ching, baby! Funko’s aim is to generate revenue. This is likely a test run to see how popular the show truly is monetarily, so they’re sticking to the big characters. It’s one thing for fans to cry out for The 100 Pops on social media, and another to actually spend money on them. For all Funko knows, we’re all a bunch of loud thirteen year-olds with zero disposable income. Hopefully we’ll see a second series of new The 100 Pops if the first series sells well.

But for fuck’s sake Funko, FIX THE SKIN TONE!


  • My ship, Slarke (soap + Clarke) is still going strong and I’m hoping we get a shower next episode and a new fucking hairstyle because I can’t take that mess of a knot in the back.
  • We all know Abby’s penchant for dirty-ass hands, who lets this woman do surgery like that? Enjoy your sepsis, Roan!
  • I’ve seen promo stills for next week and DAMMIT I’m also now shipping Roan and Abby. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?! I feel like I’m betraying Kabby.
  • No Miller, Bryan, or Jackson. In my headcanon they were in the throne room having all the sex. Join my headcanon, won’t you?
  • So, Octavia just doesn’t get off of killing Pike that easily, does she?
  • If Kane is the ambassador to Polis, who’s the Chancellor now that Pike’s dead? Speaking of Mike Beach, how cute is it that he was watching the premiere with the cast and writers? It seems like he’s the loveliest person in the world.
  • Sweet Jesus on a popsicle stick, could those commercials during the show be ANY FUCKING LONGER? This is the ONLY show I will watch live that’s not on HBO and the commercials are killing me. This is why people DVR delay this shit.
  • Hey people who like sounds entering your ear holes! I have a Spotify playlist, which is music from and inspired by The 100. You can find it right here and marvel at my musical tastes. I keep it up to date with anything featured on the show or in promos. I’m thorough like that.
  • Thanks for sticking around and reading this review! If you’d like your earballs tickled with a The 100 podcast I cohost, please check out


“Echoes”: 8.0 out of 10 adorable Indra hugs 

There are some The 100 reviewers/recaps/writers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

If you’re a fan of the show, join us on Reddit for deep discussions, wacky shenanigans, Trigedasleng lessons, and clan flair! It’s the least toxic place you can find right now for The 100 fandom. Mods got that shit on lockdown.

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3 Responses to The 100 – “Echoes” Review and Analysis

  1. Ken B says:

    As for Becho being endgame-I think you are forgetting 1 things
    1 – Echo’s profession as a spy/Royal guard she is not into the family/settling down thing-more(to quote Liz Phair) Fuck and Run. Would they hook up-possibly. Holding a sword to Clarke’s throat doesn’t help that.

    Nobody wants to see James Bond settle down.

    That and she’ll probably be dead by seasons end. Show is The 100, not The Grounders

    Lovely write up-and I’ll “echo” fuck Brock Osweiller. Elway got so lucky there was a higher bidder

  2. dannifluff says:

    Thanks Jen! Reading your reviews is always one of my favourite post-episode The 100 hobbies. I’m really glad the premiere re-enthused you for the show. It was a GREAT episode and I totally agree that it nicely touched on the past and set things up for the future, in storylines, character dynamics, and filming technique. I’m really looking forward to S4 too!

  3. Amber says:

    Loved the review. I agree that the writers seem to be learning from their mistakes of last season and that is the only thing I ask for. The overall story arc this season seems to be much more simple rather than 50 different plots going on at once trying to cram into a small number of episodes.

    Looking forward to Clarke’s journey this season. I kind of hoped we have left the whole wanheda title in s3 (was never a big fan of that) but based on Jason’s interviews about Clarke transcending tribalism I for one am looking forward to. For so long the show has been divided by the grounder/sky people conflict, it would be interesting to finally see them come together permanently rather than for a small amount of episodes.

    But the becho stuff: I definitely have to disagree with you there. Their only interactions so far have consisted of Echo terrorizing him, threatening him, trying to kill him or hurt him, betraying him and orchestrating the death of his girlfriend only to brush it off with minimal remorse as an act of “war”. You swap the gender roles so it’s a male character harassing a female character like that relentlessly and no one is shipping it. Given how the fandom overlooked Octavia’s brutal abuse of Bellamy last season, I’m personally not looking forward for some people now actively cheering for Bellamy to be involved in another dynamic in which he is a punching bag. Call me a buzzkill, but it’s really not cute to me at all and again, if Raven or Octavia were harassed this badly by a male character – no one would ship them together. Really wish fandom would stop overlooking abuse just because it’s a male victim (first with Bellamy getting beaten by Octavia, then with Murphy getting raped by Ontari and now people shipping Bellamy and Echo when their only interactions have consisted of her betraying, hitting, threatening or attempting to kill him/his loved ones). Also can’t see how becho could ever happen without Bellamy needing to be severely out of character. If we’re told that his loyalty to Gina is what drove Bellamy down the path he went in s3, why would he now bed the girl who was partly responsible for her death?

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