The 100 – “Demons” Review and Analysis

Demons 03a

Demons of the past come back to haunt the world of The 100 and stir up trouble. A demon comes a callin’ this week as Clarke learns that tying up loose ends may be a bit more important than mercy. And the true monster of this season grows even more powerful as ALIE becomes the defacto Commander in Polis.

We’re getting close to the end of this season and with only four episodes left, I’m starting to feel a sense of dread because I don’t think things are going to end well and we’ll have a long wait until season 4. A long hiatus to freak out, share theories, and wonder what lays in store for us next year. One thing’s for certain, people are going to die and I’m going to need a big fucking hug.


This review is fueled by Bunnahabhain 12. No, I didn’t just pass out on my keyboard, that’s how it’s spelled. And it’s pronounced, uh, well, I just call it Bunny 12, so let’s go with that. Chocolatey and creamy with a hint of peat funk, because what’s life without a little peat funk?

This episode was written by Justine Juel Gillmer, who has been the executive story editor for all of season 3. She takes us into a genre that The 100 really hasn’t explored all too much – horror – and gives us an episode that advances some very important plot points, but I think really finds its strength in the character work and underlying tones that are driving our heroes and villains forward. Some characters find closure, past mistakes rear their ugly heads, and one person in particular seems to be headed down a worrisome path.

Let’s get into it!

Oh, trigger warning: at the end of my review in the “miscellany” section, there is something so cute and adorable that it may cause you to rethink anything cute and adorable in your own existence – you may become depressed and start questioning everything you love in life as a result. So, deal.

Watch Me As I Cry Into My Scotch Because The Writers Won’t Let Me Have Nice Things

So, last week, I convinced myself of a crazy theory and outlined it in my review of “Nevermore” – namely that Clarke and Octavia left the flame back at the trading post in the lantern Octavia traded to Niylah for her new threads. I was certain. CER-TAIN. That scene just reads so hinky, even in retrospect. So, screw you, Jason Rothenberg! You won’t give me ONE crazy theory, will you? I’m sure next up we’ll learn that Farm Station weren’t cannibals. Kanibalkru on Reddit will NOT be happy. Give me a goddamn win!

So, anyway, we see the flame this week (not bitter) and Raven learns everyone on some of Becca and ALIE v1.0’s background from Becca’s journal. Raven is impressed with Becca’s accomplishments because Raven, of course, appreciates the brainiacs. This is a nice little moment that brings everyone up to speed on ALIE’s role in the end of the world and why ALIE v2.0 was created – to atone for Becca’s sins. I think atonement is going to be a key theme for the remainder of the season, and I’ll get to it later.

Back in Arkadia, the Smarty McSmartypants Squad of Raven, Monty, and Sinclair figure out how to activate the flame. They first think it was probably a phrase that Lexa used often. Clarke thinks it could be “blood must have blood.”



C’mon Clarke, “leave us” was her favorite phrase, only second to “yes, I do have some 20% off coupons to apply to my candle purchase!”

Monty notices the Polaris corporate slogan on the journal: seek higher things. But obviously, it’s not that easy, and since Becca’s journal is in Latin, they figure the slogan is probably in Latin as well. So Sinclair, being the BEST and a newly minted member of the Adventure Squad, gives it a couple tries, first going literal and then going for something a little less guessable by, say, ALIE v1.0?: Ascende Superius! (insert your own Harry Potter joke here because frankly I’m too lazy to look up spells on the googles).

With “Ascende Superius,” (fuckin’ tits band name, right? but let’s face it, they’d probably be some artsy black metal/prog rock fusion group from Iceland) the flame comes to life and sends out tendrils, looking for a new host. You want to talk horror, that thing looks nasty. Raven gets a little too close to it and before the chip can face hug her, Clarke pulls her back and is all like “yo, did I mention it kills non-Nightbloods?, like for reals.”

There’s a nice little moment in this scene where Clarke says that Lexa didn’t even know she was an AI and Raven reassures Clarke that Lexa wasn’t an AI, that the flame just enhanced Lexa’s mind. I thought Titus already told Clarke this, but let’s overlook that for a moment and appreciate the character work here. Raven is subtly reassuring Clarke that Lexa wasn’t some computer, like ALIE, but merely someone with an AI riding shotgun in her brain. Yeah, we’ve already learned this info and it’s surprising Clarke doesn’t seem to believe it, but this exchange is a welcome moment between Raven and Clarke. Raven lets Clarke know that she wasn’t in love with a machine without outright saying it. Awwwww. Princess Mechanic feels.

Later on in the episode, we see exactly what the flame does to someone without nightblood. I know this was our favorite pet theory, but does anyone still think Clarke’s going to insert the flame in her neck after seeing this?:

demons 05b

Yeah folks, that’s not pretty. What’s with all the water-like liquid? Or is it snot? Or is that spinal fluid? Oh god, is spinal fluid clear? Gimme a sec, gonna googles. And FUCK, normal spinal fluid is clear and colorless, so yeah that could be spinal fluid. Fuck that ALIE v2.0 chip. I don’t even want anyone to touch it…can we put it away back in its Altoids case now, khtx?

There is STILL a scenario where Clarke implants the flame in herself, but it would likely mean finding some of that black fluid gene therapy that Becca came down with, and to the best of my knowledge, and trust me, my little peepers were on the look out, there were no vials left in the case that Titus had in this sex dungeon. We’re gonna need Luna. Or in some strange and unlikely scenario, Ontari is used? I don’t know how Clarke could access the City of Light without ALIE pacifying her, rendering her harmless, if she doesn’t also have the flame to fight ALIE’s influence. I’m all out of possible theories, but I do have my beliefs, and I do believe that flame is going into Clarke’s neck, I just don’t see the path to how yet.

Who Doesn’t Love A Good Ghost Story? You Know, Besides Bryan?

The theme this week is horror, and let me tell you, I was suckled at the teet of horror growing up. My mom had no compunction about exposing me to horror movies on the ol’ VCR at a very early age. I had a shady-ass uncle who could get us bootleg VHS movies (old school pirating, yo!) and we got all the horror flicks my mom wanted. So at a very tender age, I was watching stuff like The Shining, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Exorcist, Poltergeist, et al.

Yeah, you deal with this as a 10 year old.

So, to get our horror on, we start “Demons” off with our little trio of “OMG please don’t let them die!” delinquents of Miller, Harper, and Bryan. I love these guys. LOVE THEM. Miller decides to share a nice little urban legend from the Ark. Now, I LOVE urban legends. In high school my band director, Mr. Miller, would set aside a band period on Halloween. We didn’t have to pull out our instruments (alto saxophones players, hollah at me!). We’d just settle into our chairs, dim the lights, and listen to Mr. Miller spin some urban legends. It was so much fun.

The story Miller tells mirrors Emerson’s journey. He’s haunted by the memories of his friends and family from Mount Weather and his desire for revenge against Clarke turns him into Wanheda’s own personal demon. Miller’s tale helps set up the rest of the Arkadia story line this episode.

A few of the horror elements were a bit hit or miss. I honestly think the directing didn’t do it a lot of favors. For instance, Harper’s scream at the beginning was great, but I didn’t like the straight-on shot of Harper at all…that felt straight of out any throw-away horror flick. Although, I have to say, carrying her scream over to the opening credits as the two zeros in the logo crashed into each other was pretty dope. Can we just replace the Wilhelm scream with the Reist scream? Chelsey Reist has some pipes. #SaveHarper2016

Guys, quick question, how that Emerson mother fucker move 3 people from the cave to Arkadia without a vehicle? I’m asking just in case a “friend” ever needs body transport tips.

My favorite horror element in “Demons” was the homage to one of horror’s most iconic scenes from The Silence of the Lambs. I remember going to see Silence of the Lambs in the theater when I was at the University of Illinois (Oskee wow wow, Illinois!). During the Clarice Starling/Buffalo Bill night-vision scene in Bill’s basement, I do believe there was collective butt-clenching in the crowded theater and no one was breathing. It was INTENSE.


So shout out to The 100 for it’s tribute to one of the best films ever made. The scariest part of this scene is that Sinclair and Raven are both trapped – and usually they’d have the numbers advantage – but in pitch black they’re both completely alone, not able to help one another, not knowing where Emerson is, and feeling extremely vulnerable. There’s something claustrophobic about being completely in the dark, blind and panicking. Now add a blood-thirsty Emerson to the mix, and they’re pretty much screwed.

Goddamn It, I Wasn’t Ready For The Sinclair Feels

This show does such a good job of developing some of its secondary or tertiary characters, and this season, we got more of Sinclair than we ever have before. He is Raven’s mentor, but this season, we saw the friendship between them, and how deeply Sinclair cares for Raven, especially in “Nevermore” when he told Clarke that Raven is all he as left. After his crucial involvement in saving Raven from ALIE, I wrote this in my last review:

Sinclair then looks directly at the camera and asks: “Can I be a part of the Adventure Squad now guys?” Of course you can, Sinclair. You’re bonafide. You’re fam now. Which probably means you’re dying next episode.

FUCK ME, RIGHT?! To be honest, I didn’t expect to be hit so hard by Sinclair’s death. But man, it side-swiped me. They made me care, then they killed him.


Emerson attacks Sinclair and fatally injures him as Sinclair opens the outer doors to the hanger bay. Raven tries to help him, and all Sinclair can think about is protecting Raven. He keeps repeating “stay in the rover, stay in the rover, stay in the rover,” begging her to save herself. The last thing Sinclair sees before dying is Emerson dragging Raven away.

Guys. I CAN’T.

Oof. Even with limited screen time, Alessandro Juliani was able to make quite an impact. Sinclair gave support to one of our favorite characters, being one of the few people Raven could truly open up to…remember when she confessed to him that she just might be broken? That was heart breaking and something Raven would never share with many people. Sinclair, Raven, and Monty made a great science squad and I really thought this trio would continue through the rest of the season and figure out how to take ALIE down together.

With season 3 being absolutely brutal in the number of characters it’s killing off, some folks say it’s hard to become invested in any of the players. Screw that. I’m completely invested. I’ve shoved all my chips in the middle and I’m dreading the river card because I know it’s going to bust me. While this show has always focused on the teens, the adults are so well-drawn and acted that I feel they too are the heart of the show and when one of them dies, it hurts.

Sinclair’s last actions and words were in service to protecting Raven, his person. His only person. He went out a hero.


Yu gonplei ste odon. May we meet again, Sinclair.

Clarke’s Troubling Trajectory – Martyrdom And Atonement

As the finale draws closer and we’ve heard some of the actors call it “really dark” and “devastating,” the growing concern and chatter over on The 100 Subreddit revolves around major character death theories. We’ve toyed with the idea of Clarke dying, but most of us believe that’s unthinkable, given a few factors: 1. Clarke is the main character and the show’s PoV runs mostly through her, 2. killing off another LGBT character would burn the world down, and 3. is there a show worth watching without Clarke?

So, given all of these considerations, it seems crazy to consider Clarke dying. Right?

Or is it? All season long, she’s been emotionally muted, broken down and hollowed out over and over again by what she’s done and who she’s lost. In “Nevermore,” ALIE!Raven mocks Clarke’s emotional turmoil, telling her she’s hiding behind a “selfless martyr act,” but the truth is that Clarke’s poison to anyone who gets close to her.

And how better to prove that point and feed into Clarke’s fears about herself? Bring her again face-to-face with the last Mountain Man, the one loose end she chose to show mercy.

Carl Emerson, Mount Weather Security Detail.


Uh, okay. Carl Emerson, Mount Weather Security Detail (it does feel good on the lips to be honest)

Emerson rearing his ugly head and using Clarke’s friends as bait just serves to show Clarke how her decisions, how her very presence, puts the people she loves in danger. When Emerson demands she turn herself over to him to save everyone else, Clarke doesn’t hesitate. She KNOWS he’s going to kill her, and seems all too willing to let it happen. She’s doesn’t pause, she doesn’t consider another plan. She will trade her life for her friends.

Clarke tries to hand the flame over to Bellamy so he can get it to Luna after the Emerson situation plays out. Of course, Bellamy is the one to call this a horrible plan and he won’t let her go to Emerson alone. His plan? Simple: Clarke distracts Emerson, Bellamy shoots him. It doesn’t quite work out that way, as Emerson uses Octavia as a human shield and threatens to harm her in order to get Bellamy to turn himself over and join the rest of the hostages in the airlock. Bellamy is always going to protect his sister, so this leaves Clarke to fend for herself against Emerson.

Things are looking bad for Clarke, as Emerson demands she get on her knees. This is going to be an execution.


Emerson doesn’t stick to his word. He doesn’t let her friends go, and instead closes the airlock and vents its oxygen. It’s really only when Clarke realizes that her friends are going to die that she starts fighting back. Clarke tries to appeal to Emerson by mentioning his son, Aaron, as she smartly remembers the name written on the child’s toy from earlier. They struggle and Emerson starts to strangle Clarke, stopping short of killing her because we wants her to watch her friends die.

Emerson’s going to really make her pay for Mount Weather by mirroring what he went through, and make her feel what he felt as his friends and family died. This is the irradiation of Mount Weather come full circle. Can this guy hold a grudge, or can he hold a grudge?

Emerson gets Clarke in a rear naked choke (she really needs to work on her ground game), and as her friends pass out, he asks her if she has any last words for her friends. Clarke gets her “hasta la vista, baby” moment as she pulls out the flame, activates it with “ascende superius,” and sticks that puppy on Emerson’s neck. It burrows into his skin and heads straight for the base of his skull, killing him gruesomely in the process. Clarke is able to open the airlock and save the Adventure Squad.

Now earlier in the episode, in the Rover, the Adventure Squad discuss how ALIE v2.0 was Becca’s attempt to atone for creating ALIE v1.0. I think atonement plays a key role in Clarke’s willingness to give up her life and will likely figure into the rest of the season, as there are a number of characters who need to make up for past sins.

Much of Clarke’s actions that lead to tragic outcomes were necessary. She doesn’t take life without being pushed into a corner. But she also saw that sparing a life – Emerson’s – was a choice that came back to bite her and almost cost her everything. Sinclair died because Clarke chose to adhere to “blood must not have blood,” to honor Lexa’s decision to spare Skaikru. She realized back then that demanding Emerson’s death would make her a hypocrite.

At this point, it’s hard to tell if Clarke is heading down the path to ultimate atonement. Because of her willingness to die in “Demons,” can we really think she won’t sacrifice herself to destroy ALIE? She doesn’t seem to want to be a martyr, that’s not really her style, but she looks weary. Is there a scenario where Clarke dies in the finale? Or we get a cliffhanger where she appears dead? I didn’t used to worry about this thought, because it seemed crazy, but now? There’s a slight crack in my confidence that the show would never go there.


I’m EXTREMELY worried about the finale. This season has been a bloodbath and heart breaking and can we start expecting anything different at this point?

Bellamy’s Path To Atonement

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in addition to Clarke, I’m also NOW worried about Bellamy making it out of season 3 alive.

Look, I’ve had my issues with Bellamy throughout this season. I’ve had to make some mental leaps to fill in the blanks in the break-neck storytelling in order to rectify Bellamy’s development to this point. Everything in his 3A story has been half-assed (Gina’s fridging) or rushed and a lesser actor would have shit the bed with what Bob Morley has been asked to do. It is ONLY his skill as a performer that has saved Bellamy from becoming a complete persona non grata to me as a fan of this show.

demons 06

If we talk about the atonement theme, it not only applies to Clarke, but perhaps even more so to Bellamy. Mount Weather is in the distant rear view in the world, but helping Pike attain power and going on Grounder killing sprees is fresh on our minds. The ripple effect of everything that Pike did, with Bellamy’s support (a good little knight to Pike’s king), has been felt throughout the season.

Bellamy seems to be understanding the weight of what he’s done and the wrongness of it. He is feeling the effects of his estrangement from Octavia. Kane told Bellamy that he has to act for the right reasons or he’ll still be lost. Dad!Kane has tried to have a positive effect on Bellamy, and I’m hoping the collective influence of Kane, Octavia, and Clarke will help him find his way back to himself. Back to the guy that risked everything for his friends in Mount Weather. The guy who could still see the good in people and not judge whole swathes of Grounders from the actions of a select few.

I’m worried about Bellamy, to be honest, and his chances of making it out of the season alive. While Clarke is apparently more willing to die, Bellamy is slowly making strides and is the type of hero who could make one huge gesture to save everyone he cares about. His guilt over Lincoln’s death and his need to make things right with Octavia may overshadow the rest of the season and drive him to do something sacrificial.

So, if you’re not freaking out a little bit about what could happen in the finale or who could die from the main inner-circle characters, then you are far more optimistic than I am. Bless your heart. Send me some of your hope. And some donuts. Recent twitter convos have made me crave donuts. Goddammit.

Let’s Gush A Little About Octavia

The 100 features a lot of very talented actors, and I feel that sometimes Marie Avgeropoulos can get lost in the shuffle. She’s been a consistently great performer and has had one of the best character transformations throughout these three seasons. Did anyone really expect the “we’re back bitches!” girl from the series premiere to become an absolute bad ass warrior in season 2?

Every time Octavia does something bad ass, I pump my fist and exclaim “you fucking rule!” I can’t even talk about that scene in Mount Weather where she throws her sword into one guard and then baseball slides into the legs of the other guard and then pulls her sword out of the dude and kills the other dude and…I’m going to hyperventilate. Here it is:


Of course I have a .gif of it! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! It’s so awesome. She’s a fucking ninja.

Octavia’s arc has been so well done, and a great deal of that credit goes to Avgeroulos’ ability to make it seem completely realistic.

This season, she’s been tasked with some pretty hefty emotional work. She’s had to go from sorrow to anger to fierce in the span of seconds, and she’s WORKED it baby.


I don’t know where she is in her relationship with Bellamy now. When the Adventure Squad is passing out in the airlock, she says his name, and he tries to respond, so the sibling bond is still there, there’s something. He’s in the airlock because he wanted to save her. Let’s also not overlook Bellamy bringing Lincoln’s body to Octavia. Remember, when Bellamy asked what he could do to prove himself to her, she said: “Bring Lincoln back.” And he does, in a fashion.

Octavia, with Bellamy’s help, is able to honor Lincoln and send him off in Grounder funeral tradition, by burning his body. Raven is able to say goodbye to Sinclair, and Octavia can say goodbye to Lincoln. The whole Adventure Squad recites the Grounder send off: “Yu gonplei ste odon” to honor both men and it’s a nice moment. Even Bellamy eventually utters the Trigedasleng words, so we can see glimmers of hope seeping in that perhaps he’s learning his lesson about what’s he’s done. Lincoln’s death started the process, Niylah continued it, and now saying goodbye to Lincoln is a tangible way for Bellamy to continue on his road to understanding how to be a better man and atone for his sins against the Grounders and against his sister.

Keep your eye on Marie during her scenes. She’s such a wonderful physical actress, known for doing her own stunts, but she’s always active. In the airlock, she’s constantly fighting against her restraints, and I think this is a wonderful touch to show us that Octavia is a fighter until the end. It’s these little nuances that breathe life into characters and round them out fully, and if you’re not paying attention, you might miss the effort some of these guys, like Marie, put into their complete performance.

I hope she gets to kick some ass for the rest of the season. I don’t think she’ll get her revenge on Pike, as that little rat bastard may be on his way to Redemption Junction, seeing as next episode, Kane, Pike, and perhaps Indra will be in dire straits and need to team up to get outta Polis. But I do so want to see Octavia drive her sword straight through Pike right now. I don’t think she’s in danger of dying this season and I hope she has a big role in season 4. Hell, there are some people who think she’d make a great Commander. Speaking of which…

Can We Take A Moment To Talk About How Great Clarke Looks In The Commander’s Outfit?

Will you look at this hotness?:

Demons 01.jpg

That outfit is TIGHT. Nina, can I get some affirmation here?


Of course you do, Nina Garcia, of course you do.

Can we ignore that Clarke is wearing the armor of a past Commander? She got to raid the Commander closet in Titus’ sex dungeon, and while it was likely to help her pass as a Grounder (remember, the blockage was in effect), this seems deliberate as well. At this point, everything I see in this show is a Chekhov’s gun or a symbol of future significance. This is what the writers do to me. Examine, analyze, re-examine, then over-analyze, then stress out and come up with crazy theories that never pan out. Because fuck me, right?

I’ve head cannoned Clarke becoming the Commander this season, as it seems a likely trajectory for her, but this was at the beginning of the season, when I had no idea how her story would play out. She’s been far more passive this season than prior seasons, so I backed off thinking she would take up the mantle. “The mantle.” Sounds like she’s going to become the Batman. Uh oh, new head cannon! (Bellarkers are now imagining Bob in Robin’s little green tights, I guarantee it!)

Clarke’s wearing the clothes, she has the flame, and could possible be on the path to Commander, whether it means the Commander role as we know it now, or as something different (or perhaps, greater?). Remember, she is a born leader, and it’s a position she naturally ascends to, whether she likes it or not, and whether she wants to or not. There is a scenario where pretty much every fucking person save a few die in the finale and the Adventure Squad has to forge a new world with the remnants of Skaikru and Grounder alike.

At this point, I have no idea what’s going to happen. NO IDEA. Given that, I will be watching the finale like this:


Y’all, I suspect we’ll be in need of a support group, some sexy beardy Kane body pillows to scream in to, and gallons of alcohol to cope. You know, perfectly well-adjusted adult stuff. Will we be freaking the fuck out all over twitter? I suspect so. Dear CW: at this point, you’re almost morally obligated to start producing the body pillows I have suggested because we NEED them due to what your show is doing to us. I’M ENTITLED!!! (oh god, I just triggered myself)

Oh Ontari. Girl, The Thirst Is Real

We spent a little time over in Polis, and Emori showed back up! Yay! Except we find out she’s been chipped. Boo. Let’s face it guys, we should have gotten the hint when she looked like a kid in a candy store when she saw Titus’ sex dungeon.

Hold up. I just realized that the sex dungeon is now actually a sex dungeon since Murphy and Emori officially bumped uglies down there! Something I wrote as a joke came true! Give me a moment to feel all fancy with myself.


Emori is practically drooling all over the tech and the Polaris stuff. ALIE!Emori has to sense she’s close to learning even more about the flame. ALIE!Emori sounds like a nice rustic Italian dish, doesn’t it? Maybe something with capers and linguine. Goes with a nice white wine? A pinot greege perhaps?

Jaha later shows up in the throne room and gives ZERO FUCKS about calling Ontari out as a fake Commander. And Ontari is all like “ORLY?” and Jaha is all like “YES RLY.” She’s very quick to listen to Jaha and ignore Murphy’s warning that Jaha is not to be trusted. Of course, Murphy’s prior track record of lying to survive and secure his place as Ontari’s fake Flamekeeper comes back to haunt him. He indicts himself through his own past shady actions. Remember, actions have consequences, kids!

Some folks criticize Ontari’s quick turn from Murphy to Jaha, believing him and taking the chip, but let’s take a look at Ontari’s resume so far, which can be best summed up as: she is THIRSTY, so thirsty to be recognized as the legitimate Commander. Everything she has done to this point has been in service to be considered THE real Commander. Not having properly ascended is the paranoia from which all her actions and emotions stem. Ontari is so sweaty.


Ontari is thirstier than Lisa Rinna desperately trying to stir up drama in order to remain relevant on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yes, I’m pandering to that large crossover demographic of The 100 and Real Housewives fans that I just know has to exist.

Taking Polis has got to be stage 2 of ALIE’s plan. An untold number of Grounders will most likely be converted to CoLaid believers and the prospect of that is frightening, as ALIE can use Ontari to do her biding. The most powerful Grounder on earth is now under ALIE’s sway. Which basically means, as is visually demonstrated to us as the episode closes, ALIE is for all intents and purposes the Commander.

Demons 04.PNG

Seeing ALIE on the throne is pretty chilling. It’s also a pretty interesting parallel to Bekka Pramheda, the first Commander. How ironic is it to see Becca’s greatest mistake sitting in her creator’s position? This shouldn’t be overlooked thematically. Becca strove to atone for ALIE v1.0 by creating ALIE v2.0, an AI that could bond with humans, augment their abilities, and guide them to improve life.

ALIE v1.0 reclining on the Commander’s throne drives home a starkly realized point: past mistakes, and lurking demons, will come back to haunt the world of The 100 and make life very difficult.

Becca created a line of Commanders and in 97 years, the future looked promising with Lexa, a visionary Commander who sought peace for all of her people – including Skaikru. Becca’s plan seemed to be working, the flame was guiding her progeny to seek higher things. But as Lexa’s reign came to an end, and a bad seed rose to illegitimate power, a major flaw in the system was exposed. If future generations of Commanders aren’t raised properly and taught the pillars of leadership, you could wind up with a Nightblood with a major malfunction sitting on the throne. If the flame just enhances what you already are, well, if you’re a shitbird, you’ll just become Shitbird: Enterprise Edition with the AI in your neck.

One of the ongoing themes this season seems to be that all good, well-intentioned plans are blown to bits by fuckers with their own personal, narrow-minded, and destructive agendas. Notice how all the characters that wanted peace are now either dead – Lexa, Lincoln – or in dire straits – Clarke, Kane. Notice how Becca’s gesture of atonement, the flame, could have gone into the neck of an angry, petulant child.

Speaking of angry, petulant children…

This Week In Fandumb


Ah, entertainment fandom. The last bastion of socially crippled people with a very loose grip on reality and large Twitter/Tumblr muscles. They try and exist in the same space as those of us with a functioning brain stem and sense of decency…but we see you, losers! Check this shit out:

crazy shit2

This hate is over someone associated with The 100 disagreeing about the idea that Bellamy is a Hufflepuff. Yes, you read that right, someone wished harm on another human being because they disagreed with someone’s take on what fictional magical house a fictional person could hypothetically be sorted into. WHAAAAAAAAAAT.

Is there a Cuntipuff house of magic at Hogwart’s, because there’s a small, pathetic portion of this fandom that needs to be stuffed into that house and NEVER let out. EVER.

Note: it took a lot of self-control to black out the tweeter’s name. While I feel like people who bare their ass in public should be held accountable, in the end I believe it does no good to show some cunt’s twitter handle. Taking the high road, and all. And yes, I’ve reached the age where “cunt” is no longer a taboo word for me…one of the benefits of getting older is you no longer regenerate fucks to give.

Guess who also got some Twitter warriors bashing her? Adina Porter, aka Indra. She is one of the most level-headed and generous actors on this show with her social media time/responses, and there are people attacking her because she expressed her opinion on representation, supporting the show’s actors, and urging folks who can no longer handle the show to stop watching. Among other various topics. It’s sometimes hard to follow lines of conversation on Twitter, and I want to be as accurate as I can. Go check her Twitter timeline out to see what she’s dealing with. She’s also quite busy with her Grounder strip mall at the moment.

Look, Adina Porter is a person of color who has been acting since the 90’s. She’s facing a Hollywood establishment that is rife with racism, sexism, and ageism and is not asking for any quarter, just a chance to go out there and EARN roles based on her talent and track record. Again, go look at her timeline, and you’ll see she’s working her ass off to get roles…she loves acting. To call this woman out, who has more years of experience than most of these little tumblr/twitter warriors have been sucking breath is just laughable.


Guess what, hive minders…this isn’t a competition about who has suffered more, or who is a bigger, more worthy victim of the “system,” or who wears that crown of thorns better. Dismissing or dissing Adina Porter because she has an opinion formed by her life experience is you just basically ignoring another human being’s life story so you can rudely thrust your narrative into someone’s face and nut all over it.

Keyboard activism has become tiresome. There are real-world issues facing minorities that aren’t solved by ATTACKING OTHER MINORITIES. Set aside your agendas and remember that there are real people, likely some of your best advocates, who are at the other end of your attacks, and you are not helping your cause by unplugging your brain and merely sounding your barbaric yawp across the rooftops of the (virtual) world.

You can’t build anything positive by tearing others down. Stop marginalizing your advocates, stop pushing people aside because they’re “not one of you.” Creating a better, more equal society is something most rational people want, and you can’t do that by stuffing people who look different or have different gonads or have a different sexuality into a file cabinet under a pre-determined set of labels.

Believe me, I used to rail on people on message boards, flexing my internet muscles, getting mad at old white guys. Now, I just persuade crotchety old white guys to watch The 100 (hiya Thorn, you old fuck). Being shouty and self-righteous and single-minded with people doesn’t build bridges, it builds forts.

And yes, I realize I’m extremely hypocritical right now because I’m railing on people who rail on the internet. I guess the difference, as I see it, is that I’m not targeting specific individuals and taking a shit on their internet doorstep. I only do that for a fee. Inquire within.


  • My ship, Slarke (soap + Clarke) is wavering. I don’t know how Clarke gets so dirty. It’s like she attracts grime like a magnet. Are you going to tell me there’s not one damn washcloth in all of Arkadia?
  • Did y’all love Miller telling Clarke that he and Bryan would keep Raven and Monty safe, and then Harper chimed in and said she’d keep Miller and Bryan safe? Seriously, I just want to eavesdrop on this trio’s conversations like all the time.
  • Monty, you’re going to regret not giving Jasper a hug.
  • Note: you can be an angry, petulant child at any age. You should see me when one of my friends says they’re on Team Ironman. Team Cap all the way!
  • I won’t be able to watch next week’s episode live because I’m hosting an NFL draft party and it’s stressing me out. I love my Texans, and I love my friends, but can I hold on and not throw them out of my house so I can watch The 100?
  • While I don’t love that the Adventure Squad split again, I’m all for Raven using her awesome brain to poke around ALIE’s program, which was downloaded into Arkadia’s mainframe. Raven is going to win this season for our heroes.
  • Next week looks TERRIFYING. The streets of Polis run with blood. And I think my sexy beardy Kane gets crucified. WAT. I won’t be able to cope.
  • What is Roan up to? Do you think he’s off somewhere drinking oolong tea and journaling? “Dear diary: Ontari is the WOOOOOORST.”
  • Shout out to Toby Levins, who played Emerson with such superb pain and heartbreak, and made us all feel for his plight. We understood his need for revenge, even if we didn’t want him to hurt our Adventure Squad. He has a lot of fans.
  • You know that thing I warned you about with my trigger alert? Well, here it is:
    Yes, that is my dog Winston in an Adventure Squad shirt. You can find the shirt at Cafepress. Disclaimer: I contributed to the design idea, but receive no compensation other than joy.
  • Y’all, I emailed my 84 year old dad to ask if he was excited about the Cubs this year. In the midst of writing this review, I received this response. I died laughing, but I was also fairly drunk, but holy fucking Reader’s Digest large font:
    Oh dad.PNG
  • Hey people who like sounds entering your ear holes! I have a Spotify playlist, which is music from and inspired by The 100. You can find it right here and marvel at my musical tastes. I keep it up to date with anything featured on the show.
  • Thanks for sticking around and reading this review, folks. I’m doing this for the love of the game, I’m just here so I don’t get fined, I’m just trying to be the best teammate I can be, I’m giving 110%, defense wins championships, I have a lot of hustle out there on the field, I’m taking it one game at a time, and I’ll be happy with whatever team drafts me.


“No Way Out”: 8.0 out of 10 of my tear drops because of Sinclair’s death…it hurt, y’all. 

There are some The 100 bloggers you should absolutely be reading, and I offer them up for your enjoyment; I have no affiliation with any of them, save for being a fan:

  • Jo Garfein – doing some great intellectual lifting when analyzing the show, and check out her The 100 podcast with AJ Mass, also found on Scifi Mafia at this link.
  • Erin Brown – unfairly beautiful writing. Like seriously, stop being so good.
  • McKenzie Morrell – recapping her damn face off and great interviews with the cast!
  • Toni_watches – piss your goddamn pants funny photo recaps.

If you’re a fan of the show, join us on Reddit for deep discussions, wacky shenanigans, Trigedasleng lessons, and clan flair! It’s the least toxic place you can find right now for The 100 fandom. Mods got that shit on lockdown.

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16 Responses to The 100 – “Demons” Review and Analysis

  1. A.Rob says:

    Jen….Clarke is wet in the next episode, that is dangerously close to being, dare I say, clean. Yet somehow she still looks dirty. Oh god when will this Slarke ship sail?!

    • Jennifer says:

      Clarke’s face may be clean next episode, but that rain isn’t doing her hair any favors. We need a brush.

  2. Victoria says:

    I used to watch the Lexa bowing before Clarke scene when I wanted to get all misty-eyed but now I just watch any of the S1 or S2 episodes when Clarke’s hair had the one-week’s-worth of grease look to it. I miss that hair so much.

    So, a lot of people seem to think Clarke is wearing Lexa’s old body armor but to me, it looks like Ontari is wearing Lexa’s old threads. Clarke seems to have chosen some prior commander’s duds. Thoughts? Does it even matter?

    The only way to have a shocking season finale for me is if Clarke does die, like, REALLY dies. Not “is she dead”, stay tuned. I can’t imagine them going there. I think Jasper, Abby and Bellamy are the ones who should be worried.

    • Jennifer says:

      Ontari is wearing Lexa’s shoulder armor/cloak thing, but her own clothes. Clarke is wearing a past Commander’s threads.

  3. Danni says:

    Great review Jen!


    ” (Bellarkers are now imagining Bob in Robin’s little green tights, I guarantee it!) ”

    I wasn’t, damn it. Thanks for that nutty brain-image! And actually *Bellamy* is batman, thank you very much.

    So I really cannot see Clarke or Bellamy dying. But I *can* imagine Clarke sacrificing herself. I think the moment where Clarke offered Bellamy the chip and trusted him with it was quite important. For a start, it didn’t really go anywhere. But I think there will be a moment some point soon where Clarke has to throw Alie off the scent and voluntarily decides to enter the CoL (paralleling Abby’s decision in Fallen) and Bellamy + Team Delinquent are left alone in the outside world to get that damn chip into Luna (who I still think will be Emori? But we’ll see.)

    Thank you for calling out the Fandumb, once again. I hope the actors get to read your reviews and realise there are plenty of us in the fandom who, regardless of who our favourite characters are and who we ship/don’t ship/whatever, are capable of separating out constructive criticism from, y’know, death threats to real live people \*sigh\*

    I see our flair bet shall continue for another week though. Even though I think the show very definitely did *not* go in the shippy direction with Ontari & Murphy, thank goodness. I still hope it will be picked up though. Because I don’t want to get stuck with whatever you come up with me. Till next week, my friend!

    \*still crossing fingers for cannibalism\*

    • Danni says:

      And please ignore my terrible grammar and lapse into Reddit formatting. I have had rather a lot of wine tonight.

    • Jennifer says:

      What are we going to have to do to get cannibalism? I have a feeling this is another theory of ours that will get blows all up.

      I don’t think Clarke is going to die, but Bellamy might. Oh, the sweet cries of the Bellarkers would be musical. Then zombie Lexa comes back and all bets are off.

  4. Wanda Queen says:

    This was a great review! Particularly enjoyed the fandumb section. You articulated everything that frustrates me about it, perfectly!

  5. Thorn says:

    The 100’s tip of the hat to horror films wasn’t on my mind with the opening, and that silly ass musical box. I’m all What the hell is this 3rd grade Director doing? Who wrote this crap?

    Other than that, I loved the episode. Gaeta’s death, oh sorry, I mean Sinclair’s death seemed a bit out of joint for me, because I was just beginning to get into the character. At least he didn’t die a traitor this time.

    They can’t kill Clarke, and they can’t pretend kill her so I’ll watch next season. They do either of those, MOST ESPECIALLY another JR getting out of the shower scene, I’m going to one pissed off fan. I wonder how many of you youngsters are going to have to Google JR getting out of the shower?

    And no Jen, I can’t marry you. You drink and I smoke pot, the two aren’t compatible. Unless you do both at the same time, then it’s OK.

    • A.Rob says:

      I am old and didn’t have to google shit… it was Bobby Ewing getting out of the shower and not JR.

      • Thorn says:

        This is unusual. Someone on the internet is right and I’m wrong. Do you know how RARE that is? Old age and pot must have stirred my memories up, I never watched that silly ass show. All I remember is the saying “Who shot JR?”. I’ll bet that has nothing to do with the shower scene, huh?

        By the way, if you do google “shit” you’ll get a very clear definition of it. LOL

    • Jennifer says:

      Thought you should know Thorn, that Morgan Gendel, a past ST:TNG and DS9 writer is joining S4 as co-EP. That get your knickers twitchy?

      • Thorn says:

        Morgan Grendel wrote “The Inner Light” for TNG. That pretty much makes him a Writing God in my book. My knickers are twitching.

  6. techgirl67 says:

    “…one of the benefits of getting older is you no longer regenerate fucks to give.” I plan to steal this and use it in my daily conversations, texts, IM’s, Twitter feed and Facebook posts but I will for sure give you credit (or add you to the bibliography/footnote section).
    I sound like a broken record, but I love your review, always gives me something to laugh out loud about, ponder and typically makes me want to try some scotch. Kudos.

  7. Great article, especially the portion devoted to This Week In Fandumb or as I call it: When Clexas Attack. Thank you for always writing interesting, humorous reviews and for calling out idiots when necessary.

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